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How the soul Awakening Academy can accelerate your spiritual awakening/your spiritual gifts/spiritual practise

‘I truly believe that there’s no greater journey in life than discovering your true potential and becoming the person you were always meant to be, but we can so easily get bogged down in learned behaviours and thought patterns that hold us back.  Your soul has a destiny and you are ready to begin this journey that will bring you boundless happiness, real inner peace and the ability to reach that potential in others. Whether you’re already a spiritual or holistic healer, or you are just starting out, I can help you begin a healing and soul-nourishing practice that will last a lifetime.’ Anne-Marie owner of Soul Awakening Academy.

Embracing those who want to lead a different life

Here at the SOUL AWAKENING ACADEMY, we embrace those who want to lead a different life.  We embrace those that want find their purpose, passion and meaning and to be of service to others whilst still living an abundant life. If you feel you have reached a point in your life or career where you feel a need to fulfil that part of you that craves to tap into your spiritual gifts and healing abilities. Then the SAA might be the ideal place for you for enhance your healing abilities by training as a Soul Awakening Spiritual Life Coach or Soul Awakening Energy Healer and create a business & brand through the power of your healing journey. With a unique style of training, Anne-Marie offers you a chance to learn about the latest developments in healing & transformational coaching. Taking her extensive knowledge and skills from the field of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Bio-Medicine & Acupuncture you will be able to learn from personal experience of working with clients using these modalities and also experience the uniqueness of Anne-Marie’s style of healing & coaching.


How can the Soul Awakening Method Training Help You?

We all have if we chose the ability to develop our sixth sense, intuition and healing abilities. Quantum Physics tells us that everything is energy in one form or another either as a wave or a particle. We are all electrically charged beings that emit an electromagnetic field as does every other living thing and person on the planet. Our field is affected by our thoughts, feelings and emotions and the environment. You can raise your energy field by learning about your Chakra system, Auric field, Quantum Physics & energy healing. You can learn how to tap into the unified field of consciousness that underlies every last thing in the universe and connects everything from the Microscopic (the smallest thing in nature)to the Macroscopic (the largest thing in the cosmos) this is something old age Newtonian Physics could not explain before the New Age of enlightenment and Quantum Physics. Everything is evolving, technology, consciousness and YOU.

Is it time for you to stretch yourself and release your full potential.



The SOUL AWAKENING METHOD™ combines Mind, Body & Soul training and is based on the idea that our physical bodies are energetic projections of our emotional self which is an accumulation of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs & social conditioning. When we suffer illnesses, depression, anxiety or feel lost in life it is because our physical manifestations, our relationships, job, finances, happiness & health etc have come into conflict with our pure spiritual state. In essence, we feel in conflict or out of balance in life when we out of alignment with our higher-self. The objective of this evolutionary healing is to bring the body’s energy back into harmony with the physical body.


The theoretical foundation for the SOUL AWAKENING METHOD™ draws from traditional Indian medicine (Ayurvedic) as well as from quantum mechanics in modern physics.  Einstein’s E=MC2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared), lends itself to mean that the physical world is also an energy field projected as a hologram that is subject to manipulation.

Our work incorporates documented evidence from scientists, renowned in the new field of quantum physics and quantum mechanics.  These scientists state that we have the ability to change our lives simply by changing our attitude to any perceived obstacle.  Studies in this field indicate there is a consistent connection between the mind and physical matter, lending further evidence that our minds can alter any situation.


SOUL AWAKENING METHOD™ believes that humans are three-dimensional beings in an infinite energetic universe.  We receive information from the “energy field or matrix” which determines the configuration of our three-dimensional lives.  Altering the energy filed by adjusting energetic frequencies & E-motions in the body that may have emanated from childhood or from somewhere in the past, thus changes a person’s reality and harmonises it in order to provide that person’s optimum holographic health & happiness.


SOUL AWAKENING METHOD™ is a system for bringing the mind and body into balance, thus reducing the risk of disease or trauma, both physical and emotional, caused by an imbalance.

“When an individual experiences trauma, energetic blocks are created in the body-mind-spirit system,” says Mary Schneider, founder of the Holographic Repatterning Institute in Austin, Texas.  “These blocks prevent life energy from flowing freely through the system, resulting in disease in all aspects of life.  Holographic Echo Healing™ removes these blocks and allows the life energy to flow freely.”

If you are new to this concept or are a therapist, medium or Reiki healer and would like to learn more in-depth and innovative ways of helping yourself or others, then this one day course will give you great insight into the next generation of healing techniques.


This is a unique therapy which really does delve deep into your chakras, aura & emotional field.

  • Changes the E-motional conditioning and how this may be affecting you today.
  • Changes Karmic lessons so you can take the learning and step into the Dharma, higher learning.
  • Reveals our life purpose at a Soul level. Maybe you are designed to be a teacher, leader, speaker, inspirer or fixer.

It will explain certain life themes that you might have experienced, for example why you keep attracting and repeating certain challenging experiences or why you feel a calling to a certain professional path. It looks at your unconscious negative core beliefs and includes a tailor-made solution therapy to help you overcome your current issue and move you forward in life.


 This is Anne-Marie’s unique blend of healing which combines the very best of her coaching skills, energy healing and spiritual alchemy. This precise system is a vеrу practical yet deeply profound way of idеntifуing аnd сlеаring iѕѕuеѕ or сhаllеngеѕ that come our wау.

  • You may find that your prоѕреritу inсrеаѕеѕ, your rеlаtiоnѕhiрѕ bесоmе еmроwеrеd and your direction in life becomes clearer.
  • You gain insight into how others see you in the world and how you interact in relationships, family dynamics or the workplace.
  • Knowing your subconscious functioning will help you see what you are emanating out to the world and ultimately what you are attracting.
  • It will help you breakthrough the challenges so you can gracefully embody the gifts latent within them.

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