Anne-Marie, founder of the Soul Awakening Academy, interviews Graduates of the Master Spiritual Life Coach Diploma course.

Master Spiritual Life Coach Graduate, Paula (12m 43s)

In this interview, Paula tells us how she went from being invisible with no clients in her Life Coaching business, to running a 21-Day Challenge with 15 women.

Master Spiritual Life Coach Graduate, Christiane (20m 30s)

Challenges and limiting beliefs from childhood tried to convince Christiane to give up on her dreams of becoming a Spiritual Life Coach, but she overcame her self-doubt using the skills she learned.

Master Spiritual Life Coach Graduate, Melissa (20m 54s)

Melissa began the Master Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma during the pandemic. Her life has transformed and she now works with her own clients, helping them transform the mindset for the better.


Take a quick look at our video testimonials and find out for yourself what it means to people and how they’ve benefited.

Saffron Bradshaw (2m 12s)

Paul McDonnell (1m 49s)

Ellen Murray (1m 55s)

Clarissa Strickland (1m 55s)


How the Soul Awakening Academy has changed lives for the better!

“I am soooooo pleased to say that I have completed my Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching! I honestly LOVED every minute of it! I am so grateful to Anne-Marie for the course and to the universe for the way this appeared from ‘nowhere’; the process continues to transform my life as I learn to help other transform theirs.”

> Transformational Life Coaching Diploma Level 4

Amanda T

“I find the chakras fascinating and as a healer I feel and sense when they are out of alignment, I think that is why I’m so drawn to this course as I have done my own reading up on them but never taken a course. I think to work with the chakras in this way would be totally amazing and what a difference it will make to people’s lives.”

> Soul Alignment Chakra Coach

Sharon J

“I found these activities very powerful when I completed it myself and can see how it will be a very useful and effective tool as a coach. I also found the videos to be incredibly informative, powerful and an amazing resources to be able to go back to and tap in to.”

> Master Spiritual Life Coach Diploma Level 7

Jenni C

“I love these affirmations. I find sometimes that an affirmation works very well for a time, then it starts to feel bland, if that makes sense. Maybe because its served its purpose or maybe also sometimes it can be like when you listen to a song you love on repeat for too long. You begin to not hear it any more. So I enjoy picking a new Affirmation and working with it.
Thankyou for these!”

> Chakra Affirmation Healing Diploma

Alix N

“My father has passed but doing the ‘Healing the Father Archetype’ meditation made me feel as if he was here now. I loved it but felt so emotional at the same time, I had tears running down my face, just writing this is making me feel emotional again. Even half hour after this meditation I feel emotional but I feel as if something has been released in me and I feel relaxed and great.”

> Meditation Teacher Diploma

Marilyn M

“Really enjoyed the course and will definitely be looking at other ones. Feel like I learnt a lot about myself along the way and for the first time in a long time I’m being to feel proud of myself again.
Would (and will) definitely recommend this to others.
Thank you x”

> Introduction to Spiritual Life Coaching Foundation Diploma

Miranda J

“This has been such an excellent course. I have learnt so much about myself in the process and can’t wait to start helping others. Thank you so much.”

> Mindset for Success Diploma

Beth H

“I have loved learning and growing on this course, I enjoyed it a great deal, thank you.”

> Chakra Balancing Diploma

Kelly K

“Really enjoyed reading about the seven step to the Subconscious Mind. This is really helped with myself and to help others in forming positive habits and new directions in life. Thank you”

> Meditation Teacher Diploma

Bernadette R

“I loved the ‘Inner Scripts’ module and I knew I would. Realising, recognising, healing and reframing my inner scripts/limiting beliefs has been one of the biggest transformational moments of my journey over the last 12 months and I know this is going to be an ever evolving journey for me and those I coach.

I dealt with an inner script when I was being coaching recently and using the SETT method, I have felt like I have been released from that self limiting belief. As that tied to my belief of success and the ability to provide, I think this will be another aspect that will have a profound effect on my life, this course, my success as a coach AND to be a Mother!”

> Master Spiritual Life Coach Diploma Level 7

Victoria M

“My biggest take away from this module is that no matter what has impacted our lives growing up, we have the power to change it, we have the power to change or rewrite our story. Just thinking about that concept has lit a fire within me and keeps me inspired and motivated for what’s to come, and regardless of what people thought of me or how they treated me does not define me. The more I sit with myself and work on myself, the more I am getting to know who I really am.”

> Master Spiritual Life Coach Diploma Level 7

Hardeep K

“I have been really excited about getting to this module and understand more about Energy Psychology and how EFT works.

I knew that our emotions could affect our body, but to what degree I was unsure and reading through this module and doing the EFT exercise on myself has opened up a whole new world of knowledge and release!

Doing the EFT exercise was very interesting, as I started with my writing and saying that I have a pain my left shoulder blade and its been there for a good week. The pain was taking over how I felt each day, I wasn’t sleeping.  After doing it for the first time the pain level was still at 8, but the more I did it, I could feel this overwhelming feeling of release coming through, as I was saying the words ‘I love and accept myself’ I started to cry, I could actually feel the release happening emotionally and also the pain in my back releasing.”

> Master Spiritual Life Coach Diploma Level 7