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Welcome to the internationally recognised IAPC&M Level 7 Accredited Master Spiritual Life Coach Transformation course.


A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Create Lasting Impact & A Successful Business

You’re no longer satisfied in your career and you feel called to make more of a difference in the world. You want to transform the life of others. But if you’re going to make a leap, you want it to be one of excellence. One in which you feel fully supported on the ENTIRE journey.


EVERYTHING You Need To Be A Successful Master Spiritual Transformational Life Coach

No ifs and no buts. This program covers EVERYTHING you need to become a confident transformational spiritual life coach and energy psychologist. However much you’ve felt a calling to help others, you probably still have doubts and worries that are making you nervous about taking the leap.

But with the addition of the Ascension Package, we’ve removed all of that. From tons of practical experience and a 7-step ready-to-go coaching program to websites and logos we’ve removed every possible barrier, meaning you can finally get to serve your life purpose.

From A Moment Of Awakening To Transforming People’s Lives

It often happens after a significant event or moment in your life. You suddenly see the world and your life differently. You want to do something more worthwhile and believe you have a gift that can help transform lives (even if you haven’t discovered what that gift is yet).

The only way you can describe it is as a kind of spiritual awakening and your current career is no longer enough. You are meant for much more powerful work. That’s why we’ve put together this Master Spiritual Transformational Life Coach Course.

Most life coaching diplomas will simply give you the basic foundations of coaching with a few methods that you can use. However, our flagship course is far more than this. It offers a comprehensive and premium package so that you can be a highly qualified Master Spiritual Transformational Life Coach and Energy Psychologist with a professional business.

What you’ll cover

With our Master Spiritual Transformational Life Coach Course you’ll get:


  • Accreditation at Level 7 (the highest possible) with the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring
  • Energy Psychology techniques to heal the root cause of your client’s issue.
  • An array of bespoke coaching tools and techniques at your disposal making stand out as a professional coach able to coach anyone through any situation.
  • A broad range of bespoke spiritual coaching methods, such as our S.E.T.T.® Coaching Method, the Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy™ Coaching Programme, 4-Pillars of Wellbeing, chakras, Emotional Freedom Technique, and more.
  • The Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy™, step by step spiritual coaching programme (Ascension Package only)
  • The Business Ascension Package which includes a website, logo, branding and support in launching and marketing your business (Ascension Package only).

Discover How You Can Be The Catalyst For Deep & Long-Lasting Transformations

As a society, we’ve tended to take the band-aid approach. When something’s wrong, we treat the symptoms with a sticky plaster to cover the problem. But this is only ever a temporary and short-lived solution.

If we want to make profound and lasting changes, we must go deeper and deal with the root causes. That’s what our exclusive Soul Awakening Method of Spiritual Coaching & Transformation allows you to do. Our coaching tools are designed to find the cause of your client’s emotional and mental challenges so that the transformation process that you guide them through, will be long-lasting and life changing.

With the Master Spiritual Transformational Life Coach Course you will learn how to easily apply your spiritual therapeutic knowledge and skills with a new-found confidence. But that’s not all. Because you too, will go through the same spiritual life coaching process during your training. You’ll get to explore your full potential as well as experience profound personal growth and expansion.


How You Can Be The Catalyst To Transformation

This is a comprehensive and far-reaching program, hence why it attracts the highest level of coaching accreditation. Not only does it give you the coaching foundations, but it also prepares you to coach at any level and across any niche, whether personal, spiritual, executive, or business. You get to choose the type of transformation you would like to offer your clients. For example, you could be an executive, internal, soul awakening, leadership, energy psychology or chakra alignment coach. The possibilities are limitless.

This is because of the deep transformative tools and techniques that we teach which get to the root of any problem. Many of these can be caused by limiting beliefs. In this diploma, we reveal how you can access the subconscious mind and perform a visualisation/meditation that helps clients discover their deep-rooted limiting beliefs. You’re then trained in rewriting their past as well as using positive affirmations for empowerment and E.F.T. to unblock any stuck energy.

