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You may have seen my recent post on Facebook about my inner-child mediation and the profound insights I received during this sacred ceremony. It occurred to me that no matter how hard we try at ‘fixing’ ourselves on a cognitive level we can still be replicating negative patterns through something that the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung coined as the collective unconscious.

Meaning the subconscious mind houses all the conscious thoughts and experiences we have had along with inherited and genetic memory from our ancestors in the form of archetypes. For instance we all know the archetype of Cinderella or Rambo and what they represent to us the Warrior and the Princess. These archetypes have been used by the media across the ages and this goes back in time even further with the archetype of the Mother, Child, Victim, Wise of Sage, Ego, Shadow etc.

Jung states we all carry these archetypes within us and there are hundreds upon hundreds of different archetypes. This reflects the Subpersonalites work I teach by Dr Hal & Sidra Stone whereby our Persona & Shadow archetypes (Jung) is a mask we wear to display our personality and there are a myriad of these dependant on our early upbringing and the beliefs we formed. For instance we might form a primary persona with the Victim or the Perfectionist but equally we have an equal opposite yearning to be nurtured such as the Warrior or the Artist. It is only when we learn to embrace all of our-selves do we become fully whole as we journey towards the Soul Awakening process of our enlightening Soul.

When I told people that I had created the Soul Awakening Method – Professional Life Coach & Healing Diploma- the amount of people that said they have considered training to be a coach or healer was huge.

The ability to reach into the heart of another human being and help them to build and grow, to understand their true core values and to empower them to set goals in areas that will bring them happiness and fulfilment is truly a wonderful thing. The Soul Awakening Method combines ancient knowledge & wisdom of the human energy system and spiritual beliefs combined with what we know as the human desire and need to grow and evolve through stages of consciousness and psychological development.

The heart of the Soul Awakening Method is to help clients uncover the root cause and ingrained patterning that might be thwarting their psychological and spiritual development. It explains the matrix of the mind, body & soul and how this connects with our emotions on a conscious and subconscious level creating our behaviour patterns and ultimately our reality.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a complete beginner my Spiritual Life-Coach Diploma is perfect if you want to enhance your life or the lives of others.https://soulawakeningacademy.co.uk/become-a-coach-lp/

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