Accredited spiritual life coach & energy psychology diploma.

Become a Master Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychologist

Do you wake up every morning feeling that you are destined for more? 

Most people are stuck in life, working hard just to fulfil someone else’s dream while never fulfilling their own purpose in life.

Could the Soul Awakening Method™ be the one thing that allows you to find your purpose, tap into your gifts and recreate your life on your terms while transforming the lives of others? Find out below…

Is This the Right Course for You?

The Soul Awakening Academy gives you the opportunity to realise your full potential.

To create a job & lifestyle you love.

To find and follow your purpose, whilst getting paid.

And not only do you become trained as a top level spiritual coach. You get a coaching toolkit, client assessments and transformational techniques with which to start helping others create a soulful life as soon as you qualify.

Supercharge your coaching practice with a Business Ascension package

As well as receiving in-depth teaching and support to your journey towards becoming a certified Soul Awakening Academy coach, we are offering all our students a market-leading package of support to help you start your business in the best way possible.

Our exclusive Business Ascension package offers the highest levels of support and aftercare in the industry, to ensure that once you are up and running as a coach, you have all the tools you need to supercharge your business and start making a real difference to your clients. Which includes a website, branding, social media profile and a free listing on our life coach directory.

We are delighted to offer you the chance to experience a new and refreshingly different type of Coaching Course delivered online or in person by indusrty leader and expert, Anne-Marie Mayers, Spiritual Coach.

Unlike similar sounding Coaching courses, the Soul Awakening Academy’s Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Pscyhology Diploma course is fully accredited and comprises the very latest aspects of Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as Chakra work, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Spiritual Coaching, all of which, when combined, will allow you to offer your clients the tools with which to achieve the clarity and understanding of their needs, wants and desires in life.

 The Soul Awakening Coach certification course will not only allow you to achieve a professional accredited qualification, but also offers you an amazing life changing transformative experience which we believe will allow you to exploit your own full potential within both your professional or personal life.

Some have called it ‘The Transformation’, others have called it ‘The Awakening’. Some have even called it the ‘New Psychology of Spirituality”…

What does it take to become a successful, Master Spiritual Life Coach so you have the freedom to live your fullest potential and make a big impact on the world?

You have to be ready to become a different kind of coach, stand out from the crowd and harness the two greatest powers of psychology and spirituality.

You have to have a deeper level of awareness
You’ll need structure, passion and transformation at the core of your coaching…
And know how to help clients take inspired action.

So, if you’re looking to:-

Develop life-changing skills to teach your clients how to define and achieve their life goals.

Going beyond the traditional coaching models and using the 4-D S.E.TT. Coaching Model and how it can be applied to different areas in life.

Empower a coaching relationship.

Define values and beliefs.

Use visualisation, meditation and EFT and how to apply them for better success.

Learn how to build rapport in communication and become a better communicator.

Go on a journey of self- discovery.

Have a career as a successful Life Coach.

Equip yourself with the tools and essentials you need a Life coach.

… we are delighted to invite you to take your first step in this exciting journey  to attaining the Holistic Life Coach Diploma by the Soul Awakening Academy.

What are the benefits?

Bringing you to a place of spiritual awareness

Getting clarity on your life goals.

Getting out of sticky situations.

Changing your life regardless of the circumstances.

Succeeding at whatever you try.

Thriving instead of surviving.

This Life coaching course is different from any other you will ever come across. It is the course for you to explore your full potential.

How do you know that this is really the right course for you?

Take this quick quiz to determine if this course is right for you:

Answer yes to all that apply:-

You are interested in people’s lives and how to help them improve.

You are interested in energy management.

You are interested in Chakras.

People usually come to you for advice.

You are compassionate, always ready to give a sympathetic ear and you have a healing touch.

You want to improve your own business.

You want others to achieve their full potential.

You want to become a successful Life Coach.

If you tick yes on all the above points, this is definitely the course for you! Take the first step on this exciting journey, and you will love it.

I am giving you the opportunity to be different from the average coach, by using a coaching method that really works…

You can either join my community and train online or attend an intensive workshop.

Being a successful Master spiritual teacher, training people online & in-person from around the world with a method that I created that totally transformed my life for the better.

I now help people like you to transform your own life & I teach you exactly how to do this for others. I have created my very own signature coaching method and coaching tools that you recieve as part of your coaching toolkit, meaning you have everything you need to coach a client from start to finish.

