Jupiter conjuct Neptune – A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

This once in a lifetime opportunity is upon us today can you feel it?

I wanted to share with you the boost of energy we are seeing today as Jupiter joins Neptune in Pisces. This expansive energy comes as we enter eclipse season suggesting changes and new landscapes emerging.
This is a powerful day astrologically to start to deeply connect inside yourself and process how much change has occurred in our lives and how to move forward in a way that really lights us up.
Some thoughts to reflect upon to harness this Jupiter and Neptune magic:


  • What is calling for purification or change?
  • What motivates you to create?
  • What downloads are coming through your dreams and meditations?
  • How can you be of service & spiritually generous?
  • What do you truly love about the work you do?
  • What new calling is awakening in your soul?
You might have insights about yourself and your place in the world that could be life changing. Try to find time to reflect, contemplate & meditate if you can today, as Jupiter will expand your ability to connect with it and Neptune can allow you to find a way to share it. This conjunction may just help you turn more of those dreams deep inside you into reality.
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