Reach for the Hero Inside of You

It is said that every great story starts with the end in sight as well as in mind.

And the same is true with your own life purpose, your soul purpose and your destiny.  The ending is already written and it was already there at the beginning.  Your soul purpose is to write the story and the content of your life.

People are often searching for their life purpose and we all know that at times it can feel like a battle, an uphill climb full of confusion, uncertainty and doubt. And that’s because we go on the Fool’s Journey, the Hero’s Journey.  This is where we hear the calling, take up the mission and we set out on our journey, on our quest.

It’s within this Fool’s Journey that we are likely to face an array of twists and turns and ups and downs that will see us go through many trials and tribulations.  And in many ways it’s inevitable that, at times, on such a treacherous journey, we may end up feeling utterly defeated.

But, as in all good stories, our own tale can see us rise back up to become our very own true hero!

This journey can reveal an array of new-found hidden strengths that will allow us to defeat the dragon who encompasses all of our own fears and doubts and who we must slay in order to find our own true purpose.  To ultimately live a life that is truly in alignment with our soul’s destiny.

So, what are you waiting for?  The time has come to awaken your soul purpose and write your very own happy ending.

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