Have you ever got lost in a scenic view? Or been soothed by the sound of waves? One of the best ways to develop and continue with your inner soul healing is totally free and accessible at any time yet most of us have lost our ability to draw upon a deeper connection to nature. 

When your soul is awakened you’ll find that you are drawn to discovering the connections that are all around us, you’ll begin to notice little synchronicities and feel your unity with the natural world like never before.  It’s so important to work with the beauty around us and mentally feed ourselves with the lessons that nature provides.

It’s not always easy to get out into the countryside, especially if you have a busy life-style or live in the city, but there are lots of ways you can begin to tune into the wonders of nature and nurture yourself from the soul out. 

Here are just a few ways to can get back that sense of belonging and unlock the richness that a deep connection with nature can bring!

1. Plant a seed – you don’t need to become the next Monty Don, even just the act of planting one seed and watching it grow through your care and attention can be a joyful experience. While you do, think about the miracle of how a tiny seed can transform into something wonderful and how this relates to your own transformation.

2. Find a place you can regularly go to connect – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a bench in the local park, a rug under an old tree or an inner-city pond, as long as nature is there you can connect. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes for 5 minutes, what can you hear? What can you smell?  If you practise this regularly you’ll start to develop a deeper understanding and as the seasons pass and change this place will be as welcoming as an old friend.

3. Keep a nature journal and write down little things that you notice about the lessons nature can teach us. How do you feel when you see a bird flying with joy when the sky is stormy? How does the wind sound in the trees?  We can learn so much about ourselves simply through observing.  Once you start noticing little details you’ll find yourself appreciating the world around you so much more.

So there you have it – three very simple little things that won’t take up much time in your day but are guaranteed to bring you lots of inner peace as you continue with your soul journey!