Learn the foundational skills of every successful Transformaion Coach with this 4 day intensive masterclass.

Is there a secret to greatness?

Is there something flowing throughout the veins of every successful person that others are lacking?

The answer is yes and has three elements: intuition, imagination, and passion.

I use transformational coaching to harness science, spirituality and creativity to ignite the whole soul within you.

“The most successful people in life recognise that in life they create their own love, they
manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation.”

– Neil deGrasse Tyson

The 4-day workshop will include transformational life coaching techniques to create your ideal future, understand what motivates you and delve deep to discover your unique strengths.  Using positive psychology tools we will dive deep and unblock your natural creative flow tapping into your deeper, universal mind.

My transpersonal coaching approach will help you to build a connection to your most authentic self to find your passion, something not many people are likely to be sure of.

Transformational coaching is life coaching at its best. By learning the fundamental skills of every Life-coach with additional transformational exercises that use positive psychology to guide and inspire you in your own process towards the creation of a new, rich and fulfilling life. You really help yourself and others achieve success in all areas of their life.

I run transformational coaching workshops using life coaching techniques to assist you in creating your ideal future.  I have extensive knowledge of positive psychology tools aimed at unlocking your natural creative flow and tapping into your deeper universal mind.  It could be the next step in your journey to finding your passion and improving your life forever!


If you are undergoing a significant change in your life, feel like you have more potential buried deep within you such as wanting a career change, finding purpose in your work, or discovering your creativity, passion and zest for life. Life-Coaching can help you stay on track and move confidently.

The work we do with a client is to enhance their personal development rather than play the role of psychotherapist or doctor by diagnosing. When we work with clients we must ensure all medical checks are in place and if necessary consent by a doctor or psychotherapist is given if the client wants to undertake coaching with you.

We’re starting off with a state of being that is, most of the time, reasonably happy and stable. They are looking to enhance their life by understanding themselves better, and managing their thoughts and emotions so they are more conducive with their goals and life plan.

We need to understand and let go of conditioning and break free of the limiting fixed ideas we have created for ourselves, including unconscious ones. We will go on to spiritual issues and understanding of how we envision and create our life experience.

We can return to our full spiritual awareness through learning the lessons our everyday life provides. There may be experiences or issues in our life that we can’t think about without tears or anger, hard to face issues that severely interrupt what we want to do in life. What can we do to get ourselves together, to learn from these experiences and begin again to work more effectively toward our goals?


On completion of this course you may want to continue your learning by embarking on the Soul Awakening Master Practitioner Diploma. Your fees will be deducted from the full price of the Practitioner course and here you will delve even deeper into the transformative art of Life-Coaching & energy psychology making you truly outstanding in the field of personal development.

Listen to what one of our previous students has to say. Watch here.





Learn the foundational skills of every successful Life-Coach with this Transformation Life-Coaching Skills Certificate.

You will understand the art of every successful Life-Coach. You will also learn the skill of rapport building and effective communication skills. you will understand what Coaching is compared to other similar modalities. You will understand why Coaching is so effective and why it is becoming one of the fastest growing industries.

You will learn how to turn every conversation into an effective transformative experience by using the skill of rapport building, effective questioning & active listening skills.

This course is delivered by blended learning meaning you will be given access to the Life-Coach certification course online as pre-reading to the workshop and you will be required to attend a 4 day inetsive practical workshop to embed the learning.

You will have access to all the course material through our on-line learning portal meaning you can study at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. You will learn the theory & practices that underpin coaching online and on completion of the course you will gain a Transformation Coach certificate issued by the Soul Awakening Academy and accredited by the IPHM. Once you have gained your certificate you can then become and accredited coach and gain insurance to practice.

What you will learn:

day Workshop – Life-Coach Skills

Module 1 – Introduction to Coaching 

  • An Introduction to Life Coaching
  • An Introduction to being a Life Coach
  • How Life Coaching started – a snap-shot into its history

Module 2 – What is coaching

  • What are the differences between Counselling/Coaching/Mentoring
  • What Coaching achieves
  • Why is Coaching so effective

Module 3- The Role of a Life-Coach

  • Why Coaching is the fastest growing industry
  • The role of a Life-Coach
  • The Coaching process

 Module 4 – Life-Coach Skills 

  • The  client/coach relationship
  • What makes a good client/coach relationship
  • Building rapport with your client

Module 5 – Life-Coaching Foundations

  • Absolute no-no’s in coaching
  • What signs indicate good/bad rapport
  • Sensory acuity – watching for the physiological changes
  • Matching & mirroring skills

Module 6 – Relationship Building in Coaching

  • Listening skills & effective questioning
  • Reflection & Clarification
  • Person-centered approach in psychology -Carl Jung

 4 day Workshop – Transformation Coach

  • The human conditioning
  • NLP Map of the World model
  • Values & Beliefs
  • The Transformation process
  • How to Coach 
  • Client consultation form
  • First session questions
  • 10 step self-inquiry process of change


This certificate is perfect if you want to enhance your current skill set or want to enhance your life by understanding yourself and others better.

This qualification enables you to progress to Diploma level.


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