Learn the skills and techniques you need to become a Soul Awakening Coach, online, in your own time.

Please note, this course is intended for qualified coaches due to the advanced level of training.

If you are a complete beginner you are advised to take the Life Coach Practitioner course.

This Holistic-Spiritual based coaching diploma takes you through a highly advanced level of learning.

Not only does it transform your own personal life but it enables you to massively impact the lives of others in a professional capacity.

On completion of the diploma, you are ready to set up & practise as a professional advanced Holistic Life Coach & Energy Psychologist using the Soul Awakening Method of spiritual coaching & healing.


You can learn more about Anne-Marie and the Soul Awakening Academy by downloading the brochure here.

You will develop your intuitive and healing abilities, empowering you to deal with different people and issues. Your efforts will be ultimately rewarded by working as a Spiritual Life Coach. This is an exciting opportunity to create your own fulfilling life & career.

The Soul Awakening Method is a bespoke spiritual coaching & healing method which will give you the skills, tools & techniques to take a client through a tailor-made coaching programme called the Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy. Each session focuses on a specific step working through the seven chakras. For each session, you will have ready-made client assessments, workbooks & techniques in which to help the client transform their blocks & challenges.

You will be provided with the necessary tools and techniques to apply in any niche, whether personal or business.

When you join the course online you get instant access to the course materials. There are 12 modules to complete and each module contains a video tutorial and written pdf this is so we cater for all learning styles. You also become part of an online community where students support each other and buddy up online. The first part of the course is very experiential whereby you go through the coaching transformation yourself getting feedback from Anne-Marie, your course tutor every step of the way.

The Spiritual Life Coach Accredited Diploma will enable you to experience profound personal growth and expansion. Dramatically improving your confidence, you will learn how to easily apply your spiritual therapeutic knowledge and skills.

This online diploma is fully accredited and delivered by an industry leader in Spiritual Life-Coach Training.  Anne-Marie will personally support and guide you along your journey. During the course, we meet up online via an interactive platform, Zoom where we have live teleclasses and coaching interaction. You also receive three 30 minutes mentoring sessions with Anne-Marie who supports you right the way through your learning. 

Want to know more? Book a virtual coffee with Anne-Marie and make sure this course is the right one for you. Book your call here.

What is the course?

Bringing you to a place of spiritual awareness.

Getting clarity on your life goals.

Getting out of sticky situations.

Changing your life regardless of the circumstances.

Succeeding at whatever you try.

Thriving instead of surviving.

This Life Coaching course is different from any other you will ever come across. It is the course for you to explore your full potential

What you will get:

Chakra Coaching Toolkit

Chakra Assessment Forms

Coaching Breakthrough Workbooks

Transformational Coaching Techniques

Spiritual Affirmations

A Summary of the Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Soul Awakening Method

A Spiritual Journey

The Four Pillars of Life

Law of Attraction

What is Spiritual Coaching?

The Soul Awakening Coaching Method

The Aim of a Soul Awakening Coach

Why Chakras

Your Spiritual Story So Far

Your Chakra Story – Root to Heart Chakra

Insights & Spiritual Affirmations

Why We Become Stuck

Making the Transformation

Chakra Coaching

Advanced Coaching Skills


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

How to Become a Great Coach?

Becoming a Practitioner

Codes of Ethics

Standards of Practise


This Holistic/Spiritual, Accredited Life-Coach Certificate Course - is geared to helping you become a professional life coach with the right knowledge and skills to help your clients implement positive change in their lives. This is a course that will not only change your life for the better but also become a viable career to empower you make a viable income from doing something positive in other people’s lives.

This course is available online & in-person learning.

This Accredited Spiritual Life-Coaching course takes you deeper into the art and skill of Transpersonal Coaching.




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