You will learn:

The Soul Awakening coaching method, S.E.TT. 4-D Coaching Model and how it can be applied to move a client forward

The use of visualisation and how it can be applied to different areas in life

Empowering a coaching relationship

Defining values

Understanding emotions

Understanding the inner-critic

Understanding our limiting beliefs

Leveraging our strengths

Using energy management in coaching  and how to apply strategies for better success

How to build rapport in communication and how to be a better communicator

Self- discovery

Becoming a successful life coach as a career

The tools and essentials you need a Life coach

This course will lead to the completion of Life-Coach Certificate and will allow you to qualify for the Life-Coach Diploma. What are the modules in this course?

What you will get:

Chakra Coaching Toolkit

Chakra Assessment Forms

Chakra Meditations

SOUL Life Satisfaction Scale

Coaching Coaching Breakthrough Questions

Transformational Coaching Techniques

EFT Procedure

Spiritual Affirmations

S.E.TT. 4-D Coaching Model

I know if I can do it then you can do it

This journey is about you and how you can achieve your dreams too with my proven high quality coaching course. The same one that I’ve shared with my accredited coaches who have gone on to become high achievers and who have taken charge of their life!

Unleash Your Inner Angel

This in-depth course combines a broad range of personal development and spiritual coaching techniques to take you on an exciting transformational journey.


It will help you find your unique essence and spirit and become the person you are destined to be.


Once you have learned the energy skills, our experienced and highly-qualified experts will guide you along the way to becoming a highly-effective life coach, with the ability to transform people’s lives for the better.


As the legendary artist Michelangelo once said: “I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free.”


This course will help you to discover and unleash your inner angel and inspire people towards their own spiritual growth.

Our all-inclusive coaching programme uses a unique combination of techniques to help uncover limiting beliefs and eliminate negative patterns of behaviour, to achieve emotional and spiritual balance. It will enable you to help yourself, and others, to gain better control over:

• Relationships • Emotions • Health • Weight • Confidence • Beliefs • Self-esteem • Money

This course has been fully-accredited as a Level 7 qualification with one of the world’s leading professional coaching accreditation boards, the IAPC&M. This gives you quality assurance that the course material has undergone rigorous inspection so that it delivers an exceptionally high standard of quality. You can apply to become an accredited coach at the start of your journey and get complete access to the IAPC&M educational material and a FREE twelve month business self-study course.

Here’s everything I’m including for those who take advantage of the pre-launch offer of the Soul Awakening Method

Join NOW and recieve over £3000 bonus materials. Full price £7995 offer price of £3995 if paid in full or £4995 if paid on the payment plan.

The vision

Become a Soul Awakening Coach and join a community where all likeminded people can come together in one place for inspired learning, positivity and aligned action. Unfortunately, we live in a world where most of us have been socially conditioned. Our lives have been directed towards conventional working methods and our spirituality, sense of purpose and creativity have been dampened down. What if there was a method where you could unlearn all of these limiting beliefs, thinking and conditioning and be given the tools to live to your potential, create a reward business and realise your life’s purpose?


One-hour LIVE Masterclass (Monthly] Via ZOOM

Every month we hold a live class to allow all students to ask questions, discuss their major breakthroughs and learnings and create a reflective space on your breakthroughs In these LIVE Monthly hangouts. I teach you an energy psychology method to use in-between our sessions to unblock and release your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. Monthly Classes Cover:

• The Root Chakra – Discovering your Limiting Beliefs, Reframe & Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs
• The Sacral Chakra – Inner-child, Emotions and Healthy Relationships
• The Solar Plexus Chakra – Strengths, Confidence and Power
• The Heart Chakra – Gratitude, Love & Forgiveness
• Insights, AHA’s & Reflection • Spiritual Affirmations.


A dedicated Facebook community

Most people fail to get the most out of life because they don’t have the right support network. That’s why I put together the AWAKEN Facebook community. This is where people come at any time to, mastermind, learn more about themselves, learn more about spirituality, connect, and meet like-minded SOULS who “just get them”. Weekly Facebook check-ins:

• Root Chakra mediation & Angel/Tarot/Astrology card reading
• Sacral Chakra mediation & Angel/Tarot/Astrology card reading
• Solar Plexus Chakra mediation & Angel/Tarot/Astrology card reading
• Heart Chakra mediation & Angel/Tarot/Astrology card reading


 Life Coaching is one of the most exciting industries to be in right now. More than ever, people want someone who ‘gets’ them and can support them personally. While coaching has recently become a huge new business and may seem like strange new territory, in many ways, life-coaching is nothing new. We humans have always sought mentors and teachers to support us along our journey, to give guidance through the complex and strange challenges of life. In the past it was the wise elder, shaman, sage, priest, father, mother, or trusted friend who we’d seek help from. But in our isolated, high-paced, toxic modern world, most people feel deeply confused, alone and without real support. Many people don’t feel they can share what’s really going on in their hearts – even with their friends or family – for fear of being seen as weird or different. So they suffer in silence. That’s where you come in. You give them an opportunity to receive your loving support and skilled mentoring, to be deeply heard, valued and shown a way out of a challenging situation into their life of freedom.


