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After our initial consultation, we will have clear goals to work towards and you will have identified exactly where you want your life to go and what you want to create be it in love, purpose, career, health & relationships.

Transformation begins from the very first session and each person’s journey is highly individual but always resolves in greater clarity and a renewed sense of purpose, empowerment and restored energy.

Be out from under the oppression of your emotions & back to being in control of your life in less than two months.

Your emotions have drug you around long enough.

In just 7 sessions, you could be back in charge…out from under the control of Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalances, Infertility, Feeling out of Control, Weight Issues, Pain, Confusion, Anxiety and more. 

The tools you’ll get will help you RECLAIM your energy and your life. 



As an expert holistic health & lifestyle coach working with women on a global scale supporting and mentoring them to make positive wellbeing & lifestyle changes to balance their emotions and achieve their goals.

As a world renowned spiritual life coach & energy psychology teacher & trainer, a Master Level Coach Accredited with the IAPC&M (International Authority of Professional Coaches & Mentors) the IPHM (international Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and CMA (Complementary Medical Association.) I successfully runs international training, wellness retreats and workshops as well as 1-2-1 coaching based in the UK.

I am qualified as a registered member of Acupuncture Society in Medical Acupuncture and focuses on Women’s Health and wellbeing.

I use a variety of techniques to help you create an extraordinary life including Naturopathic Acupuncture, Aroma Accupressure, Nutrition Support, Bach Flower Remedies, Meditation, Energy Healing, and Holistic Coaching.

Whether you are wanting to find your purpose in life or relationships, rebuilding your life after divorce, depression, loss of a loved one, struggling to conceive or dealing with physical pain, I can help you Whole-istically put the pieces of your life back together, Body, Mind & Soul.

Treatment Description:

An initial 40-minute session in which we discuss your lifestyle, wellness, health and goals in detail. This enables us to pinpoint the specific areas that may need support.

During our 1-2-1 sessions after the consultation we’ll work towards understanding your mind, body and emotions & practices and therapeutic support that will nourish you in everyday life. I will support you to implement simple and positive lifestyle and behavioural changes that will contribute to your personal wellbeing, goals and lifestyle.

My overall aim is to guide and empower you. Using coaching workbooks, meditation, energy healing and vibrational medicine together we’ll set goals for you to go away and implement to build healthier habits in and make sustainable changes that improve your wellbeing and happiness.

Join me in a nurturing, safe space for the overtired, overworked, stretched, stressed and for those who perhaps aren’t but are in need of some time, balance, space and peace to reflect and recharge on what’s not serving you in our busy, modern lives.



If you’re tired of living a less than life, the answer is to create an extraordinary life. What does it mean to be extraordinary?


  • To know your true worth – full of self-empowerment and self-love.
  • Feeling inspired & motivated to do the things you love with the people you love.
  • Feel connected to your body, more present & highly functioning.
  • Looking in the mirror and really loving the image reflected back to you.
  • Loving, honouring and nourishing your body every single day without it being a struggle.
  • Seeing yourself as the extraordinary woman that you are.
  • Able to effortlessly eliminate habits that you know aren’t serving you.
  • You feel ready to be intimate again or start a new relationship being the very best you.

You’re ready to put yourself first and take control of your life but need step-by-step support and accountability. Sacred Wellness will steer you back to your true self and create an aligned life in just 7 weeks.


Costs Involved:

7 sessions

X7 1-2-1 60-90 minute sessions = £900

(this includes seven workbooks, your personal planner, unlimited email support between sessions, a wealth of resources to support you & simple.)


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