Take a quick look at our video testimonials and find out for yourself what it means to people and how they’ve benefited.

Saffron Bradshaw (2m 12s)

Paul McDonnell (1m 49s)

Ellen Murray (1m 55s)

Clarissa Strickland (1m 55s)

After 1 session with Anne Marie I noticed a complete shift in my mind set which I didn’t really expect. Speaking openly about certain challenges we face in life both in our work life and personal life and hearing new perspectives and tactical approaches can bread a new sense of purpose and life into you. Working with Anne Marie brings insight and understanding of ourselves our friends colleagues family members etc and helps you take control of your destiny. A 5 star review from me and a permanent fixture to my weekly routine now.

David P

As we spoke about earlier, I have taken a small but significant step to my future. I went and handed out 2 CVs to local coffee shops without feeling too anxious about it. And I had a lovely chat to 2 people; one in each of the shops.
It’s a small step but I’d been dreading it since I lost my job and finally today took the step to do it.

Chloe C

After having benefited from sessions with you I thought I would share one of the most tangible outcomes that I have achieved … my brand new F-Type Jaguar, which I took delivery of two weeks ago.  It has attracted many positive comments but also many comments about ‘how I deserved it after all the hard work’ so it has been self affirming as well as being a brilliant car.

I remain a work in progress and am looking positively on the future.  Challenges remain but the outlook is becoming brighter.

Thanks again for your time, patience and advice.

Dr John R


I work in elite sports and was looking to make marginal gains in my field. Anne-Marie has helped me no end and really has helped me leap forward towards my life and work goals. I will continue to see Anne-Marie as I am certain she will be a key reason for any success I achieve.


Professional Football Coach

I first went to see Anne Marie about 6 months ago. My confidence and self esteem were low, keeping eye contact for any length of time I found challenging and I’d fidget to distract myself. About three sessions later, I had learnt new skills which I could use to help my confidence when I needed to.I felt a lot better knowing I had built a support system for myself to help me deal with my anxiety rather than running away from it which had always seemed like the easiest thing to do. I kept food and mood diaries that I talked through with Anne Marie which helped me to understand the things I needed to work through. I am continuing this journey today and soon I will be on my last session. I have changed a lot since meeting Anne Marie and although I currently still face old challenges I’ve learnt skills that help me to deal with them more effectively than I have in the past. For me life coaching has been beneficial in the long term as well as short term. My confidence has improved greatly and I now want to go back into full time work which I haven’t felt able to do for 2 years. I’m proud of what I have achieved in the past few months and I’m thankful to Anne Marie for all her guidance and support.

Mr Ross Spencer


I recently went to Anne Marie for some life coaching and EFT treatment to try to help with ongoing anxiety struggles and nightly panic attacks as a result of various difficult changes in my circumstances. Anne Marie talked me through some simple visualisation techniques which allowed me to focus on reducing negative thoughts. Following the session, I felt much calmer and have noticed small improvements in my sleeping pattern. It is early days and I have a lot of work to do, but I feel like I have tools which I can use to help me in my daily management of the anxiety. I’m confident that in time I will be able to reduce the anxiety further. Anne Marie’s encouraging and reassuring words also meant I left with a much more positive mindset. Thank you so much.

Kellie Wright-Smith

Business Owner

I like many others have suffered from issues of limiting beliefs and lack of direction or purpose in life. These beliefs have held me back from making the progress in my life that I know I should be able to make but so far I haven’t been able to make that breakthrough on my own. I knew I needed help and sought after a life coach to help me create that breakthrough for myself.

I found Anne-Marie through the life coach directory website and then did some further research on her own website. Anne’s website was modern, designed well and had lots of information about her services so it was easy to understand what services I needed and what results I should be aiming for. One thing I did note on the site was Anne had a great deal of qualifications relating to life coaching and surrounding fields, which made it clear that Anne was very passionate about the coaching and wellness services that she offers.

