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With our certified programs everything is done for you!

We have been delivering Transformational Change & Personal Development training courses across the UK and internationally making us one of the leading experts in our field.  Not only are you guaranteed first class programme materials but we also give licensed trainers access to our superb e-learning platform so that they can attract clients instantly without all the set up costs and technical headache of creating an e-learning platform of their own! Meaning your candidates can access your training program with ease, complete their pre-course study at the touch of a button whilst interacting with you along the way, along with access to lots of resources to support them once their training is complete. Our course prices are affordable and we offer live online learning to make it easier for you to take the training.

Rise as the entrepreneur you were destined to be and take your first step towards financial freedom.


All the hard work has been done for you. Our licensed Training programs equip you with a complete ready made workshop or training course with downloadable & editable manuals, presentations, workbooks and more. 

Skills you will learn:

Powerful leadership skills

How to gain great rapport with your group

How to become the best Trainer you can be

Managing group dymanics

Understand what it takes to deliver powerful training & make a lasting impact on others

Plus, much more

WHY SHOULD I become licensed trainer with SOUL AWAKENING ACADEMY®?

Stand out as an expert in the field of Transformational Change & Personal Development by becoming a Certified Licensed Trainer delivering our programs all over the world.

Our most successful and well-loved Train the Trainer programmes will now be made available to pre-qualified participants to become Soul Awakening Academy® Trainers.

What this means is that whether you are a Coach, Therapist, Practitioner, a sole trader, small businesses or big businesses you can now have access all the materials, content and learning needed to deliver Soul Awakening Academy® programs anywhere in the world.

We know there will be a number of questions you might have regarding access to this worthwhile opportunity, so please see below for FAQ’s. If you would like to know more, please join the waitlist below.

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Get Ready to Uplevel Your Business & Your Life


Do you

 Feel ready to be leader or expert in your field but don’t know where to start?

 Feel like you have reached an income ceiling that you just can’t break through?

 Know that you are not reaching your full potential in your coaching business?

 Know you need to take your business to the next level but don’t want to spend hours & hours creating content? 

 Want to create a passive income earning money doing the thing you love the most?


If this sounds like it’s beyond your currentl level of expertise, don’t worry! You will receive an abundance of resources and support throughout your journey with us that will leave you fully prepared to embark on your new journey.


You feel called to become a leader and expert in your field but don’t want to spend hundreds of hours creating credible & inspiring content.

  • You are ready to uplevel your business and become a successful entrepreneur.
  • You want a one-to-many business model with a passive revenue stream but haven’t had the time or energy to create your own course (or don’t even know where start).
  • You are a trained coach, therapist or practitioner or are in the field of Transformational Change or someone that wants an impactful business that generates an immediate and easy flow of revenue.
  • You know you would make an inspiring trainer and would love to teach & certify other coaches to help them make a positive impact in the world with your training.


What skills will Soul Awakening Academy® Licensed Training give me?

Through our programs you will have access to all the materials, presentations, workbooks, contracts, tools & rescources to set up and deliver Transformational Change & Personal Development workshops & certified training to others. Once you’ve gone through it’s impactful resources, it’s licensed training feature allows you to take it to market and start attracting clients.

By becoming a Licensed Trainer you will be able to:

– Train & Certify your participants in our accredited programs & workshops.
– Offer credible training programs to many using our e-learning system.
– Establish yourself as an expert in your field as a sub-educator of Soul Awakening Academy®.
– Download the materials and stack of rescouces available to you.
– Learn how to become a succesful trainer & deliver training online
– Overcome limiting beliefs or doubts you may have about becoming a super successful trainer.
– Purchase additional programs to add to your skills and increase your revenue.
– Deliver training and presentations that inspire and motivate your participants.
Plus much, much more. Below is a breakdown of our extensive curriculum.

What Topics Are Covered in The Curriculum

Mastery of the Mind

This module is all about understanding the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious layers of the mind.

– You’ll learn techniques for reprogramming the brain and recreating reality, all of which are backed by the evidence-based principles of NLP (Neuro-language Processing)

– You’ll gain a deep understanding of how your personality is formed and the power of the mind and body connection.