It’s not just limiting beliefs that can hold people back. That’s why you’ll also learn how to facilitate Inner Child Work. With this, you’ll be able to help clients to connect to, and heal, their inner child so they can move past trauma and the effects of negative experiences.

And there’s more. Optimal wellbeing involves four different pillars: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. You’ll master how you can reveal to a client how their current problem is affecting their energy and wellbeing.

You’ll be able to support them in identifying the area/s of life they need to focus on and move them from being stuck to being empowered.

You’ll also learn how energy healing can be a vital part of the transformation process. As an Energy Psychologist, you will be able to take clients through a series of meditations, perform E.F.T. to unblock stuck energy, balance the Chakra system and provide powerful techniques that the client can use at home to further their development.

Create a supportive space with your clients

Set outcomes and goals for a successful coaching session

Ask powerful transformational questions

Use clarification and reflection to deepen your understanding and connection

Develop deep listening

Establish, build and maintain the coaching relationship

Find and work with clients to build practical experience

Teach clients how to define and achieve their ideal life goals

Build rapport in communication and become a better communicator across the board

Use values and strengths in coaching

Discover The Extensive Curriculum Inside This Master Diploma Program

As you would expect from an advanced and far-reaching Master Spiritual Transformational Life Coaching course, there is an extensive curriculum. You’ll be trained in a range of tools and techniques that will give you confidence in being able to offer profound transformations. These include: GROW, SMART and Wheel of Life Models, the exclusive S.E.T.T.® 4-Step Quantum Coaching Method, the 4 Pillars of Wellbeing, Inner Scripts and Byron Katie 4 Question Technique, Chakra Meditation Emotional Freedom Technique, Subpersonalities, and Soul Awakening Academy’s® extensive and exclusive TOOLKIT that brings about lasting change in your client. The program consists of twelve main modules and, if you choose the premium Ascension Package, you also get access to three bonus ones.

This is because of the deep transformative tools and techniques that we teach which get to the root of any problem. Many of these can be caused by limiting beliefs. In this diploma, we reveal how you can access the subconscious mind and perform a visualisation/meditation that helps clients discover their deep-rooted limiting beliefs. You’re then trained in rewriting their past as well as using positive affirmations for empowerment and E.F.T. to unblock any stuck energy.

Before You Begin

We want to set you up for success right from the start. In this module we provide you with all the important information that will ensure this happens. You’ll understand your learning journey, and how to access the monthly coaching calls, and the file sharing systems we use. Plus, we cover the final assessment you need to undertake for accreditation and how to gain accreditation with IAPC&M

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This sets you up for success when studying with the Soul Awakening Academy®. We also make sure you understand important policies that may impact you. This all ensures that you start off on the right foot.

Foundations of Life Coaching Mastery

In this module, we delve into what is required to become a successful coach. We explore the skills and attributes required for success including:

  • Active listening
  • Questioning techniques
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  • Body language.

We discuss how to get the most from your client during sessions and what a healthy client/coach relationship looks like.

You’ll also learn techniques on successful goal setting that will support your clients in achieving their desired outcomes and use the SOUL Satisfaction Scale.

Intro Understanding Chakras

This gives you a foundational understanding of the chakra system. You’ll gain an understanding of the function of each of the chakras within the body and their colours. You’ll also explore how to maintain chakra health. During this module you’ll learn the soul truth technique

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and by the end will be able to use the chakra assessment.

The Soul Awakening Method

This module introduces the Soul Awakening method and the aim of a Soul Awakening Coach and how to add value to your client’s spiritual journey.

You’ll also get to explore your own life story so far and understand how it can help in becoming a better coach.

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In this module we also delve into the meaning of energy and archetypes and you’ll learn the concept of the mirror effect and patterns of behaviour.

S.E.T.T.® & The Four Pillars

This module outlines the four pillars of wellbeing and dives into the S.E.T.T.® coaching model that you’ll follow when working with clients.

The Model (S.E.T.T.®) can literally solve any problem. You’ll be introduced to the S.E.T.T.® 4-D Coaching

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Model, see it in action, and use it in your own life to rock your world. Then, hang on tight, as you’ll take what you’ve learned to the next level as you apply the S.E.T.T.® Model in situations you never dreamed were so simple to work through.

