Want to make a great living helping people overcome their deepest suffering and biggest challenges?

This is an exciting, life-changing chance to develop rewarding skills that can bring about deep transformation for both you, and your clients.

Using a unique blend of transformational coaching and energy healing, you will be immersed in an in-depth study of the seven major Chakras, looking at how they function in the physical and spiritual body. You’ll also explore how emotions can negatively affect the energy in the chakras and auric field.


  • Explore the concept of presence, and engaging fully with your client
  • Have a robust understanding of person-centred theory
  • Look at the concept of emergence and how to work with change
  • Learn to bring yourself authentically into the coaching experience
  • Learn a revolutionary way of coaching & healing and stand out from the crowd
  • Bring a deeper understanding of the Chakras and the seven sacred stages of healing
  • Learn intuitive EFT and energy reading & work with clients all over the world
  • Learn spiritual empowerment coaching techniques & work on the deepest level possible with your client

Are you ready to become one of the next generation spiritual coaches and energy healers?

In today’s busy world of endless information overload and constant pressures, clients can often lack the space they need to look inside and reflect on what’s really going on with them. This course will encourage healing that brings about a feeling of spaciousness and release that will allow your clients the freedom to tune in to new possibilities and life-changing insights.

By really getting to know and understand the power of balance in all the Chakras and doing some deep work within, we can release the potential to be joyful, passionate, calm, spiritual, grounded and truthful in all things which, in turn, will bring about unparalleled feelings of calm, stability and purpose.

Join me as I weave together my two true passions in life, spiritual coaching and energy work to provide a truly innovative coaching experience.

I am trained in the field of Positive Psychology, NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT & Acupuncture whilst also widely trained in healing using a variety of methods.

You are about to embark on a profound life-changing journey.

A journey that will eventually lead you into your most magnificent future where you get to be the very best version of you.


This course has been stringently accredited by two of the leading authorities in Coaching & Holistic Practises the IAPC&M & IPHM. By choosing a course that has undergone an accreditation process such as this you are assured the course content, quality and method of learning is up to the highest standards necessary to gain the kite mark accreditation from the IAPC&M & the IPHM.

Having trained with the Soul Awakening Academy you will then be able to gain professional accreditation as an Accredited Practitioner once you have logged the necessary coaching hours required.

Read more on the IAPC&M and why accreditation matters.


Clarissa’s testimonial

Clarissa has now set up her coaching & healing business Motivated Unicorn full time and is running spiritual workshops and motivational courses.

Ellen’s testimonial

Ellen is a highly successful business owner of Heatone Fitness where she works with hundreds of women in the field of fitness & well being. Ellen now has an extra string to her bow and will be integrating this into her current skill set empowering women in their masses.

Saffon’s testimonial

Saffron is a business owner at Reiki Bliss she works in the field of helping people with issues such as stress, anxiety and mindset. Since qualifying as a Holistic Life-Coach, Saffron is now successfully running her own empowerment & coaching workshops.


What we will cover over the duration of the Soul Awakening MethodTM Master Practitioner Diploma will be a combinations of  Energy Psychology & Spiritual Coaching techniques which will form part of your unique transformational journey. We are all unique, even among this vast expansive universe there is no other you.

Somewhere deep inside you know the person you were destined to become.

We are delighted to offer you the chance to experience a new and refreshingly different type of Energy Healing & Coaching Course delivered by our experienced and highly qualified Coaches.

Once you’ve have learnt the energy skills, the next phase is to become a highly effective coach.

As the legendary artist Michelangelo said: “I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free

This is a beautiful mindset to possess as a coach & energy worker.​​​​​​​

The Soul Awakening Academy’s unique method of Energy Psychology & Spiritual Coaching diploma  is fully accredited and comprises the very latest aspects of Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as Performance Coaching, all of which, when combined, will allow you to offer your clients the tools with which to achieve the clarity and understanding of their needs, wants and desires in life.

The Life Coach certification course will not only allow you to achieve a professional accredited qualification but also offers you an amazing life changing transformative experience which we believe will allow you to exploit your own full potential within both your professional or personal life.

The certification course is available on either a face to face or distance learning basis and whichever method you decide suits your needs best, you can rest assured that you will be fully supported throughout your learning journey with us.  You will be able to learn at your own pace as we have specifically designed the Life Coaching course to give you flexibility to fit your studies around your daily life.

