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The Soul Awakening Method®

A Transformational Journey Through The Chakras To Awaken Your Soul & Transform Your Future.


It is through the strength of your spirit, you heal.


Align To Your Destiny

A seven step guided coaching & healing journey to transform the way you think & feel at a psychological, spiritual & subconscious level.

Whether you train to become a Certified Soul Awakening Coach using the Soul Awakening Method or experience the Method for an inner-personal transformation, you will be equipped  with empowering tools, meditation techniques and self-inquiry exercises designed to help you let go of the past & create the life you want to live.

This coaching therapy helps you:

Take control of your life

Open your heart to love

Become Your True-self

Forgive & Release the Past

Unlock the power of your chakras

Discover your purpose

Break Free From Past Conditioning

Balance Your Emotions

Why it’s important to heal your past.


As many people are so aware, until we are able to heal our past, the lasting and far-reaching effects it can have over our lives can see us experiencing a range of negative emotions such as unhealed trauma, negative childhood experiences, loss, separation, shame, abandonment & rejection that suppress us and severely limits us in achieving our true potential.

This learned negative belief system that we build as a result of negative experiences, becomes deeply ingrained in our subconscious brain and not only affects how we interact with others, but also negatively impacts upon how people react to us.

An example of this would be if you had repeatedly been told that you were lazy as a young child. Despite being a hard-working adult, you keep overworking and trying to prove yourself to others in case they too think you are lazy. This can have a massive negative impact on your relationships with family and friends as they must take a ‘back seat’ to your work. Your subconscious believes that you are still the child being told you are lazy, despite you now being a successful adult.

How Does Any of This Affect Our Chakras?

The chakras are the windows to your soul. They are the interface between the spiritual & physical aspects of self. Each of the seven chakras contain within them the memories of our past experiences. During our life we may encounter negative, painful or traumatic experiences which disturb our vital energy and unbalance our chakras, causing us to feel out of alignment in our life & relationships. This is because unhealed memories, or negative energy, can influence the way in which we lead our lives. Instead of being in flow, receptive, intuitive & abundant we feel the opposite. In lack, closed off, lacking direction and feeling unfulfilled. If, for example, as a child we had a parent who was angry, stressed, busy or absent even unintentionally, as they were always working trying to make ends meet or they were parenting through their own unheald trauma, this can cause an imbalance in the Root Chakra which oversees our sense of safety, security and our sense of belonging; to become blocked or imbalanced.

As an adult, we may lead a life whereby we are ‘working too hard, focusing on creating a safe, secure environement for ourselves’ which means we are unable to create or maintain a loving relationship; and it can be incredibly difficult to stop behaving this way.  This is because our long held memories stored in our subconscious mind are trying to heal our early experience of lack of safety, security and belonging needs. Subconsciously, our mind is telling us that we are ‘not safe without these needs being met’ and the negative beliefs we hold around this just makes us work all the harder, despite us knowing that we are not living the way we would wish.

If you identify with any of the above, first know that you are not alone.

Most people are stuck in their negative past.
The difference is that you are ready to take control and recreate the life you deserve.

The Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy Coaching Programme looks at your unconscious negative core beliefs and includes a tailor-made solution therapy to help you get a clear vision of your best future, helps you overcome your current issues & blocks and moves you forward in life towards your life’s purpose. You will be given strategies for life such as visualisation, meditation, chakra cleansing & energy balancing techniques.


The Soul Awakening Method’s – Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy Programme will give you tools for life to change your life.

Certified Training

FREE group

Change Your Life

Buy the Book

Work with me



Step 1 – Take a quantum leap into your best future.

Step 2 – Rewrite your patterns in relationships, money & success.

Step 3 – Embrace your true-worth.

Step 4 – Breakthrough negative thought patterns & open your heart to true-love.

Step 5 – Align your life with creative action and behaviours.

Step 6 – Unlock your intuition and inner-knowing.

Step 7 – Discover your soul purpose & live it.

I call it ‘Alchemy for the Soul’

It is possible to transmute negative emotions into a spiritual strength.  If you are called to take this programme you are awakening within and you are ready to move into a new stage of evolution.