You’ll learn how to make transformations by using the S.E.T.T.® Model and 4-pillars of wellbeing. The module teaches you to perform a visualisation technique and a 4-pillars of wellbeing card reading as well as other skills such as intuitive listening and helping a client make an inner-personal commitment.


This module outlines all the aspects of subpersonalities and how to work through a specific process with your client to identify them and help them reintegrate their disowned selves.

We start by ensuring that you understand what a subpersonality is, how it is formed, and the

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meaning of a subpersonality in our lives.

You’ll then discover how to take a client through a sub personality process and how to work with your client to manage their disowned selves.

Inner Scripts

This module focuses on psychological theory and concepts from various professionals in the field of inner scripts and self-enquiry. It outlines the importance of our early years experiences and how they can influence us. You’ll gain an understanding of the work of Barbara Muhl & Inner Scripts as well as the work of Byron Katie & self-inquiry.

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You’ll then learn to use meditation techniques to heal certain archetypes.

Mastery of the Mind

In this module we look at the importance of human needs and how to honour them.

In this module we look at the importance of human needs and how to honour them. We explore Maslow’s Model of Human Needs and discover your own top

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needs and how you meet them. We also delve into the principles of N.L.P and how it affects our realities.

Plus, you’ll learn about transference, projection, transactional analysis, and ego states.

Reintegrating the True Self

These bonus materials are included in the Ascension package. They have been carefully written and gathered to provide an invaluable and effective ‘toolbox’ for coaches and are included for free with your course. 

You’ll get to understand the meaning of

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‘The world as a mirror’, how to own the rejected self and how your personality is formed via the unconscious mind.

Plus, you’ll learn about numerous exercises that can help a client learn to love themselves, forgive, trust & find the gift within adversity.

Finally, you’ll understand how to use Voice Dialogue & a sub personality process with a client.

Spiritual Life Coaching

This module gets you up to speed on effective goal setting, safe practice and what the core competencies look like that the IAPC&M look for in a good and compliant coaching session.

Plus, we’ll look deeper at the importance of the coaching relationship and what makes a good client/coach relationship.

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You will grow your understanding of various coaching tools and techniques such as GROW, SMART and Wheel of Life.

You’ll also gain an in depth understanding of:
Limiting Beliefs, Strengths
Inner Critic
And the crucial role these play in coaching.

Energy Psychology & E.F.T.

This module provides you with a deeper understanding of energy psychology and the benefits of meditation and E.F.T. in your client’s journey.

It focuses on the relationship between the mind & body and our mental functions involving thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviour. You will learn the interrelationship of energy systems, emotion,

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behaviour, psychopathology, and health. These systems include the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras and biofields.

You will learn Meditation and be provided with meditation scripts to use with clients. You’ll understand the aura and learn to perform meditations and E.F.T on you and clients.

Meditations & E.F.T. Lives

In this module, you will listen to guided meditations on the chakras and watch several E.F.T. (Tapping) videos.

It’s an opportunity to practice your skills in meditation & EFT.

You’ll gain an understanding of how to perform a Chakra

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meditation from Root to Crown, and how EFT works in real time with a client.

This is an opportunity to build confidence in these skills by practicing with a buddy.

Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy™

This module is another bonus with the Ascension Package and explains the Spiritual Alchemy method. This is a 7-step coaching program that is ready-to-go. 

You’ll get the opportunity to use the process on yourself to deepen your understanding of Spiritual

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Alchemy before applying it to your clients.

This will lead you to an understanding of the Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy™ method and the process of chakra coaching.

Each step has its own workbook, and you’ll learn how it feels to use these on yourself before understanding how to use them with clients.

Becoming a Practitioner

In this module you will receive guidance on best practice, safe practice, and more about gaining your accreditation as a coach with the IAPC&M.

You’ll understand the IPHM and the IAPC-M code of ethics

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to ensure safe practice as well as Soul Awakening best practice in setting up your coaching business.

Chakra Alchemy

In this final bonus module for those who opt for the Ascension Package, you will be introduced to Chakra Alchemy including what it is, inner alchemy, emotional frequency, how to raise your vibration, and David Hawkins, Emotional Frequency Scale.

