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Soul Awakening Academy provides psychologically-based life coaching training combined with spiritual philosophies for people who want to help others transform themselves, their work and their lives.

Spiritual coaching helps people address almost every aspect of life, helping people solve those problems they just can’t solve on their own.

We train our spiritual coaches to trust your intuition & deep sense of knowing and respond with compassion, sensitivity and openness.

Our passion is transformational, spiritual life-coaching – a powerful combination of psychological, holistic, person-centred and spiritual principles.

Together, these core principles create a style of spiritual coaching that is rich in self-inquiry, trust, co-creation, deep reflection and transformation.

We are proud to say our Diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching is accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M): the only accreditation body approved by the British industry Ombudsman (IRCM).

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Recognised Industry Leader.

Anne-Marie the founder of Soul Awakening Academy, has been chosen as an industry expert in the field of life-coaching by the magazine ‘Healthy’ for the second year running! She features in the 2018 Winter Edition, sharing her views on positive psychology and life-coaching, she is also featured in an article on how to make 2020 the best year through effective goal setting and how to cultivate inner-strength by reflecting & realising the positives that have arisen from your past challenges.

Hi, I’m Anne-Marie

If you are feeling out of alignment, seeking a deeper purpose, you need to know that you are not alone. I have been there. Having overcome some of the most painful challenges in my life through learning and self improvement, I made it my personal mission to help other women do the same, using my Soul Awakening Method ©. Through my personal journey, I learned about how anyone can turn negative experiences into a positive, successful, and abundant life. Learn more about my transformation below to understand more.

Kind Words

Anne Marie is an amazing coach and teacher. Undertaking her Spiritual Life Coaching course was one of the best decisions I have made. Her Soul Awakening Academy is amazing. Anne Marie is spiritual, but also real, down to earth, friendly and a gorgeous soul. I am happy to call her a friend as well as being one of her students & look forward to working with her in the future. I would urge you to work with Anne Marie.


Holistic Life-Coach

I came across Anne-Marie by complete chance and over an hour later – after being completely absorbed by all of the amazing videos about spirituality and mindset- I contacted her. Since then I have gone on to travel from Nottingham to Liverpool to become an accredited life coach and it’s been one of the best things I have ever done! I highly recommend Anne- Marie’s soul awakening academy. I have learnt so much and I have been able to really figure out my passion and understand where I want to take my healing and coaching business. Anne-Marie is one of the most humble, kind and knowledgeable teachers I have ever come across and I’m excited to continue to learn more from her. Thank you for crossing my path.


Company Owner, Reiki Bliss

This takes coaching to the next level. It’s extra tools to use on a client if they are needed. By using the tools I learnt on the Soul Alignment course it will be really beneficial to myself as well as others.  Now I have the tools to identify what needs working on I can see myself incorporating this with my coaching practice as I think they both work nicely together. I liked the focus on understanding how balanced you are yourself with your chakras test. I liked the different perspective with the Wheel of Life when the focus is on your energy centres. I like the connection between coaching & energy healing. Loved the last exercise we did with the cards the Soul Transformation Technique & E.F.T .


