Communication & Our Biology

It goes without saying that the heart is an extraordinary organ. Not only does it give and receive blood and oxygen to sustain our human body and our physical lives, but it also emits the biggest electromagnetic field (also called a resonance field). This field is 500 x stronger than the brain and produces its own hormones and neurotransmitters.

These distinct biological functions signal hormone production for the rest of the body. Studies conducted by the Heart Math Institute show the effects of the auras of two people engaged in conversation. The study shows that auras, or electromagnetic fields, reach out and merge with each other while in a conversation. What does that mean? It means that not only do we communicate verbally, we also communicate through frequency. This communication can either be harmonious or incoherent. And it all serves a greater purpose in our relationships.


Cells, Balance, and Rejuvenation

Thanks to our cells, we are in non-verbal communication all of the time. They are constantly communicating with each other while performing the necessary functions to keep our bodies in a state of peaceful homeostasis.

Though we are conscious most of the time, we are not in control of many of these functions. We do not verbally instruct our bodies to perform the duties that keep us alive, nor do we “think” these functions into existence. It all just happens automatically. So who is in control? What is keeping us together? And what is pulling strings to make sure we stay alive?

Is there an invisible force that was sparked into action the day we were made? Or is it an invisible force that knew exactly how to create our body so that everything moves fluidly without issue? Clearly, we weren’t made in some haphazard fashion. We aren’t typically born with an ear for a foot or a toe for a nose. However, we are born with something that has created our body to keep us alive and perform the job of 1 billion cells every second while rejuvenating each cell when necessary.

Every so often we have new hair, new skin, or even a new liver. This is because our cells replace themselves every so often. We’re constantly upgrading, reproducing, replacing and maintaining. When we consider all of this, it’s no wonder why we only use 5% of our conscious brain. We need to conserve the rest of our energy for decision making and automatic functions. And should anything not fall in the scope of our present and “awake” thoughts, those duties then fall to subconscious mind.

Part of the duties of the subconscious is to lessen the burden of a fully active mind. As we learn and grow, certain things become automatic with time. Take learning a new skill for example. The first part of learning is a very conscious process as we need to concentrate or focus on the task at hand. Once we have learnt it and we do not need to concentrate as deeply, the newly acquired skill becomes an ingrained pattern that we fulfil almost effortlessly. Certain things like tying our shoelaces, driving a car, brushing our teeth are so ingrained within us that we do them without thinking. And the subconscious acts as yet another invisible force that helps to keep us going.

Hormones, Energies, and Other Systems

In addition to our heart centre, conscious, and subconscious, we also have a system called the endocrine system. The endocrine system works to regulate many of our most vital internal processes. This system is made up of glands (called endocrine glands) that produce chemical messengers called hormones (see above). As we discussed earlier, the hormones help to keep our bodies in balance. The endocrine system, however, is a larger part of the body’s main control system and is located where the chakras or energy centres are located.

Our chakras are energy vortices located at the cross over points of nerve fibres called a plexus. They are located on or in the area of the endocrine gland which makes them highly sensitive to the internal and external environment. As the ancient Chinese and Vedas describe it, it is said that we have an invisible energy system within us called Qi or Prana. This energy system is a vital force that keeps us healthy, balanced, and in tune with our surroundings.

Our chakras, auras, or energy fields as they are sometimes called, span several feet from our bodies and does the nonverbal communication for us. We rely on them to pick up on cues from another person and determine whether or not we agree with their frequencies. When we meet someone new we must determine what we think about them. Are they safe, genuine, and trustworthy? Or does something feel “off” about their presence? Our energies allow us to leave our conscious minds out of this process and rely on other sources for a change. And we might find that most of the time, our energies are right about some people from the very beginning.


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