You’ll then move on to understanding intuition,

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the different psychic senses, how you increase your intuition and why accessing it is important.

We’ll then look at vibration & frequency before moving onto soul work, working with the higher self and spiritual awakenings.
Plus, you’ll explore soul retrieval and past life, psychic development, mediumship, healing, and kinesiology.

Become A Certified AND Accredited Coach

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 life coaches in the UK alone, but only a few thousand of them are accredited. Accreditation offers reassurance to your clients as it’s a guarantee that you have the confidence, capability, and experience to offer life coaching services.

This diploma is accredited at level 7 with the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring; the only coaching authority recognised by the Financial Ombudsman. Not only that, but we also support you in applying for this coaching accreditation and pay the cost for your first year. This will ensure that you stand out in the sea of people calling themselves life coaches and attract greater exposure.

You will also receive Soul Awakening Coach Accreditation and will have access to all our CPD courses at a student rate. Plus, you will become a Certified Master Spiritual Transformational Life Coaching course with The Soul Awakening Academy™ and be certified in the craft of the Soul Awakening Method. This includes certification in 6 transformational modalities:


  • Master Spiritual Life Coach
  • E.F.T Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Meditation
  • Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy™
  • S.E.T.T Coaching Method®
  • Chakra Alchemy Energy Healing
  • Energy Psychology Tools & Techniques

The Business Ascension Package
The Unique Support That No One Else Is Offering

When you choose the Ascension Package you also get our unique Business Ascension Package. I know only too well all the pitfalls that can get in the way of you building a successful coaching business. That’s why I’ve put together a package that takes away those headaches, making this diploma unrivalled.

The Business Ascension Package provides you with a website build, logo design and branding so you are ready to go straight away. The website also includes additional built-in features that allow you to create courses and set up affiliate fees. All of this increases your potential income. But generating business is a whole other skillset. Therefore, we have created marketing packs that teach you how to promote your business, including using social media.

In other words, we give you everything you need to kickstart your coaching business journey.

How The Course Is Delivered

Online Modules

We have an incredibly supportive network of students and you will complete 60 hours of practical coaching during this diploma.

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You’ll get to be the coach and to experience coaching right from the start.

Live Coaching

Live training is also included every month. Our experts cover topics such as mindfulness & meditation, TGROW Coaching

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sub personalities, effective questioning, and reframing techniques. There are also live coaching demonstrations and sessions from external trainers who are both experts in their field and confident in conducting transformative coaching sessions to a high standard.

Group Support

In addition to all this, you also receive 5 private mentor sessions with Anne-Marie as well as her feedback every step of the

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way throughout this program.

Lifetime Access

The course modules and all materials are available online so you can access and study them at a time that’s convenient to you.

Read More

And, as you would expect, there is a highly engaged online community of students where students support each other and buddy-up online.


