We all have to be true to our souls. Our souls crave it! You may feel as if life has got a bit boring and mundane as you find yourself going through the motions, doing the things you are supposed to do, ticking all the boxes of being an adult. Or maybe you are feeling lost as you’re not sure how to improve yourself or make the changes that you truly desire or as if life is simply passing you by. The good news is that you can change all these if you are true to your soul. Let’s explore some secrets that will make you move from a boring life to a meaningful life that is full of true purpose, passion and more joy than you can ever imagine!

  1. Listen to the call of your soul – You cannot turn deaf ears to your soul and be true to it. You have to know what it is that you desire to live the life that you crave; you may be thinking of what your soul needs right now. This may be more adventure and freedom or purpose and connection in life. The key is to give your soul the full audience it needs and hear its whispers coming from within. This will give your soul the full empowerment to be in control of your life.
  2. Be willing to do what others will not do – it’s not logical to live from your soul as it doesn’t operate using checklists, statistics and formula. But you must do what your soul desires; others might even think it’s crazy but it’s your life not theirs! Follow your heart and not your head, be willing to take risks and act on inspiration versus logic. Do what feels right for you always.
  3. Trust your intuition – You may not believe this but we all come into this world with an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom; this is more powerful than you know. Trust and believe it. You will have amazing thoughts, incredible insights and brilliant ideas about how to move forward on your chosen path. You may reach out for help but don’t go against your instinct. Use it wisely.
  4. Give yourself permission – Who said you must live a horrible, unfulfilled life when your soul desires so much more? Permit yourself to do what your soul desires and start enjoying. Life gives us spiritual gifts to be experienced and enjoyed, no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done.
  5. Know that you are worthy – We all believe that we must do something first in order to be worthy of all the love, joy and abundance we wish to experience in the world. The only condition for being worthy is to be alive. Just listen to what your soul desires, know that to be true and it will surely make your journey much easier.


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