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Understand how to reprogram the subconscious mind using meditation techniques.

Do old habits constantly creep and sabotage all of your good intentions? Whether we like it or not the stresses of everyday life are damaging our health, both physically and mentally. Spending just 20 minutes a day meditating can have a dramatic effect on your physical, psychological and even spiritual health. This course will show you how to become a master of your mind and body, it also explains the body’s energy and hormonal systems, how meditation affects this and how this helps the mind, body, and spirit.

The meditation teacher training course begins by broadening your knowledge of the types of meditation that exist from the well known, such as Zen and mindfulness, to the niche such as Chakra meditation and guided visualisations and affirmations.

This in-depth knowledge of meditation types, will be invaluable. As you learn to teach meditation and place you as an authority in your teaching practice. You will be guided through the various aspects of teaching meditation. The physical, mental, emotional and practical. You will learn the importance of correct posture, breathing techniques and dealing with symptoms such as restlessness and frustration. You will discover how to teach mindfulness, dealing with resistance. You will learn how to implement meditation in the daily lives of your students starting from beginners to advanced. Then, it’s on to the practical considerations of teaching meditation and structuring your sessions. In addition to helping you understand how to go about teaching meditation. You will also advance your own practice by going through the meditation practices yourself and reflecting on your own inner thoughts and gaining mastery of yourself through meditation. We will also cover the mind/body connection including the brain, heart coherence enlightenment, hormones, the chakra system, and more. You will also learn about teaching meditation in schools with particular focus on children and relaxation.

Meditation benefits everyone who practices it, for numerous reasons and the benefits can be seen by undertaking consistent practice over time. Meditation Mastery has been designed in such a way that it can be taken by anyone, no matter whether you have a lapsed meditation practise or you would like to re-establish old habits or if you have never heard of meditation before.

On completion of the course, you will receive a certification from Soul Awakening Academy stating you have successfully completed an IPHM Accredited Training Course and in addition to this you may apply for your professional insurance through our partnered insurers Westminster Global and receive a complementary discount.


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