Holistic Life-Coach

Naomi Bateren
Naomi Bateren
18:28 16 Feb 20
I joined Anne-Marie on the 7 steps to spiritual alchemy course and it was incredible! As a psychotherapist with a lot... of experience of personal therapy, this method shifted my perspective and dug deeper in some areas than any previous work had done. The combination of meditations, Anne-Marie’s intuitive insight and the pre-session workbooks helped shed light and open my eyes to generational traumas and long held damaging beliefs. Working with Anne-Marie was a treat, she was so down to earth whilst having a multi-dimensional awareness. I had my cynicism’s and my own belief system, which were honoured, respected and worked with. Even working remotely over Zoom I felt contained, heard and safe. I would highly recommend working in this way with Anne-Marie - life changing!read more
Jennifer Hedderick
Jennifer Hedderick
13:08 07 Oct 19
I recently attended The Soul Awakening Academy "Business Ascension Workshop" led by Anne Marie & businesswoman Cheryl... White. The day was so inspiring & motivating. It was a unique soul based approach to Business Planning. After training with Anne Marie last year to become a Spiritual Life Coach, I am enjoying continuing to work with her to actually build & establish my business. We spent the morning exploring 12 Core Archetypes & Anne Marie used Numerology to interpret our Personal Year & the meaning attributed to our birth name. These findings were then linked to Cheryl's afternoon session which talked us through Business Planning. As always, Anne Marie created a safe, supportive environment where the group could share business ideas & approaches. I left buzzing with lots of ideas & calls to action. I absolutely love this heart centred approach to building a spritual business. The combination of the spiritual, practical & logical approaches really resonate with me & I'm really excited to see how Anne Marie expands on these ideas to support her students even further. I always come back to Anne Marie because she genuinely cares about her students & gives so much of herself to help others on their spiritual & business journey. I am so grateful for an amazing day. Thank you 🙏read more
Angela Stevenson
Angela Stevenson
13:27 28 Sep 19
Today I had a session with Anne-Marie and I didn’t know what to expect. Oh my word! This woman is so spot on with... what was blocking me. It was as if everything became clearer in 30 minutes! She described me accurately without me uttering a word. The best thing is that she showed me how to cleanse myself which gave me the strangest yet positive feeling ever. Also how to deal with situations in the office that wasn’t spiritually good for me. Whilst doing the exercise, my stomach started to decrease, I wouldn’t have noticed this except my laptop was sliding as my stomach was going in. My gut felt as if I had lost 2 inches from it and the weight off my shoulders lifted! Whilst writing this review, I can honestly say that this session has given me the direction that I’ve needed. Thank you 🙏 Anne-Marie, i is glad our paths have crossed xxread more
Jenni Moss
Jenni Moss
12:05 27 Sep 19
I had Soul Transformation Technique with Anne-Marie yesterday. It was a brilliant treatment and I was amazed how... Anne-Marie tuned into my energy perfectly before and during the treatment. I was particularly impressed by how Anne-Marie used a number of techniques including Angel Cards and a Pendulum to tailor the process and treatment to exactly what I needed. Her insight into exactly what has affected me and what I need to address going forward was amazing. I would highly recommend this treatment to others and I am seriously considering signing up to study with Anne-Marie as a life coach 🙂read more
Janet Mantle
Janet Mantle
18:54 25 Sep 19
Today I had Soul Transformation Technique with Anne-Marie. This was a combination of Angel Cards, Pendulum and Energy... Reading. It requires the facilitator to be intune with the energy of the receiver and the receiver to be open and honest with themselves, so that was me. This technique guides you to any emotional imbalances and even funds the correct energetic solution from a list of treatments Anne Marie offers. My session showed me that I amIn the right direction. My energy and mindset just need a little work which will be facilitated with an energy healing session. Anne-Marie’s expertise is second to none. Highly recommended Sent from my iPhone from Janetread more
Clarissa Strickland
Clarissa Strickland
16:06 23 Sep 19
I trained with Anne-Marie last year to become a Holistic/Spiritual Life Coach. I was recovering from depression myself... at the time and this was exactly the boost I needed to get me back into the land of the living so to speak. Through the course Anne-Marie helped me identify so many aspects of myself and my values,which has helped me ever since and I now use to help my own clients in my business Good Vibrations. I would highly recommend her training. She is approachable, and very empathetic both qualities needed for this type of work. If you are on the fence about doing one of her courses, get signed up now. You will benefit from it so much more than you realise and when you've coached yourself as your first client, you will have skills you just won't find from another coaching training course that you can then use to ultimately help others in the best way possible. Which is what it's all about. Worth every penny and more!! I couldn't recommend enough. This course changed my life.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟read more
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Those who have an underactive Root aspect may find themselves feeling small and unable to meet their own needs.
Those with an over-active Root aspect may feel a need to dominate or may suffer with compulsive behaviour

The Root aspect represents foundations, safety and survival, some important questions to work through here are what areas in life do you not feel safe? Are you able to establish healthy boundaries?

Check out my blog to read further - soulawakeningacademy.co.uk/chakra-coaching-understanding-the-first-chakra-root/
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Unlike traditional coaching which only focus on mindset, we use techniques that go deeper into the subconscious mind to make powerful shifts on all levels, mind, body & spirit.

Why I created a spiritual coaching program based on the chakras? My inspiration came from taking an advanced nutritional healing course by Dr Deanna Minich author of food & Spirit this was a revolutionary way to look at food, health & nutrition it moved past the foundations that underpinned nutrition and touched on the deeper, spiritual aspect of food by looking at the health of the clients chakras. With chakra assessments, life balance forms and a full spectrum healing program I knew then that my absolute passion was to see beyond the veil of the tangible and physical and work on metaphysical aspect of person for Whole-istic healing.

Want to know more about how to heal your chakras download my free intro to chakras ebook - soulawakeningacademy.co.uk/free-coaching-ebooks/

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Do you use tapping techniques within your coaching?

This technique has some fantastic benefits, and is specifically successful in weight loss. It focuses on combating stored emotions and blocked feelings to help your clients journey in achieving their goals.

For further information on this technique, check out my video which talks you through how to implement this within your practice - www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1iVNMsIEoU
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Are you looking to -

➡️Develop life-changing skills to teach your clients how to define and achieve their life goals.
➡️Go beyond the traditional coaching models and using the transformational 4-D coaching model, S.E.T.T, and how it can be applied to all the different areas in life.
➡️Empower a coaching relationship.
➡️Define values and beliefs.
➡️Use visualisation, meditation and EFT and how to apply them for better success.

If the answer is YES to the above, our course is the next step to developing your spiritual coaching journey.

DM me for more information on our upcoming courses. xx
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I really miss doing this so I've decided to do a day dedicated to healing. A few of you have been asking me recently if I still do hands on healing. If you would like to book a session let me know. ... See MoreSee Less

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