A deeply informative course which will introduce you to Chakra Life Coaching & Healing through the Chakras. This course explains the theory, methods, and practices of the role and how the techniques covered are applied in the real world to make a transformational change to your life.

The course first introduces you to the subject, outlining what Chakra life coaching is, how it differs from regular life coaching and the difference between a Chakra life coach and other forms of therapy. You’ll discover the common belief systems and philosophies that spiritual life coaches share, including the importance of practising a person-centred approach to coaching. While this gives you a base understanding, the way you practice, and your own philosophies will add flavour to the way you coach.

You will learn how our thoughts, your mind, and emotions are interlinked in some complex ways. The Chakra Life Coaching & Healing Course discusses how a Chakra life coach may work with these relationships and how the concepts of transformation and change can be used to help clients advance in their spirituality. You’ll also delve a little into the concepts of Chakras and how they are said to work.

You’ll explore the methods spiritual life coaches use to get to know their clients better, with deep listening, empathy and with a deep understanding on the seven major chakras and their relationship to our emotions and wellbeing. You’ll look at the use of various healing frameworks and techniques and how Chakra healing and balancing is used in the practice.

The Chakra Life Coaching & Healer Course goes deeper into how you can transform your own life by using the techniques provided in the course. You will be guided through various practical methods you can use on yourself and others.


No prior knowledge of Chakras or Life Coaching is required to enrol in this course – making it ideal for those who are new to exploring this exciting helping discipline!


On completion of the course, you may apply for your Chakra Life Coach & Energy Healing Accreditation with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, (IPHM) and gain a discount on insurance for your practice.

Time Scale

This course takes on average 6 – 12 weeks to complete. You have 2 years in which to complete the course from the time you start.

Who Is This Course For?

This course can be taken by complete beginners who wish to understand the concepts of chakras, auras and energy healing. With practical techniques and explanations, you can begin using this new knowledge to provide healing to yourself, friends and family, and clients.

With its incredibly detailed exploration the concepts of chakra and aura healing is covered comprehensively.

Current practitioners of these or related therapies may discover something new and invaluable about their discipline. Or can use the course to gain knowledge that will enable them to expand their current service offering.

Coaching Certification Program Outline:

Module 1 – Getting Started!

  • What you will learn on the course
  • Understanding Accreditation
  • Learn more about the Soul Awakening Academy

Module 2 – Introduction to Chakra Life Coaching & Energy Healing

  • What is Chakra Life Coaching
  • How to create your best future
  • How Chakra Life Coaching works
  • How to change your life and the life of others

Module 3 –  Introduction to Life Coaching

  • What is coaching
  • How coaching works
  • Whys coaching is the fastest growing industry
  • The differences in coaching, counselling & mentoring
  • Why coaching is the fastest growing industry
  • The coaching leaders
  • The person-centred approach

Module 4 – What is Chakra Life Coaching 

  • The definition of spirituality
  • Spiritual Chakra coaching versus traditional coaching
  • What is Chakra coaching
  • Creating your best future
  • The benefits of Chakra life coaching
  • How does Chakra life coaching work
  • Change your life and the life of others

Module 5 – The Power of Healing

  • The power of healing
  • The power of light

Module 6 – The Chakras

  • The seven chakras & endocrine system
  • A deeper look at the seven major chakras
  • Understanding how chakras work
  • Science & Chakras

Module 7 – The Root Chakra 

  • Transformational coaching
  • Root Chakra Meditation
  • Spiritual Affirmations

Module 8 – The Sacral Chakra

  • Transformational coaching
  • Sacral Chakra Meditation
  • Spiritual Affirmations

Module 9 – The Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Transformational coaching
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation
  • Spiritual Affirmations

Module 10 – The Heart Chakra 

  • Transformational coaching
  • Heart Chakra Meditation
  • Spiritual Affirmations

Module 11 – The Throat Chakra

  • Transformational coaching
  • Throat Chakra Meditation
  • Spiritual Affirmations

Module 12 – The Third-eye Chakra

  • Transformational coaching
  • Third-eye Chakra Meditation
  • Spiritual Affirmations

Module 13 – The Crown Chakra 

  • Transformational coaching
  • Crown Chakra Meditation
  • Spiritual Affirmations

Module 14 – How to Coach Your Clients

  • How to make sure your clients are coaching ready
  • Holding a spiritual coaching session
  • Session outcomes & closing a session

Module 15 – Becoming a Practitioner

  • Empowering the client
  • Finding your niche
  • Getting known
  • Soul Awakening Academy – Code of Ethics