Slide The Soul Awakening Academy is a fantastic organisation. I’m just about to finish the Master Diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching and Energy Psychology. One of the tools I have found to be phenomenally powerful is the SETT Model, which enables clients to transform limiting beliefs and negative inner scripts into a realistic positive mindset. When working with my own clients I have seen their whole demeanour change as they let go of beliefs that have been holding them back in life. - Paula Madden Slide I am currently a student with the Soul Awakening Academy, doing the Master Spiritual Life Coaching diploma. If you are reading these reviews because you are not sure that coaching is for you or your not sure how you can help others, well like I did, you are reading these because you believe you have something inside you that has made you look for a course in coaching, well look no further, this is the right course for you! Not only do you learn how to coach you learn how to be coached too and have incredible personal breakthroughs. I have experienced the biggest shift and breakthrough of my life, and to know that you can learn how to do this with a client and guide them through their own transformation is an amazing gift to learn and keep helping others with. You are supported by Anne Marie and her team the whole way through and by a whole bunch of wonderful, likeminded, supportive people from all over the world, who like me and like you want to share our passion to empower others to live a more fulfilled life. Good luck with the course, see you there! - Heather Tofts Slide The 7 steps to spiritual alchemy was incredible! As a psychotherapist with a lot of experience of personal therapy, this method shifted my perspective and dug deeper in some areas than any previous work had done. The combination of meditations, Anne-Marie’s intuitive insight and the pre-session workbooks helped shed light and open my eyes to generational traumas and long held damaging beliefs. Working with Anne-Marie was a treat, she was so down to earth whilst having a multi-dimensional awareness. I had my cynicism’s and my own belief system, which were honoured, respected and worked with. Even working remotely over Zoom I felt contained, heard and safe. I would highly recommend working in this way with Anne-Marie - life changing! - Naomi Bateren Slide The modules I enjoyed the most were learning about our chakras, inner scripts, S.E.T.T., and G.R.O.W.  As energy psychologists, we need to know how our energy is stored and how it affects our lives.  We also have to work through the conditioning mindset so we can work towards setting new goals and accomplishing them.   Mel Acob – Master Graduate Slide Seven Steps Oh wow, what an amazing module. It Is bringing everything we learned so far In your course together. I am so excited and grateful. I was filling out all chakra workbooks myself and really got a feeling and could see the potential of healing and transformation for the clients. It Is a very powerful system to restore balance In the chakra system by transforming limiting beliefs and empowering the client on a mental, emotional, energetic and physical level. Also I was thinking for myself as well how to combine It with the coaching tools we learned so far. And It Is really amazing to have this system and a great tool box of coaching tools on top. I must say I love It. Your course really gives me a deeper confidence as a coach and combines It with the areas that spark my light. - Claudia

An Investment That Allows You To Create A Professional Business Offering Deep Transformation To Others

The Master Spiritual Transformational Life Coach Course is a valuable and comprehensive package. It is unique in the way it provides the practical foundations of life and mindset coaching, the magic of spiritual coaching, AND the business-in-a-box support. Included in this program:


  • Level 7 accreditation with the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. We support you through the process of your application and pay for your first year. This ensures you stand out from the crowd.
  • Coaching Certification as a Master Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychologist, plus numerous modalities allowing you to coach anyone at any level. You get to choose your niche.
  • Solid foundation in coaching with a variety of skills and techniques covered such as NLP, TGROW, SMART, questioning, reframing and more. This equips you to bring about effective change in your clients.
  • Added magic with the additional training in spiritual coaching which includes E.F.T., chakras, energy psychology and more. These allow you to create deep and meaningful transformations within your clients.
  • Support in growing your own successful life coaching business. When choosing the Ascension Package, you’re also provided with branding, logo, and website so you are ready to go with a professional-looking coaching business.

Total Value – £36,595

Choose Your Investment Pathway

Option 01

The Awakened Soul Package

This package is for those who want to answer the call to becoming a coach but who are not looking for business support. Included in this package is the Soul Awakening Coach course. This is made up of the twelve modules that will gain you the Master Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychology Diploma accredited at level 7. We also pay for your first year’s accreditation with the IAPC&M.

• 12 Modules

• Master Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychology Diploma accredited at level 7

• First year’s accreditation with the IAPC&M

• The effective toolbox for coaches

Option 02

The Ascension Package

However, if you’re desire is to create a successful coaching business that offers deep transformations and fulfils your destiny, then the Ascension package is for you. Not only does it include the Master Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychology Diploma accredited at level 7 and payment for your first year’s accreditation with the IAPC&M, but it also includes powerful transformative bonus modules worth £6500:

• 15 Modules

• Master Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychology Diploma accredited at level 7

• First year’s accreditation with the IAPC&M

Website to generate clients + business ascension course

• The effective toolbox for coaches

• Spiritual Empowerment bonus modules (Value £3500)

Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy™ – the ready-made, step-by-step coaching program (Value £1500)

Chakra Alchemy – the module that brings magic to your coaching practice (Value £1500)

Plus, you’ll also receive the Business Ascension Package worth £7500 which includes, logo, branding and social media starter kit, so you can immediately kickstart your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours do I need to commit?

