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Do you wake up every day feeling like you have more to offer? Knowing at the core of your being your Soul is destined for more?
Knowing that you are here to make a much bigger impact, but don’t know how?

I truly believe that there’s no greater journey in life than discovering your true potential and becoming the person you were always meant to be, but we can so easily get bogged down in learned behaviours and thought patterns that hold us back. Your soul has a destiny and given the fact you are reading this means you are ready to begin this journey that will bring you boundless happiness, real inner peace and the ability to reach your potential. I can help you begin a soul-nourishing journey that will last a lifetime.’

Anne-Marie, Founder of Soul Awakening Academy.

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After 1 session with Anne Marie I noticed a complete shift in my mind set which I didn’t really expect. Speaking openly about certain challenges we face in life both in our work life and personal life and hearing new perspectives and tactical approaches can bread a new sense of purpose and life into you. Working with Anne Marie brings insight and understanding of ourselves our friends colleagues family members etc and helps you take control of your destiny. A 5 star review from me and a permanent fixture to my weekly routine now.

David P

As we spoke about earlier, I have taken a small but significant step to my future. I went and handed out 2 CVs to local coffee shops without feeling too anxious about it. And I had a lovely chat to 2 people; one in each of the shops.
It’s a small step but I’d been dreading it since I lost my job and finally today took the step to do it.

Chloe C

After having benefited from sessions with you I thought I would share one of the most tangible outcomes that I have achieved … my brand new F-Type Jaguar, which I took delivery of two weeks ago.  It has attracted many positive comments but also many comments about ‘how I deserved it after all the hard work’ so it has been self affirming as well as being a brilliant car.

I remain a work in progress and am looking positively on the future.  Challenges remain but the outlook is becoming brighter.

Thanks again for your time, patience and advice.

Dr John R


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