Research by the famous Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, upon which the Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy model is based, called it “self-actualisation” and later “self-transcendence.”

And it makes sense.

We all have a desire to grow and evolve to become self-actualised, meaning you are free to pursue your own destiny and live the life you truly deserve.



Feedback From Our Students

“One of the best decisions I have made”

“Anne Marie is an amazing coach and teacher. Undertaking her Spiritual Life Coaching course was one of the best decisions I have made. Her Soul Awakening Academy is amazing. Anne Marie is spiritual, but also real, down to earth, friendly and a gorgeous soul. I  look forward to working with her in the future. I would urge you to work with Anne Marie.”

Jennifer, Holistic Life-Coach

“Take your business to the next level!”

” I highly recommend Anne- Marie’s soul awakening academy. I have learnt so much and I have been able to really figure out my passion and understand where I want to take my healing and coaching business. Anne-Marie is one of the most humble, kind and knowledgeable teachers I have ever come across and I’m excited to continue to learn more from her. ”

Saffron, Company OwnerReiki Bliss

“I now have all of the tools and techniques I need”

“This takes coaching to the next level. Now I have the tools to identify what needs working on I can see myself incorporating this with my coaching practice as I think they both work nicely together. I like the connection between coaching & energy healing. Loved the last exercise we did with the cards the Soul Transformation Technique & E.F.T .”

