Spiritual Life Coach Diploma

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Become a fully accredited, professional life coach in 6 months with the skills tot start your own business.

Start a New purposeful coaching Career today!

Embark on a transformative journey unlike any other with our unique Spiritual Life Coaching Course. This isn’t just another coaching program; it’s a gateway to your personal and professional metamorphosis.

Our course transcends conventional coaching methods, introducing you to advanced techniques such as Spiritual Coaching techniquesChakrasSMART goals and the GROW model, designed not only for your growth but also to elevate your skills as a life coach.

As you progress, you’ll adopt the positive mindset that defines every accomplished life coach. Master the art of building rapport and hone your communication skills to new heights. Gain clarity on the essence of coaching and its distinctiveness from other modalities.

Discover why coaching’s effectiveness makes it one of the fastest-growing professions today. Learn to transform every conversation into a powerful, life-changing interaction using targeted questioning and active listening.

You Will:

  • Learn my proven method of Spiritual Transformational Life Coaching
  • Learn how to easily reach the core of your clients’ issues
  • Learn how to use your skills and start a new career
  • Learn my complete Tool Box of Coaching and help your clients discover their Values, Strengths, Inner-Critic & Limiting Beliefs
  • Have your clients rave about you time & time again to their friends and family as the ‘Go To’ Coach

Welcome to our transformative Spiritual Life Coach Diploma, a self-paced online course designed for those ready to guide and inspire others.

Introducing Our Spiritual Life Coach

If you have a natural ability to motivate and encourage others or feel ready to learn this skill? Becoming an accredited spiritual empowerment life coach may be your perfect career!

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IPHM Accredited Courses
We recommend Westminster Global, who are specialists in providing insurance for distance and online courses. You’ll also receive a discount for being one of our students if you follow this link!

EVERYTHING You Need To Be A gifted Spiritual Life Coach

Discover the power of life coaching with our online Diploma Course, designed for flexible, self-paced learning. Ideal for aspiring life coaches or those seeking personal growth, this course offers an immersive experience with no deadlines or exams.
Accreditation: Upon completion, receive a professional certificate from the Soul Awakening Academy, accredited by the IPHM. This certification paves the way for a reputable coaching practice, enhancing your ability to attract and guide clients.
Community and Support: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, all on a journey to enlighten others with their coaching skills. Benefit from the support and shared wisdom of this engaging network as you embark on your transformative path.
Completing this training empowers you to:

  • Experience significant growth in your personal and professional life.
  • Transform limiting beliefs into a positive, success-driven mindset.
  • Overcome self-sabotage and embrace your true worth and potential.
  • Gain essential tools and knowledge to start a successful career in Life Coaching.
  • Fulfill your calling with a purposeful, inspiring, and empowering coaching journey.
  • spiritual coaching courses
    spiritual coaching courses

    Join us and transform your passion for helping others into a fulfilling, spiritually-aligned coaching career. Certified in 3-6 Months

    Start your journey towards self-discovery and personal transformation with this Spiritual Life Coach Training Course!
    With our Spiritual Life Coach Practitioner Course, you’ll:

  • Learn how to become a powerful coach will the ability to transform lives.
  • Discover your life purpose and gain clarity over your aspirations.
  • Achieve personal growth and development.
  • Feel inspired, motivated and intuitive so that you can create the life & career you love.
  • Flexible Learning: Learn at your own pace without the pressure of deadlines or exams.
  • If you’re ready to make a real difference in the world, then this training is for you.

    Unlock your full potential with spiritual empowerment life coach training today.

    Why You Will Love This Course:


    Empowerment Coaching

    Transform your own life while at the same time learn practical steps and knowledge to become a powerful and successful Spiritual Life Coach.



    Here, you can support each other, be a part of a community of like minded visionary coaches, and I will answer your questions related to the course!  


    Lifetime Access

    The course modules and all materials are available online so you can access and study them at a time that’s convenient to you.

    Discover The Curriculum Inside The Course

    Getting Started

    Read More


    • Learn more about the Soul Awakening Academy
    • Understand how to empower others along their path pof self-discovery
    • Understand the definition of spiriuality and how it differs from traditional coaching, while discovering a number of effective techniques

    Energy Management

    Read More
    • Understand Emotions and the affect on the nervous system for self-regulation
    • Understand the Energy Frequency Scale and how to raise your vibration for pure manifestion & bliss
    • Understand Energy Management and how to cope in any situation

    Life Coach Mastery

    Read More
    • Understand what Coaching is and how Coaching works
    • Learn why Coaching is the fastest-growing industry and the differences between Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring
    • Learn the Coaching Leaders and why we follow the Person-Centered approach
    • Understand 12-Key Sills to Life Coaching and how to use them

    Spiritual Practices

    Read More
    • Understand Intuition & Karma
    • Introduction to Reiki & Self-Care
    • Understand Energy Healing
    • Understand Aromatherapy
    • Understand Spiritual Alignment & Guidance Auras
    • Learn more about the importance of Rituals
    • Understand Moon Cycles & Numerology
    • Understand Manifestation & Meditation
    • Understand Angels & Guides

    Strengths, Values & Limiting Beliefs


    Read More
    • Learn how Beliefs are formed in childhood so you change your mindset towards positve growth
    • Understand Values and how to use them in Coaching
    • Discover your own core Values
    • Understand Strengths and how to use them in Coaching
    • Discover your own core Strengths

    Coaching Tools for Transformation


    Read More
    • Learn the GROW & SMART Model
    • Learn the Wheel of Life Model and hwo to use this with clients
    • Understand why goal setting is important and how to set realistic, achievable goals
    • Learn how to coach your first session and help your clients achieve success