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This sets you up for success when studying with the Soul Awakening Academy®. We also make sure you understand important policies that may impact you. This all ensures that you start off on the right foot.

Changing behaviours & changing lives

In this module, you’ll learn techniques for instilling a positive psychology and mindset in your clients. You’ll understand the importance of values and beliefs. You will learn techniques such as visualisation to help your clients overcome limiting beliefs and hold strong values.

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  • Body language.

We discuss how to get the most from your client during sessions and what a healthy client/coach relationship looks like.

You’ll also learn techniques on successful goal setting that will support your clients in achieving their desired outcomes and use the SOUL Satisfaction Scale.

Coaching skills & Managing the coach/client relationship​

In this module, you will learn the foundations of a good coaching practice, including the 12 key skills of coaching. You will understand the art of building a relationship with your client and be introduced to the person-centred approach developed by Carl Rogers.

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and by the end will be able to use the chakra assessment.

Setting Goals, Enhancing Behaviour & Challenging Limitations

Here, you will understand the importance of setting goals for a client’s success. You will also gain a thorough understanding of the GROW, SMART, and Wheel of Life coaching models.

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This sets you up for success when studying with the Soul Awakening Academy®. We also make sure you understand important policies that may impact you. This all ensures that you start off on the right foot.

Advanced Coaching Skills – Feedback, Belief & Motivation

In this module, you will learn how to deliver constructive feedback to your clients and how to evaluate your own coaching style. You will also learn how to challenge your clients by questioning their current thinking and reframing their limiting beliefs.

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  • Body language.

We discuss how to get the most from your client during sessions and what a healthy client/coach relationship looks like.

You’ll also learn techniques on successful goal setting that will support your clients in achieving their desired outcomes and use the SOUL Satisfaction Scale.

Becoming a Practitioner

This module is all about the standards, responsibilities, and practicalities that come with being a practitioner. You will understand the ethics of being a coach and the duty of care that you have towards your client. You will also learn a 4-step transformation coaching process that can empower your client.

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and by the end you will be able to teach code of ethics and ethical standards in the industry.

Conducting your sessions and best practice

We’ll end our course by giving you all the resources and advice you need to market your business and find your niche. You will also gain an understanding of best practices, setting your terms and conditions, and conducting a safe practice.

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and by the end you will be well on your way to delivering your first succesful program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Prerequisites?

You must already hold a qualification or have experince in Life Coaching.

What accreditation does the course carry?

Although the Coaching industry is a non-regulated industy, meaning as yet there are NO requirements to become accredited. There are however professional bodies in the insudtry who’s aim is to maintain best practice, high standards and ethics within Coaching.

The course, as provided, has been accredited at level 4 with the IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaches & Mentors) and it has also been accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners for Holistic Medicine) Once you become a Licensed Certified Trainer, you will need to apply in your own name to the IAPC&M and/or the IPHM to get your course officially accredited under your own academy’s name.

Can I edit and offer the materials as my own course?

No, all materials aimed at the practitioner are provided with Soul Awakening Academy I.P 

Can I put my name as the author?

No, you are recognised as a Licensed Trainer you should add that you partnered with The Soul Awakening Academy® to create this course.

Can this course be sold as part of my own product?

Yes, once you purchase the course you may sell it as your own. However, you cannot sell a part of this course; if you sell it, it has to be sold in its entirety. You can not use the materials to resell as an agency or ‘Business in a Box’

Can I resell this course as it is along with all its materials to other aspiring life-coach trainers?

No, reselling falls outside of the rights for this program. You may sell the course under your name to teach life coach practitioners, but you cannot sell the Licensed Trainers course itself.

Can I share or give away this Transformational Life Coaching course for free?

No, this too falls outside of the Licensing rights.

Do I have translation rights?

No, you cannot translate this course into another language at this time.

Can I transfer the Copyright?


Can I publish or provide the trainer materials as part of my product or resell it in any way?

No, these materials are supporting materials for the trainer only and can only be used by the person or company who purchased the License.

All materials will remain the copyright of the Soul Awakening Academy®. When in doubt, please contact us at [email protected].