Throughout the course, you will experience your own profound expansion & growth which will improve your own confidence in applying spiritual and therapeutic knowledge and skills. You will be able to develop your intuitive and healing abilities in order to empower you to deal with different people and issues. It will reward your efforts to work as a Life-Coach within this exciting field and will provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to apply in any niche, whether personal or business.

Upon completion of the Certification course, you will be qualified as a professional Soul Awakening Master Practitioner.  This will allow you to successfully coach others and guide them to implement and achieve positive changes in order to reach their maximum potential in their own lives whilst at the same time giving you a fulfilling and viable career.

… we are delighted to invite you to take your first step in this exciting journey to attaining the Soul Awakening Master Practitioner Diploma by the Soul Awakening Academy.

This Life coaching course is different from any other you will ever come across. It is the course for you to explore your full potential.

You will become an effective Life coach with the right tools to help your clients become clear of their needs, wants and desires in life. This is the course to provide you with the right knowledge and skills to become a more successful Life coach.

Unlike similar sounding Life Coaching courses, this course teaches you above & beyond the traditional coaching techniques such as how to achieve SMART goals as well as incorporating the GROW model; all of which will allow you to grow both personally as well as becoming an effective Life Coach for your clients.

If you think you have the gifts to become a Life coach, put them to better use with this course. Are you naturally compassionate, always ready to give a sympathetic ear, have a healing touch?. If these characteristics describe you, then you have the potential to become a successful Life coach.



This course is aimed at developing these gifts. You will be guided by an experienced coach in this journey of self-discovery. Each module in this course has a physical, mental and spiritual healing aspect.

This course teaches coaching from a person-centred &  traditional perspective that has scientific and researched approaches. It is a course that touches on deeper issues for anyone with a motivation for counselling, psychotherapy, and healing. It will help you improve the capacity to integrate coaching in listening, talking, and therapy interventions with different clients.

In this course, you will experience personal expansion which will improve your confidence in applying your knowledge and skills.

This course will empower you to deal with different people and issues. It will reward your efforts to work as a Life coach with growth and expansion in this exciting field of work.

This course provides you with the necessary tools and techniques to apply in any niche whether personal or business. You will be able to successfully coach other people and guide them to achieving their potential in life.

This is the course that will help you become a highly effective coach with the ability to make a positive and lasting change in your life and those around you.




So, if you’re looking to:-

  • Develop life-changing skills to teach your clients how to define and achieve their life goals.
  • Connect with clients quickly identifying the REAL WHY. Why are they looking for help?
  • Learn Spiritual Coaching techniques which  allows you to REALLY understand them, speak their language and bond with them.
  • Empower a coaching relationship.
  • Define values and beliefs.
  • Use SMART goals and how to apply them for better success.
  • Learn how to build rapport in communication and become a better communicator.
  • Go on a journey of self- discovery.
  • Have a career as a successful Soul Awakening Life Coach.
  • Equip yourself with the tools and essentials you need a Life coach.



What is the course?

  • Spiritual based coaching & energy healing
  • Getting clarity on your life goals.
  • Rewriting limiting beliefs.
  • Changing your life regardless of the circumstances.
  • Succeeding at whatever you try.
  • Thriving instead of surviving.

Take this quick quiz to determine if this course is right for you:

Answer yes to all that apply:-

  • You are interested in people’s lives and how to help them improve.
  • People usually come to you for advice.
  • You are compassionate.
  • You want others to achieve their full potential.
  • You want to become a successful Life Coach.



Once you have completed the course you will have all the tools you need to get started as a SOUL AWAKENING PRACTITIONER using Energy Psychology & Spiritual Coaching techniques. These include:

An array of advanced Life & Spiritual Coaching skills.

Quantum energy scan workbook & Intuitive E.F.T techniques.

A Chakra Assessment form to use with clients pre-treatment so you can assess which chakras are out of balance.

A client intake form consisting of an in-depth assessment of the client’s case history and experiences throughout their formative years of the chakra cycle starting at the Root or First Chakra up to their Crown or Seventh Chakra.

A Soul Awakening Coaching Client Workbook to help you guide your client through a series of breakthrough coaching questions and exercises working on each Chakra individually.

A Soul Awakening exercise book that your clients can use for self-reflection in between your sessions, meaning they can work on their healing in a consistent and easy way.

A Positive Belief Statements/Affirmations PDF that you can send to your client as a reminder to keep going with their daily practice of healing.

On completion of this course you may purchase the products of the Soul Awakening Method to use on a yearly licensing fee basis.

