For each of us, there are four pillars in life which act as a table to uphold, uplift, and support our lives. If one of these pillars is damaged or weakened, it can then create an imbalance that will weaken the integrity of the entire “table.” This is not unlike the energy of the first four chakras that work to support our flow of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

Like all things in life, there must be a balance. And the four pillars of life must reflect that balance to create harmony, flow, and lasting well-being.

The function of our chakra is affected by our life experiences, and the input and output of energy in each chakra will determine how we live our lives. If the energy function is underdeveloped due to one or more negative experiences, the chakra may be negatively affected as well.

Take, for example, the first chakra which governs the energy of meeting survival needs. If this chakra was poorly-developed, we would carry that energy up to the second chakra which manages our relationship with others.

The first chakra, called the Root or Base Chakra, may develop inadequately due to rejection, despondency, lack of food, shelter, money, and safety. If left unchecked, the consequences may resurface in our second chakra, the Sacral Chakra which governs our relationships with others and our sense of belonging and comfort.

For each chakra, the development of the previous level affects the one to come after it. And in the example above, the malfunctioning energy of the Root Chakra will influence how we relate to others, ultimately affecting our relationships, level of intimacy, our boundaries, and so much more.

You are only as strong as your weakest pillar, which is why the Soul Awakening Method is so important to chakral balance. How you live your life is dependent upon the experience, beliefs, and values held in each one.

The chakra system is one that develops in stages, and during the Spritual Coaching course, we will work with the energy found in each one. That includes the energy of your base chakra, your physical self, sense of belonging and foudnations, the sacral chakra which governs your emotions and inner child, your solar plexus chakra which governs your self worth and confidence and your heart chakra which holds the key to your transformation. This also includes your spiritual self and your overall enlightenment.

With the Soul Awakening Method (or SAM for short), you can clear any blockages found in your lower three chakras and create a clear energy channel to bridge to your heart chakra and your higher-self.

The Four Pillars of Life

Think of your chakras as being the four pillars of your life. Each chakra represents various themes that are fundamental to us all. No matter what our life experiences are, we all will strive to accomplish the following:

First Pillar – Root Chakra – Physical Self – Foundations -Goals – Security Needs

Second Pillar – Sacral Chakra – Emotional Self – Inner-child, Creativity, Relationships, Belonging, Intimacy, Self-worth & Value of Self

Third Pillar – Solar Plexus Chakra – Mental Self – Purpose, Drive, Identity, Success, Self-esteem, Confidence

Fourth Pillar – Heart Chakra – Spiritual Self – Unconditional Love, Higher-self Connection, Gratitude, Compassion, Self-love

The Four Pillars of Wellbeing

When evaluating a response you have to a current issue, consider all of the following:

Physical – How does your body respond to the current issues/problem/challenge?

Emotional – How do you respond emotionally, and how does this make you feel?

Mental – What happens to the way you think (your thoughts and beliefs)?

Spiritual – What happens to your inner light? How do you disconnect to yourself, to others, and to your goals?

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