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Your Pathway to Facilitating Trauma Healing

Unlock the Secrets to Leading Emotional Healing Circles, Online (or In-Person) Workshops, and Chakra Healing Retreats.

Help your clients shed what’s not serving them, transform their self-limiting stories, and activate their innate potential for profound growth.

Learn Spiritual Alchemy Techniques for
Client-Centered Healing.

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In this Masterclass, you’ll gain the key insights and tools to become an effective guide through the labyrinth of trauma and emotional healing:

Unlock the Complex Nature of Trauma: Go beyond external events and delve into the intricate ways trauma is internalised, shaping emotional and psychological landscapes.

Activate Internal Resources for Healing: Learn how to assist others in tapping into their emotional resources, facilitating hope and resilience even in the most despairing moments.

✨ The Weight of Unhealed Wounds:  Understand how unprocessed trauma can lead to debilitating self-beliefs and hinder true growth; get the tools to help clients reframe and reclaim their personal narratives.

✨Facilitator’s Toolkit: Equip yourself with the techniques needed to run emotional healing circles, lead transformative workshops online or in person, and conduct impactful chakra healing retreats — all with content ready for implementation.

Meet Your Guide: Anne-Marie,

With a transformative journey that includes overcoming childhood adversity and establishing the Soul Awakening Academy, I am passionate about empowering others to become transformative facilitators using my proven methods


Featured in the UK’s ‘Healthy’ magazine and recognised as a Master Coach, I’ve married positive psychology with spiritual healing, creating a holistic approach to facilitation and coaching. 


Through this Masterclass, you’ll gain the complete toolset for transformative facilitation, helping your clients release their burdens, rewrite their stories, and embark on a soulful journey toward healing.

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