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Join our ever growing community of Awakened Souls

Join our ever growing community of Awakened Souls and receive monthly videos enabling you to strengthen your mindset & explore your spiritual gifts.

Are you ready to change the way you think & feel?

Through transformational, spiritual mindset tools, I wil not only help you change the way you think and feel but how you live your life. I will take you on a journey to discover your true-self (you know the one buried away under all that conditiong)! So you can live a life that is true to your Soul’s calling & mission.

You will:

Discover your unique
spiritual gifts & talents

Work on yourself &
your limiting beliefs

Learn to manage the inner
critic and know your true-worth

Work on your spiritual-self to invoke the magic you need to truly become Awakened

Visualise & manifest your deepest desires

Take aligned action and embody who you need to be to step into your Soul’s purpose

Develop your spiritual gifts and follow your purpose

I help my clients discover their true-self and live their highest potential by becoming a master architect of their love, life, money, health, relationships and career.

And this is what I want for you.

Month by month you get inside access to all my spiritual coaching tools, spiritual courses, healing meditations, quantum healings, private readings, guest trainings and more.

This is a private virtual circle and monthly membership hub run by Anne-Marie, founder of Soul Awakening Academy.

This sacred, soul-centred place is for members to gather and spend more time with their soul. My monthly offerings will help you become inspired, develop your spiritual gifts & discover your true-self. Month by month you are given exclusive access to my proven, practical transformational tools with which you can use on yourself & others to transform your life & theirs.

Do you ever…

Tell yourself you were meant for something greater?

Want to discover your soul’s purpose so you can live it?

Dabble in spiritual self-development books & courses but feel stuck as if you’re not doing it right and feel, a bit lost?

Feel like you need to discover your true-self? Banish limiting beliefs and let go of the past?

Feel like you have no-one to talk to about spirituality, and your passion?!

Feel lost when it comes to managing parts of your life ?

Want to connect to your intuition more but unsure how?

Feel ready to learn more about developing your spiritual gifts?

Want to feel more spiritually connected?

Well then i’ve got something just for you

Each Month…

Members receive intuitive created spiritual tools to help you fill up your life, enhance your relationships, tap into your spiritual purpose and stay aligned to your soul.

Members receive my proven, effective spiritual toolkit. Which will give your spiritual abilities the kick start & guidance it needs to supercharge your spiritual connection and stay in touch with the calling of your soul.

We will embark on a new insightful journey together, delving into another area of the spiritual journey with guided meditations, spiritual coaching, intuitive readings and personal guidance from me over in our private Facebook community.

I’ve designed everything in the Membership so that it’s super quick and easy to access and download. No matter how much time you devote to it, be it a few minutes or hours here and there you will be amazed by how much difference that monthly upgrade to your soul will make.

Join The Soul Awakening Community & Membership Hub

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