    Purpose & Meaning

    Read More
    • Understand the definition of spirituality and the differences between Spiritual coaching versus Traditional Coaching
    • Learn what is Spiritual Coaching is and the benefits and why people seek a spiritual coach
    • Understand the Law of Attraction
    • Understand Purpose & Meaning
    • Understand Thoughts & Life Scripts

    Inner Child Work

    Read More


    • Who is your Inner Child
    • Who is your Adult Self
    • How to discern my Inner Child from my Adult Self
    • Triggers and how to work with them
    • Taking an inner journey
    • Working in the past, present & here and now

    Chakras & Healing

    Read More
    • Introduction to Chakras
    • The Importance of Our Chakras
    • The 7 Chakras
    • Chakra Healing

    Chakra Coaching

    Read More
    • Learn Root Chakra Coaching & Affirmations
    • Learn Sacral Chakra Coaching & Affirmations
    • Learn Solar Plexus Chakra Coaching & Affirmations
    • Learn Heart Chakra Coaching & Affirmations
    • Learn Throat Chakra Coaching & Affirmations
    • Learn Third-eye Chakra Coaching & Affirmations
    • Learn Crown Chakra Coaching & Affirmations

    Becoming a Practitioner

    Read More
    • Everything you need to become a successful Practitioner
    • The Client/Coach relationship
    • Empowering the client
    • Clarifying your terms and conditions
    • Soul Awakening Academy Code of Ethics
    • Discover your niche
    • Where to practise and getting known
    • Covid & the new procedures

    Business Module

    Read More
    • Graduation
    • Accreditation
    • Business Start up packages

    On completion of the course, you will receive a certification from Soul Awakening Academy stating you have successfully completed an IPHM Accredited Training Course and in addition to this you may apply for your professional insurance through our partnered insurers Westminster Global and receive a complementary discount.

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    About Soul Awakening Academy®

    Start your journey today!

    Anne-Marie has been delivering Life Coach training internationally in person and online for many years. She has created and delivered a highly successful and sought after Transformational Life Coach course which has been accredited at Level 4 with the IAPC&M.
    Anne-Marie has delivered City & Guilds training at North West Cheshire College to the ‘Hard to Reach’ in confidence building, self-esteem & resilience with incredible results.
    Anne-Marie knows what it takes to deliver high quality engaging training courses and she is passionate about helping transform lives through the power of life coaching.


    How many hours do I need to commit?

    The beauty of studying with The Soul Awakening Academy®, is that the course you choose can be done entirely in your own time and to fit within your schedule. Obviously, the more time you are able to commit to the programme, the quicker you will be able to get your business off the ground, but everyone has different schedules.  On average students take approximately 3 – 6 months to complete their certification.

    Will I need to complete an assessment?

    If you want to become a certified coach and receive a certification for your coaching then, YES, you will need to complete the reflective assignments and any mini quizzes along the way.  It isn’t something to worry about, as you will have lots of support throughout the programme to help you feel confident with the process. You also get the opportunity to connect with other students in need of a practice buddy.

    What if I fall behind?

    Whilst a big part of the programme is to keep you accountable and minimise procrastination, we totally understand that life sometimes gets in the way. You get lifetime access to all of the materials, meaning you can work though everything at your own individual pace. There is no deadline for completion of your assessment and you have 2 years from the start of your journey to complete the course. Should you need an extension for personal reasons we can accommodate this for you.

    How soon can I work with paid for clients?

    We believe the best way to build your confidence as a coach is to COACH, so we want to get you working with paying clients as soon as possible. As you are training to coach and still developing your skills, you may decide to offer smaller/one-off sessions to your audience. This is something we can help you put together. Many of our students feel confident to offer this in as little as one month into their coach training.  But, it’s entirely up to you and what you feel ready for! .

    Will I get to practice my coaching?

    YES! One of the most important parts of your coaching journey is practising your coaching skills! We partner you up with our other students so that you not only get to practice your coaching sessions, but also get to be a practice client for someone else.

    Can I join The Soul Awakening Academy® if I'm not based in the UK?

    YES! Whilst Anne-Marie is based in the UK, we are an international company and our coach certification is internationally recognised! Our clients and students join us from all over the world.

    Will I receive a certificate to certify me as a coach?

    YES! When you have completed your course you will receive a certificate, Spiritual Empowerment Life Coach from Soul Awakening Academy®

    Is the course accredited?

    YES! The Spiritual Empowerment Life Coach Certification is accredited by the IPHM, (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Soul Awakening Academy.

    We are now partnered with Westminster Insurance meaning you can obtain insurance to practice immediately!

    Do I need to have worked with my own coach first? What if I need to do work on my own mindset?

    The amazing thing about The Soul Awakening Academy® is that as you learn how to coach others, you will also be working through your own fears/doubts/limiting beliefs and receive a tonne of mindset support for YOU along the way. You will also have the opportunity to be coached by one of the other members of The Soul Awakening Academy® so you have the experience of working with a coach as well as becoming one. Plus, there’s a supportive Facebook community where you can seek support at any time.

    Will I have support if I need 1:1 help?

    YES!  There is plenty of opportunity for you to get personal support via the Facebook group or via email support.

    When can I start?

    As soon as you sign up! Once payment has been made you will receive your welcome materials and week one content, plus access to the Facebook group and details for the live coaching sessions.

    How long is the course?

    The Spiritual Empowerment Life Coaching Course will take you approximately 3 – 6 months to complete.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Whilst we are SURE you will LOVE The Soul Awakening Academy®, if you join and feel it is not the right fit for you, then simply let us know within 14 days of joining and we will gladly refund you the full amount, provided you have not yet started the course modules.

    If you have started the modules then you will not be eligible for a refund.

    Still not sure?

    Feel free to email your questions to [email protected] to find out if this life-changing course is right for you.

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