No matter what you are trying to do, your soul is always waiting for you to get involved and help. There is a huge difference between your soul and your ego.  While your ego is the image of yourself and your social mask, your soul is what defines who you are truly down below all the titles and labels. It is divine, eternal and inherently worthwhile. When you meet with your soul each day, you will have a better life and you will struggle less while taking action. You will feel a greater sense of satisfaction, empowerment, freedom, joy, purpose, passion and inner peace. Meet with your soul and love and accept yourself deeply no matter the situation you find yourself.

Unfortunately, we’re not taught how to meet with the waiting soul over the years and instead we’re being controlled by the worries, fears, and constant chatter of our ego. Since your soul is waiting already, meeting it can take a little patience and you will get to the place of strength and safety within you. Below are some ways to get more in touch with your soul; they will have a deep impact on your wellbeing, happiness, and life:

  1. Spend time in nature – Nature can have a soothing effect on us as it reminds us to slow down, take deep breaths and lastly soak up the present moment. Some of the things you can do is to run on the beach, do stretches by the water, go for a bushwalk, or lay in the grass at the park.
  2. Write a soul journal – This is exactly like writing a traditional diary just that you are going to go deeper. You can write down some questions like “What is preventing me from achieving my dreams?” and “Where am I stuck?” write down those feelings and thoughts of yours in your soul journal.
  3. Take yoga classes – Taking yoga is a beautiful way to meet with your waiting soul and to align your mind with your body. You will surely get a chance to cultivate a lasting sense of inner peace and silence your mind to carry along with you for the rest of the day as you focus your attention on your positioning and breathing.
  4. Meditate – When you take yourself out of the noise of the world and your personal circling thoughts and internal worries, then you have time to meet with your waiting soul. You can meditate for five minutes with a soul-soothing mantra.
  5. Take long walks – This may be simple to do but it may be the best way to clear your mind. While taking a long walk, pay attention to what is around you and appreciate everything through new eyes of awe.
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