Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy – The path to personal truth.

In the following four modules, we will work on the first four chakras, root chakra to heart chakra. Here you become the client. You will complete the course materials and listen to the meditations just as a client will when coming to you for sessions. This will give you the experience from a client’s perspective. As we continue through the remaining three chakras in the certification module, we will cover the throat chakra to crown chakra. Here you will work with a volunteer such as another student, a family member, a friend etc whereby you become the coach. This will be submitted as your case study.

In this module you will find: 

  • A video tutorial
  • A written pdf
  • A meditation
  • A workbook
  • An activity
  • A quiz


Module objectives. By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the root chakra.
  • Use meditation to balance the chakra energy.
  • Understand the root chakra activities.
  • Understand how it feels to go through the root chakra workbook.


Download your pdf in the materials section.



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