Anne has been the first life coach that I have ever had, so I was a bit nervous and not really sure what to expect from the session especially when our sessions were all in person. However it quickly became apparent that Anne had a really caring and calming aura around her and I was able to open up to her very quickly. Her personality itself is very bubbly and infectiously positive, I found her to be a great listener and to be very perceptive in conversations. Her office was always homely, warm and soothing so I always felt welcome and at ease in her presence, little touches like always having a glass of water for me was great at relaxing me as I felt more like her friend than her client.

I chose Anne’s six session course to help me change my beliefs and increase the mental strength within myself. Within the sessions itself Anne thoroughly listened to all my issues, how my lifestyle was and what dreams and aspirations I had for myself. She then systematically worked with me to find the root cause of my issue by helping me recall times in my past that could be causing me issues here in the present. She introduced me to various tools and workshops that I could use in between the sessions to help me get a greater understanding of what it was that I was seeking and more importantly why I wanted it. We would then go through these workshops together in session and try to eliminate the problems that were found or discover new connections of why I wanted the dreams that I chased. I had several key breakthroughs within the course through Anne’s tools, which came on the third and fifth sessions, these opened up a lot of new positive beliefs for me in which Anne helped me to engrain within myself.

An impressive part of Anne’s coaching was that she was always available to me outside of the sessions even during weekends. This was great as sometimes thoughts that may not have come up during the sessions could be shared with Anne whenever they appeared and I would always get an almost instant response back from her.

Anne also has a great deal of life experience in a broad variety of areas in life and business, which is remarkable considering she is still relatively young. Using these life experiences she has helped me a great deal with my own life issues by describing very similar situations in her own personal life and how she managed to overcome them. This insight in her own life I felt increased my own connection and rapport with Anne and made me feel that I wasn’t just another client to Anne but someone she genuinely cared about and trusted, this in turn helped me to believe in her abilities much more strongly and thus I feel increased the rate of my change as well.

Overall I would have to say Anne has been a great coach and a caring friend to me over the past three months, she has helped me to gain a greater understanding within myself and engrain a much stronger mind-set. Even though I have now finished my course with Anne she is still in regular contact with me finding out how I am doing and providing me with more help and advice.

Ultimately I guess in the end what everyone wants from a life coach is improved results within their own life and I have certainly gained that within my life through Anne’s course. Therefore I would definitely recommend Anne’s coaching to anyone seeking to make similar breakthroughs and improvement for themselves.

Raj Merseyside


Business Owner

Hi Anne Marie I keep seeing other people’s testimonials and have put a lot of thought into mine but it still doesn’t seem to do you justice. Anyway, here it is:

When I first came to see you a few months ago, I came with a long list (literally) of different problems which were effecting me.  I have never had any counselling or life coaching before so I had no idea what to expect.  Straight away you identified that all these problems were linked, when to me they seemed so far apart.  These ranged from a severe and overwhelming health anxiety (due to the loss of all my family members) to problems in my very demanding career.  Through long chats and various techniques you taught me, I then gained the confidence to make big decisions about my future.

During the course of our sessions, I gained the confidence to seek alternative employment outside the role I have been doing for the last 10 years and consequently I was offered a Director position with a large corporate company.  In direct response to my resignation with my current employer, I then secured a substantial promotion where, with your help and guidance, I was able to then negotiate better working conditions and a better work/life balance.  Throughout this big rollercoaster I went on, I always looked forward to our sessions which made me feel like I had an anchor and that I wasn’t going through this alone.  Having gone from someone who is scared to go to sleep at night, to the most senior person in a large multi-million pound company, in such a short space of time is such an achievement and one which I know my parents would have been proud of me for – if only they were here to see it.

I have gone from working 80 hour weeks with numerous nights a week away from home, to being in my own bed every night and working 9-5 with the same productivity!   I now feel very happy and content in my career and I have the time outside of work to do the things I enjoy.  I feel like a better person and I am finally living and enjoying my life, having let go of the past.

I know you say it is all down to me but I know I could never have achieved any of this without your help and guidance.  I just wish I had found you sooner.

Mrs Sarah W


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