Soul Guidance Sessions

Bespoke Private 121 Sessions With Anne-Marie

Soul Guidance Sessions offer life-changing, transformational spiritual guidance & mentoring that has proven effective for anyone looking to live a more purposeful, fulfilling, and rewarding life.

*Discover your TRUTH  *Get CLEAR on your Soul’s Purpose  *Align with your Spiritual Gifts  *Connect with your authentic POWER *Create the life you WANT TO LIVE!

This is your opportunity to have a personal 121 Soul Guide Session with me, Anne-Marie, to accelerate your spiritual potential and transform your life to the one you so richly deserve.

My Divinely Channelled Soul Guide Sessions involve a series of bespoke coaching & energy healing or a one off sitting. Both require 100% commitment to the process as you will be given energy psychology techniques, spiritual invocations & meditations to help you make the changes you need. Our sessions will involve Tarot, Astrology, Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® & various name & date of birth decoding systems.

During your sessions, you will be fully supported, guided & equipped to reach your true soul potential in life. It is time to transform and take charge of your own life.


Are You Ready To:

  • Receive illumination on your Soul’s purpose through readings & channeling.
  • Gain clarity on a specific area of your life, relationships, career or other.
  • Release Karma and negtaive patterns of behaviours.
  • Understand your soul purpose.
  • Unlock your confidence and know your worth so you can show up as your true self.
  • Discover your hidden gifts and talents.
  • Increase your confidence, self-worth & true potential.
  • Transcend old programs holding you back from everything you desire.
  • Take control of your life by understanding yourself on a much, much deeper level.
  • Decode your Birth Name to reveal your hidden spiritual gifts.
  • Experience deeper, more meaningful relationships and intimacy.
  • Achieve your personal, spiritual and professional goals.

What to Expect:

The Results:

The results you experience can be huge and life-changing but you have to feel called and be ready at a deep cellular level for the shift that will be created.

With deep inner work focusing on your Soul’s Blueprint, we will look at the purpose of your Soul’s Incarnation to discover the potential that lies dormant within you.

Our focus is a real sense of inner transformation, energy balance, loving support, motivation and inspiration.

Depending on the session you choose, Anne-Marie will use a variety of methods to help you reach a hightened state of profound spiritual awareness, inner knowing, emotional balance, clarity and spiritual direction.

Together we will create the space to nurture yourself, focus on your goals, get clear on your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future and make you top priority!

Truly life changing.

Something really transformational happens when you are ready to unlock your spiritual gifts.

Work With Anne-Marie.

There are 3 Ways We Can Work Together:

Choose From

Soul Activation Session – 1/1.5hrs

Do you feel you are searching for something in your life or business but you are not quite sure what?

Do you feel you are stuck in the same patterns which are holding you back from what you really want in life and are stopping you from achieving success?

A 1 – 1.5hr session with me will bring awareness and understanding to:

Your Karmic life challenges

Your Spiritual gifts

Your Business potential

The goals your Soul wants you to achieve in this lifetime

Your Soul’s destiny

Spiritual Guidance – 30 Mins:

There is a question weighing heavy on your heart & mind that seeks an answer, and I am here to point you in the right direction through spiritual guidance.

This 30 minute Spiritual Reading:

Will provide an insight into relationships, career, life directions and life purpose.

I use my intuition, Quantum dowsing, mediumship and psychic abilities of clairvoyance (seeing) and clairaudience (hearing) to help people connect with messages from their higher-self and subconscious mind. By doing so we access higher guidance on relationships, career decisions, life purpose and help set new, or maintain existing, life directions.


Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy®- 7 Sessions

A Bespoke Spiritual Coaching & Profound Energy Healing Programme.

The Seven Steps to Spiritual Alchemy® is a bespoke program which is a complete GAME CHANGER. After years of researching and working with energy, I have created the Soul Awakening™ Method unique style of Spiritual Coaching & Energy Alchemy for those who want to change their lives on a Quantum level. Taking part in this program can bring enlightenment to all areas of your life, relationships, career or abundance.

Get Ready for A Transformational Shift.

Your path to inner truth & personal success starts now! 

Spiritual Teacher & Soul Guide

My passion is in helping people like you to step into your own power and enable you to create a life you love on your terms.

To do this we first need to peel back the layers of childhood conditioning. Releasing shame, fear, judgements and self-doubts that have manifested in your internal belief system that keep you playing small.

Hi, I’m Anne-Marie and I’m here to guide you as you awaken to your Soul Purpose, activate your divine gifts and step into your power to create the life & business you desire and deserve.

I’m a mum of two beautiful, empowered children who teach me the meaning of unconditional love every day, something I struggled with all my life until my first born, Marcus (God of War), came into my life & broke down my belief system. I was forced to heal my own old emotional wounds, to start believing and loving myself so I could be the person I was destined to be and ultimately the guide and mentor that he deserved.

This painful lesson in ‘loving thyself’ caused a whole demolition of my life from the person I was and the false identity I had created through the years of rejection & abandonment to then healing myself on all levels, to face my subconscious hidden fears around vulnerability and live up to the person I had come here to be.

Truly life changing.

Something really transformational happens when you are ready to unlock your spiritual gifts.

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