Life comprises a rich and varied pattern.  It’s packed with ups, downs, in-between, successes, upsets and disappointments – to name just a few!  And, of course, we all face a few dead ends from time to time.  Yet it is not what we are facing but how we face it that drives our success and life achievements.

No matter how strong and resolute a character you are, every single one of us is cursed with self-limiting thoughts and confidence concerns.  When you meet a self-limiting thought head-on and it rips the rug from under your feet, the important thing to consider is how to react.  You have two choices – you can either continue on the road to self-destruction, or you can stand up to it, look it square in the eyes and send it on its way!

By learning how to strengthen your mind/body connection you will be able to listen to the subtle clues your body is sending you. Your body releases hormones which are chemical reactors responding to the experiences, thoughts and feelings you are having at any given moment. Your body has specific energy centres than run vertically up the spinal cord and nervous system. This is called your chakra system. Your chakras act like plug sockets that fire up with emotional stimuli. For instance, when you receive negative feedback you may experience a sensation in the gut. This is the solar plexus chakra which governs the Ego, self-worth, your identity and drive. By becoming aware of these energy centres or chakras you will be able to discern your emotions and work through them so you make better choices and learn more about yourself as you do.

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