You may also take part in train the trainer to facilitate the running of your own Soul Alignment Foundation workshops. See below for more information.



Once you sign up you will be sent some pre-reading which you get you familiar with coaching and its principles so in class our time can be spent we getting stuck right into all the practical applications of Life-Coaching.

Before each class based module, you will be sent pre-reading in the form of a pdf.

You will be supported throughout your course, as you learn this new paradigm of healing and coaching. You’ll experience the benefits of transformative coaching & energy healing as you work your way through the Soul Alignment exercise book with your partner.

You’ll be paired up to coach each other and put into practice all the elements of the course.





  • An Introduction to Life Coaching
  • An Introduction to being a Life Coach
  • How Life Coaching started – a snap-shot into its history
  • What are the differences between Counselling/Coaching/Mentoring
  • What Coaching achieves
  • Why is Coaching so effective
  • What Coaching achieves
  • Why Coaching is the fastest growing industry
  • The role of a Life-Coach
  • The Coaching process



  • The  Client/Coach Relationship
  • What makes a good Client/Coach relationship
  • Building rapport with your client
  • Absolute No-No’s in Coaching
  • What signs indicate good/bad rapprt
  • Sensory acuity – watching for the physiological changes
  • Matching & mirroring skills
  • Listening skills & effective questioning
  • Techniques for co-creating the Coaching relationship
  • Person-centered approach in psychology – Carl Jung




  • How we create our reality
  • Reprogramming your mind
  • Successful outcomes using NLP
  • Reprogramming the brain
  • Mindset
  • Carol Dweck & Mindset principles
  • The Mindset Survey
  • Positive Psychology



    • GROW & SMART Coaching Techniques
    • Going beyond GROW & SMART
    • Breakthrough Questions
    • The Wheel of Life technique
    • Understanding the emotional drivers behind our goals
    • The brain & nervous system
    • Guided Visualisation Technique

    You can decide to end the course here and qualify as an accredited Life-Coach practitioner or you can continue onto the second phase – spiritual coaching.




  • Creating Internal Peace
  • Gratitude
  • Behavioral Change Work
  • Best Mood/Wood Mood Exercise
  • How Your Personality is Formed
  • Mallow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Barrett Values Model



    • The World As a Mirror
    • Owning Our Rejected Selves
    • Finding The Gift Within
    • Forgiveness
    • Compassion
    • Love
    • Understanding The Inner-Critic
    • Stress Related Growth
    • How Your Personality is Formed
    • Subpersonalties
    • The Many Different Selves
    • Subpersonality Process




  • Understanding our chakras
  • The Science of chakras
  • Understanding the Aura
  • Understanding energy
  • How to work with chakras & energy
  • Stages of psychological development
  • Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy
  • Reflective exercise journal


  • Soul Awakening Coaching Workbook
  • Soul Awakening Chakra sssesment
  • Soul Awakening client intake form
  • Soul Awakening case study
  • Soul Awakening reflection journal
  • Soul Awakening personalised plan



    • Soul Transformation Technique
    • Spiritual E.F.T
    • Understanding Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Intuitive Energy Reading
    • Understanding Quantum energy


  • 3 Case Studies using the Soul Transformation Technique
  • Soul Transformation Workbook
  • Soul Transformation Energy Cards
  • Soul Transformation Affirmations




An exciting opportunity to become a Soul Awakening Facilitator. Take our facilitator training class and start to run your own workshops immediately.

Being an Soul Awakening Facilitator is one of the most valuable aspects of the Soul Awakening Method. Soul Alignment & Soul Transformation are two of the most life changing processes the Soul Awakening Academy has to offer and is the foundation of the Soul Awakening Method.

  • Facilitate introductory talks on Soul Alignment Coaching & the Soul Transformation Technique.
  • Teach the full Soul Alignment Foundations Workshop and/or the Soul Transformation Technique
  • To qualify to become a facilitator in either of the two modalities you must be trained in Coaching and/or Soul Alignment or the Soul Transformation Technique with the Soul Awakening Academy.
  • License Fees Apply




    • Code of Ethics
    • Insurance
    • Certification
    • Standards of Practice
    • Licensing of the Soul Awakening Method products & brand
This course is geared to helping you become a professional life coach with the right knowledge and skills to help your clients implement positive change in their lives. This is a course that will not only change your life for the better but also become a viable career to empower you make a viable income from doing something positive in other people’s lives.


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