#3: Can I Make Money Doing Coaching?

 Yes! With the increasing demands of work, fast-paced lifestyle and responsibilities, people are more out of balance than ever before, giving rise to a high demand for a wide array of personal and professional coaching.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) provides an annual report on the coaching industry and gives statistics
on industry growth.

According to the ICF:

Full-time coaches earn an average of $82,671 per year, and part-time coaches earn an average of $26,150 pe year. Full and part-time coaches earn an average of $50,510 per year.

• Worldwide, six in 10 coaches showed an increase in clients at the rate of $200 – $500/hr

• Most coaches predict a further increase in fees, clients, hours and revenue in the next year.

There is Great Opportunity for Freedom, Wealth & Success Right Now – Especially for YES Spiritually-Minded, Empathic People



• Welcome to the Soul Awakening Method
• What is the Soul Awakening Method
• What the Soul Awakening Method can help with
• Your spiritual journey so far
• Understanding chakras and energy
• Archetypes and chakras




• What makes a great coach
• What coaching achieves
• What motivates us
• Effective questioning
• Advanced coaching techniques
• Spiritual coaching







• A deeper look at your chakras
• The science of your chakras
• Archetypes & emotions
• Understanding your chakra story



• Root Chakra – meditation
• Sacral Chakra -meditation
• Solar Plexus Chakra – meditation
• Heart Chakra – meditation




• Understanding transformational coaching

• The S.E.TT. coaching model and questions

• Emotional Freedom Technique

• Becoming a practitioner

• Code of Ethics/Standards of practice



Certification process


There are no formal exams or assesments as you will be assessed along the way. For certification you will be required to take a final quizz.


You will learn a new method of coaching using the SET coaching model and spiritual affirmations.


Becoming a practitioner




Soul Awakening Method Tool Kit

2x Spiritual Empowerment Modules

7x Chakra Meditation Scripts

The Soul Awakening Method™ is a complete done-for-you coaching model, which means when you take the training, not only do you get to go on your own step-by-step transformation you get the exact same tools and techniques to use with clients.

It means that on certification, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of a proven coaching method that you will be able to build and run your own practice around, enabling you to create the work/life balance you want.

By becoming a Soul Awakening coach, you can create your own lifestyle and make a huge difference to the lives of others.

Enrol now to clear your past and create a better future

If you are ready to clear your past and create a better future, then book now to join my online Master Level coaching program, the Soul Awakening Method. Simply fill out the form below to begin your journey to spiritual happiness.

GDPR Agreement


Anne Marie is an amazing coach and teacher. Undertaking her Spiritual Life Coaching course was one of the best decisions I have made. Her Soul Awakening Academy is amazing. Anne Marie is spiritual, but also real, down to earth, friendly and a gorgeous soul. I am happy to call her a friend as well as being one of her students & look forward to working with her in the future. I would urge you to work with Anne Marie.


Holistic Life-Coach

I came across Anne-Marie by complete chance and over an hour later – after being completely absorbed by all of the amazing videos about spirituality and mindset- I contacted her. Since then I have gone on to travel from Nottingham to Liverpool to become an accredited life coach and it’s been one of the best things I have ever done! I highly recommend Anne- Marie’s soul awakening academy. I have learnt so much and I have been able to really figure out my passion and understand where I want to take my healing and coaching business. Anne-Marie is one of the most humble, kind and knowledgeable teachers I have ever come across and I’m excited to continue to learn more from her. Thank you for crossing my path.


Company Owner, Reiki Bliss

This takes coaching to the next level. It’s extra tools to use on a client if they are needed. By using the tools I learnt on the Soul Alignment course it will be really beneficial to myself as well as others.  Now I have the tools to identify what needs working on I can see myself incorporating this with my coaching practice as I think they both work nicely together. I liked the focus on understanding how balanced you are yourself with your chakras test. I liked the different perspective with the Wheel of Life when the focus is on your energy centres. I like the connection between coaching & energy healing. Loved the last exercise we did with the cards the Soul Transformation Technique & E.F.T .


Holistic Life-Coach

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