Nothing is more important to us than our roots, the power of The Earth flows through us and keeps us grounded as we maintain our stability in the physical world. We need these feelings of security and wholeness to function, when we feel ‘un-grounded’ it can make us feel lost and anxious, like a ship without an anchor. Our most crucial instincts of survival are nurtured here and without these ‘roots’ we may become disorientated and lose our way in life.

Spiritual Healing through the Root aspect:

Those who have an underactive Root aspect may find themselves feeling small and unable to meet their own needs. This person will need to work on deep grounding meditation to re-establish their connection to the earth in order to feel stabilised and whole.

Those with an over-active Root aspect may feel a need to dominate or may suffer with compulsive behaviour, the key thing here is to clear any blockages and work on establishing balance by working through any past challenges that may be influencing this behaviour such as family-trauma.
The areas of the body governed by the Root aspect are coccyx, large intestine, adrenal glands, back, leg, feet and bones.

The Root aspect represents foundations, safety and survival, some important questions to work through here are what areas in life do you not feel safe? Do you trust that life will support you? Are you able to establish healthy boundaries?

Our Root Chakra is located at the base of our spine. It’s the first of the 7 main chakras because energy flows upwards through us from the Earth before travelling on to the remaining 6.
Our Root chakra is our base of being. Our anchor to Earth, where all of our core, “Root” aspects come from. It influences our needs such as safety and security. It’s where we store our survival instincts and influences our feelings of abundance or scarcity.

It keeps us grounded, as it is our most physical chakra.

root chakra healing

spiritual healing

When it is damaged or blocked, it can cause feelings of anxiety, scarcity and fear. These feelings can cause negative manifestations in your life, such as:

  • Money Problems
  • Instability in Jobs or Relationships
  • Trouble satisfying basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing etc.
  • Addictions

Physical ailments may appear in the lower body, such as feet, legs, knee (etc.) pain. It could also manifest as a lowered immune system or fertility problems.
Our Root Chakra becomes blocked or damaged by situations and circumstances in our lives that have made us feel unsafe, physically hurt or in a state of lack or danger in any way.

What Happens When Your Root Chakra is Blocked or Damaged?

When your Root Chakra becomes damaged or blocked, it can swirl with either too much energy or not enough. Not enough energy results in you becoming smaller, scarcity and struggle dominate and you have trouble meeting your needs.

If it swirls with too much energy you can become greedy or controlling. OCD tendencies or obsessions may manifest. We all have a Root Chakra story. Identifying yours is a key in successfully clearing and healing it.
When we know what caused the problems, we can more easily remedy them. Identify your Root
Chakra story of tragedy, danger, suffering and struggle in either your past or your parents who could have passed on their own blocks to you.

Clearing and restoring proper energy flow will help you to find balance so that you may move on to the next chakra.

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