Jade, Holistic Life-Coach

Soul Awakening Academy Ltd
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Bex Walker
Bex Walker
06:58 25 Apr 20
I had a Life Purpose reading with Anne-Marie and I was blown away by how accurate she was. It was as if she had been... there in my childhood, she picked up things I had forgotten, it made me come back to my true essence. Recently, I have diluted myself and given my power away, this reading reminded me of why I am here on this journey. I had to listen to it over again and picked up on different things. It will be good to remind myself over the coming months to keep me on track. What a truly wonderful gift you have Anne-Marie. I strongly recommend to anyone who feels they have lost their way this is such a helpful tool. Thank you so much for lighting the way for me 💖💖💖read more
Paul McDonnell
Paul McDonnell
12:49 22 Apr 20
I would highly recommend Anne-Marie and her services. I have known her for a few years now and she has always helped... me when I needed it most. She highlighted issues from the past with her Quantum Healing that I was unaware of and gave me a tapping technique to help heal them. Thank you for your help and support more
Pippa Simmonds
Pippa Simmonds
12:38 22 Apr 20
Had an Amazing🌈 Quantum Healing session 🌟 with Ann-Marie. She highlighted all areas in my life past and present... that were relevant and gave me a tapping technique which was extremely powerful to clear blocked energy that was holding me back in my life❤ She is a loving, kind and caring person who helped me in my time of need. Highly recommended 🌟🤗read more
TheBroughty .
TheBroughty .
17:53 16 Mar 20
I have just completed the four day Quantum Holographic Echo Healing Practitioner course and i didnt want it to end.... Anne-marie is an amazing teacher with a wonderful energy. Anne-marie has a wealth of knowledge and makes learning fun. This course teaches you powerful tools to help remove subconscious blocks and align you to your highest potential. Cant wait to share this with my clients. Cant recommended this course enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Maureen Gildea
Maureen Gildea
15:25 07 Mar 20
It was such am absolute pleasure working with Anne Marie today and sharing a profound healing session with her. She is... such a beautiful soul and has an amazing energy. Everything she said resonated with me totally and we were able to work through some longstanding issues. Thank you xread more
Naomi Bateren
Naomi Bateren
18:28 16 Feb 20
I joined Anne-Marie on the 7 steps to spiritual alchemy course and it was incredible! As a psychotherapist with a lot... of experience of personal therapy, this method shifted my perspective and dug deeper in some areas than any previous work had done. The combination of meditations, Anne-Marie’s intuitive insight and the pre-session workbooks helped shed light and open my eyes to generational traumas and long held damaging beliefs. Working with Anne-Marie was a treat, she was so down to earth whilst having a multi-dimensional awareness. I had my cynicism’s and my own belief system, which were honoured, respected and worked with. Even working remotely over Zoom I felt contained, heard and safe. I would highly recommend working in this way with Anne-Marie - life changing!read more
Jennifer Hedderick
Jennifer Hedderick
13:08 07 Oct 19
I recently attended The Soul Awakening Academy "Business Ascension Workshop" led by Anne Marie & businesswoman Cheryl... White. The day was so inspiring & motivating. It was a unique soul based approach to Business Planning. After training with Anne Marie last year to become a Spiritual Life Coach, I am enjoying continuing to work with her to actually build & establish my business. We spent the morning exploring 12 Core Archetypes & Anne Marie used Numerology to interpret our Personal Year & the meaning attributed to our birth name. These findings were then linked to Cheryl's afternoon session which talked us through Business Planning. As always, Anne Marie created a safe, supportive environment where the group could share business ideas & approaches. I left buzzing with lots of ideas & calls to action. I absolutely love this heart centred approach to building a spritual business. The combination of the spiritual, practical & logical approaches really resonate with me & I'm really excited to see how Anne Marie expands on these ideas to support her students even further. I always come back to Anne Marie because she genuinely cares about her students & gives so much of herself to help others on their spiritual & business journey. I am so grateful for an amazing day. Thank you 🙏read more
Angela Stevenson
Angela Stevenson
13:27 28 Sep 19
Today I had a session with Anne-Marie and I didn’t know what to expect. Oh my word! This woman is so spot on with... what was blocking me. It was as if everything became clearer in 30 minutes! She described me accurately without me uttering a word. The best thing is that she showed me how to cleanse myself which gave me the strangest yet positive feeling ever. Also how to deal with situations in the office that wasn’t spiritually good for me. Whilst doing the exercise, my stomach started to decrease, I wouldn’t have noticed this except my laptop was sliding as my stomach was going in. My gut felt as if I had lost 2 inches from it and the weight off my shoulders lifted! Whilst writing this review, I can honestly say that this session has given me the direction that I’ve needed. Thank you ? Anne-Marie, i is glad our paths have crossed xxread more
Jenni Moss
Jenni Moss
12:05 27 Sep 19
I had Soul Transformation Technique with Anne-Marie yesterday. It was a brilliant treatment and I was amazed how... Anne-Marie tuned into my energy perfectly before and during the treatment. I was particularly impressed by how Anne-Marie used a number of techniques including Angel Cards and a Pendulum to tailor the process and treatment to exactly what I needed. Her insight into exactly what has affected me and what I need to address going forward was amazing. I would highly recommend this treatment to others and I am seriously considering signing up to study with Anne-Marie as a life coach 🙂read more
Janet Mantle
Janet Mantle
18:54 25 Sep 19
Today I had Soul Transformation Technique with Anne-Marie. This was a combination of Angel Cards, Pendulum and Energy... Reading. It requires the facilitator to be intune with the energy of the receiver and the receiver to be open and honest with themselves, so that was me. This technique guides you to any emotional imbalances and even funds the correct energetic solution from a list of treatments Anne Marie offers. My session showed me that I amIn the right direction. My energy and mindset just need a little work which will be facilitated with an energy healing session. Anne-Marie’s expertise is second to none. Highly recommended Sent from my iPhone from Janetread more
Clarissa Strickland
Clarissa Strickland
16:06 23 Sep 19
I trained with Anne-Marie last year to become a Holistic/Spiritual Life Coach. I was recovering from depression myself... at the time and this was exactly the boost I needed to get me back into the land of the living so to speak. Through the course Anne-Marie helped me identify so many aspects of myself and my values,which has helped me ever since and I now use to help my own clients in my business Good Vibrations. I would highly recommend her training. She is approachable, and very empathetic both qualities needed for this type of work. If you are on the fence about doing one of her courses, get signed up now. You will benefit from it so much more than you realise and when you've coached yourself as your first client, you will have skills you just won't find from another coaching training course that you can then use to ultimately help others in the best way possible. Which is what it's all about. Worth every penny and more!! I couldn't recommend enough. This course changed my life.?????read more
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