Whether you are on healing path or want to discover your own healing abilities the healing path starts from your very self! Going through your own form of pain, trauma, illness, loss or grief can make one turn to a life of purpose and service.  When you finally find the healing path that suits you, you’ll be able to restore balance for yourself and for others. whether you decide to make this your career path or not, simply by changing yourself you will have a positive impact on others around you. As you become more emphatic, intuitive and sensitive to your own needs and the needs of others you will notice your relationships changing for the better.

Healing in whatever form, Coaching, Reiki, E.F.T, Hand on healing, Hypnotherapy or any other technique stimulates our subtle energy system to support and boost the body’s ability to heal and balance itself. This balanced state of energy healing system helps to create a powerful transformation on spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels. Finding the perfect healing path to your inner light helps to

  • Clear blocks caused by stress or trauma
  • Identify the parts of the body that may be in need of balance and healing
  • Advance personal growth
  • Enhance learning and social function
  • Achieve optimal wellness and success in one’s daily life.

Below are some of the daily meditations to the healing path to inner light

  • Hold awareness in the light and breathe
  • Create a peaceful and sacred space using things such as candles, incense, music, oils (optional)
  • Sit down with spine straight and state your intention – with the natural light being your source of emotion, thought and action
  • Begin breathing in a slow & comfortable rhythm
  • Allow natural and comfortable breath; your body should be in a relaxed and focus moment by now
  • Imagine a beautiful golden flame in the energy of heart; you can do this by feeling it, seeing it or just having faith
  • Allow light to fill your heart and create a ray of light that moves up behind your eyes and breathe
  • Let the light continue to flow from your heart down to your torso, legs and the soles of feet
  • Now, breathe the light around your shoulders, fingers, and tips of fingers, arms and into your palms from the heart
  • Back to heart, breathe the light gently through your throat, and hold it behind eyes
  • Direct the light back into a sacred Well and allowing it to flow back as your eyes, brow, lids and forehead relax
  • Do not hurry from here, you’re motivating the Third Eye/Divine Eye.
  • Then, bring the light through your Crown Chakra and up. Imagine that it is passing through stars, moon, clouds, and sun.
  • Let it flow down around and through you from here and then breathe

Now, every cell in your body accepts the light and they will order and love it with every breath you take. Repeat the above several times and breathe. Begin or end your day with this meditation. This will help your intuition and focus. Now you have energised your Heart Chakra, all the events of the day will flow in this source and direction.


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