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Get Ready for A Transformational Shift.

Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy – A path to inner truth & personal success.
12th – 17th October 2020 | 
Prices start from £1400*

2020 will see the launch of my first transformational spiritual retreat.  Set in the beautiful Benissa Countryside, Spain.  This beautiful self-contained luxury finca, with tennis court, heated swimming pool, yoga studio and picturesque terraces is the perfect setting for you to dive deep into your own personal transformation designed to help you create an extraordinary life.

We have our own dedicated catering team who will provide you with nutritional Vegan & Vegetarian meals (full board).  We also have daily meditation, exercise/yoga and a Ayurveda therapist plus a few excursions to admire the stunning beaches and waterfalls in the in the brand new exclusive resort of Oodles Retreat which we have all to ourselves.

Take a look at the rooms https://www.oodlesretreat.com/retreat-spain-luxury-accommodation/




Spiritual Teacher & Soul Guide


My passion is in helping people like you to step into their own power to create a life they love on their terms.

To do this we first need to peel back the layers of childhood conditioning. Releasing shame, fear, judgements and self-doubts that have manifested in our internal belief system and keeps us playing small.

I’m a mum of two beautiful, empowered children who teach me the meaning of unconditional love every day something I struggled with all my life until my first born, Marcus (God of War) came into my life & broke down my belief system. I was forced to heal my old emotional wounds, start believing and loving myself so I could be the person I was destined to be and ultimately the guide and mentor he deserved.

This painful lesson in loving thyself caused a whole demolition of my life from the person I was and the false identity I had created through the years of rejection & abandonment to healing myself on all levels to face my subconscious hidden fears around vulnerability and live up to the person I had come here to be.


The Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy is for you if:

You long to…

  • See the story of your life and learn how to rewrite your past and create a better future.
  • Liberate yourself from a negative past.
  • Move beyond your perceived limitations.
  • Break free from past conditioning.
  • Free yourself from any past shame, criticisms or judgements placed upon by others that have limited your potential.
  • Understand your true worth.
  • Discover your hidden gifts and talents.
  • Understand your purpose.
  • Take control of your life by understanding yourself on a much deeper level than you do now.
  • Allow yourself to be loved unconditionally.
  • Learn to forgive and release the past.


And you might also be feeling…

  • Sick of repeating the same patterns in relationships, money, success, social situations etc
  • Tired of feeling isolated, abandoned, rejected and unloveable.
  • Ready to embrace true, meaning and fulfilling relationships.
  • Ready to break from the things, people, thoughts or behaviours that are holding you back.
  • Doing it alone,  yet struggle to let yourself be supported.
  • A burning desire to express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference, but don’t know what that looks like and might not even know where to start.
  • A sense of what you’re here to do but don’t know how to make the transition from where you are now.
  • A longing for a romantic partnership with someone who matches your values and vision, or you want deeper intimacy in the relationship you’re currently in, and yet feel confused about how to even begin to create it.

Or perhaps…

  • Despite all the personal growth work you’ve done, you still sense a barrier in your life that you just can’t seem to break through.
  • You’re on a mission to change your life and need a supporting environment in which to do this.


If you identify with any of the above, first off, know that there’s nothing wrong with you and that you are not alone. Millions of people are feeling this exact same way.  The difference is you are ready to take control and recreate your life.

People from all walks of life are having these experiences, I have coached professional footballers, to actors, CEO’s to retired housewives.

Something so big is happening for so many people across such a broad spectrum, we can no longer ignore it.

I call it The Shift after the late, great Wayne Dwyer.

These emotions, these feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction, are symptoms of the awakening within to move us into a new stage in our evolution.

The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow upon which the Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy model is based called it “self-actualization” and later “self-transcendence.”

And it makes sense.

We are the one species on the earth that has a desire to go and evolve to become self-actualised meaning you are free to pursue your own destiny.


This Transformational Retreat will:

Create the space to nurture yourself, focus on your goals, get clear on your hopes dreams and wishes for the future and make you top priority!

Our focus is a real sense of inner transformation, energy balance, loving support, motivation and inspiration.

Anne-Marie and her team will teach you the principles of the Seven Steps so that you return home with a new sense of profound awareness, inner knowing, emotional balance, clarity and ease.

With daily inner work focusing on your four pillars of life, the physical, emotional , mental and spiritual you will feel empowered, stronger and rejuvenated.

Truly life changing.

Something really transformational happens when a group of people get together away from the structure of your normal daily life. You will be submerged in self-care, transformational coaching, holistic treatments, exercise, nature, sun, sea….. and the result is truly magical.

We would love to welcome you to this fabulous retreat at Oodles Luxury Resort, Spain in October. You can get in touch here for more information and to book your spot reserve your place.

*Prices vary depending of room size and sharing options.

5 Nights in an exclusive villa.

Our 5-night retreat includes accommodation, all meals, group coaching sessions, holistic treatments, meditation, daily exercise, excursions & chakra balancing and talks by guest speakers.

You will also have the opportunity to have a personal soul guide session with Anne-Marie and a personalised treatment & diet plan created by our Ayurveda specialist.

There is also plenty of time for rest and relaxation too as you can choose which activities & talks you want to partake in. You will have enough space to take time out to be on your own if you enjoy and need that too.

Prices vary depending on room size and sharing options.

Please note fights and travel insurance is not included.


Luxury Accommodation

Luxury Retreat in Spain…perfectly situated in an exclusive residential area, totally private and surrounded by 13,000 sq mtrs of lush Mediterranean gardens.

Take a stroll along the sweeping drive to a place that promises a fairy tale.  A stunning property located in the beautiful Benissa countryside. Cleverly arranged over three levels, with a rustic charm and contemporary style throughout.

Luxurious bedrooms with the option of twin or super king beds. Air-conditioning and central heating throughout and a wood burner that adds a touch of warmth in the lounge area.

Our master suite is perfectly positioned just a few meters from the main house. The suite offers a super king bed with en-suite facilities and a spacious lounge area.  Couples can also enjoy their very own private terrace with dreamy countryside views.

Outside spaces offer comfortable cabana style beds and grass umbrellas. Dutch style furniture with huge wooden pergolas provide shaded areas for eating and relaxation…an awesome place to enjoy with your friends.

Prices based on sharing.

Twin room with ensuite – £1400 person.

Superior room with balcony/terrace £1650 per person.

Coming in a group or don’t mind sharing we have full size bunk beds for four people – £1100 per person.

Single occupancy:

Twin room with ensuite – £2500

Superior room with balcony & ensuite – £3000


Take a look at the rooms https://www.oodlesretreat.com/retreat-spain-luxury-accommodation/


20% non-refundable deposit will be taken to confirm your place. Balance to paid 8 weeks prior to departure.


Terms & Conditions apply. Once booked Anne-Marie will schedule a call to introduce herself and talk you through the agenda.


Want to talk things through? Book a virtual coffee with Anne-Marie here https://meetings.hubspot.com/annemariemayers123


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