The beauty of studying with The Soul Awakening Academy®, is that the course you choose can be done entirely in your own time and to fit within your schedule. Obviously, the more time you are able to commit to the programme, the quicker you will be able to get your business off the ground, but everyone has different schedules. Also, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the materials, calls and the group, so you can go through everything at a pace that suits you. On average students take approximately 6 – 9 months to complete their certification.

Will I need to complete an assessment?

If you want to become a certified coach and receive a certification for your coaching then, YES, you will need to complete a final assessment and any mini quizzes or assignments along the way. This involves a written assessment and practice sessions. It isn’t something to worry about, as you will have lots of support throughout the programme to help you feel confident with the process. You also get the opportunity to connect with other students in need of a practice buddy.

What if I fall behind?

Whilst a big part of the programme is to keep you accountable and minimise procrastination, we totally understand that life sometimes gets in the way. You get lifetime access to all of the materials, meaning you can work though everything at your own individual pace. There is no deadline for completion of your assessment and you have 2 years from the start of your journey to complete the course. Should you need an extension for personal reasons we can accommodate this for you.

How soon can I work with paid for clients?

We believe the best way to build your confidence as a coach is to COACH, so we want to get you working with paying clients as soon as possible. As you are training to coach and still developing your skills, you may decide to offer smaller/one-off sessions to your audience. This is something we can help you put together. Many of our students feel confident to offer this in as little as one month into their coach training.  But, it’s entirely up to you and what you feel ready for! We will promote you through our social media channels, website and dedicated coach directory.

Will I get to practice my coaching?

YES! One of the most important parts of your coaching journey is practising your coaching skills! We partner you up with our other students so that you not only get to practice your coaching sessions, but also get to be a practice client for someone else. 

Can I join The Soul Awakening Academy® if I'm not based in the UK?

YES! Whilst Anne-Marie is based in the UK, we are an international company and our coach certification is internationally recognised! Our clients and students join us from all over the world.

Will I receive a certificate to certify me as a coach?

YES! When you have completed your assessment you will receive a certificate to certify you as a Certified Master Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychologist with The Soul Awakening Academy®

Is the course accredited?

YES! The Spiritual Transformational Life Coaching Course has recently been through a vigorous certification upgrade to reach its Level 7 accreditation status. Accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring; the only coaching authority recognised by the Financial Ombudsman. When you have completed your assessment, you will receive a certificate to certify you as a Coach from the Soul Awakening Academy®  You may then apply for your personal coaching accreditation with the IAPC&M. We support you through this application and pay for your first year of accreditation.

Do I need to have worked with my own coach first? What if I need to do work on my own mindset?

The amazing thing about The Soul Awakening Academy® is that as you learn how to coach others, you will also be working through your own fears/doubts/limiting beliefs and receive a tonne of mindset support for YOU along the way. You will also have the opportunity to be coached by one of the other members of The Soul Awakening Academy® so you have the experience of working with a coach as well as becoming one. Plus, there’s a supportive Facebook community where you can seek support at any time.

Is there live coaching and support? What if I need 1:1 help?

YES! You will get access to monthly live coaching/training sessions taken via Zoom. These sessions are for coach training/coaching demonstrations and Q & As. There is plenty of opportunity for you to get personal support via the live coaching calls and the Facebook group. 

What time/days are the live calls?

As we are an international company, we change the day/time of the call each month to make sure everyone has a fair chance of tuning into the sessions. We are also happy for you to submit a requested time/day and take all requests into consideration. All of the calls are recorded too, so you can listen back to them in your own time.

When can I start?

As soon as you sign up! Once payment has been made you will receive your welcome materials and week one content, plus access to the Facebook group and details for the live coaching sessions.

How long is the course?

The Spiritual Transformational Life Coaching Course is our most extensive course and is 300 hours, which will take you approximately 6 – 9 months to complete.

You also get LIFETIME ACCESS to the coaching calls and Facebook group so that you have continued support in your coaching business.

Do you have a refund policy?

Whilst we are SURE you will LOVE The Soul Awakening Academy®, if you join and feel it is not the right fit for you, then simply let us know within 14 days of joining and we will gladly refund you the full amount, provided you have not yet started the course modules. If you have started the modules then we will refund you part of the full amount.

Join the waitlist

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