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Finally, a spiritual life coach certification program that changes everything.

Learn how to transform your mindset and see the world differently by creating a business that empowers others for life.
Become an accredited Spiritual Life Coach and learn our unique method of coaching & healing, the Soul Awakening Method where you’ll discover the powerful tools and techniques that you can use as a Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychologist to free people from their past as well as experience your own transformational shifts as we rewrite your mindset, breakthrough your own limiting beliefs & unlock your true purpose.

Become a Certified Spiritual Coach, transform your mindset & create a succesful business that feeds your soul

At The Soul Awakening Academy®, we are passionate about guiding & inspiring awakened souls like you, how to transform the lives of others through our unique spiritual coaching methods.

It’s our mission to help our students step into their power, unlock their purpose and rise up as the confident and empowered spiritual coaches & entrepreneurs they are destined to be through our Master Level 7 accredited IAPC&M Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychology certification program.

If you know you are ready to step into your true potential and start to do the soulful work you were meant to whilst building a successful coaching business, then we’d first love for you to learn more about this once in a lifetime opportunity to train with our highly skilled team of professional coaches, mindfulness teachers & spiritual healers using our unique method of spiritual coaching & healing, The Soul Awakening Method.

Access this free video series to discover exactly how you can unlock your potential today.


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      Introduction To Chakras

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      Discover the Secrets To Your Soul

      Your energy is what defines you but before you can be a guide to others, you have to become fully aligned to your energetic vibration. It is time to stop, take a moment and ask what your true purpose is and what spiritual gifts you are endowed with.

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