One of the fundamental parts of any spiritual journey is that at a point in time, you will be asked to give up who you think you are. However, the ‘Call’ rarely comes in an obvious form.

In fact, for most people, the invitation to reawaken to their true essence can be to reclaim the sacred masculine or feminine within them but comes wearing a brilliant disguise.

The awareness of the higher self or True-Self is a universal experience that happens when someone is relaxed and deep in meditation. The true meaning of this awareness is known as the True-Self, inner-wisdom, higher-self or oneness and it is a spiritual gift that absolutely everybody can tap into.

You can use this technique In a state of deep meditation to access the wisdom of the True-Self.

Take some nice, slow, deep breathes.

Take you awareness from outside of yourself, to inside yourself.

Notice the sensations of the body as you breathe into the heart centre.

Take your awareness into the ground below you and connect with Mother Earth. Imagine your feet become roots as penetrate the earth’s crust. Your roots speard far and wide and anchor to the core of the earth.

Imagine you sink into the Earth, your Mother’s arms. Your home.

Feel the unconditional love from your spiritual Mother, Gia/Mother earth. Feel her embrace. An embrace a loving Mother gives her child. No matter what you have or haven’t done all is welcome here. You are in a place of non-judgement. you are in a place of unconditional love.

Let this feeling take over you completely for as long as you want. Send it through your body head to toe and out through your heart so it reaches several feet from your body. cocoon yourself in this energy.

Next in your minds-eye visualise a five-pointed star that is set in an orb of violet light or deep blue and is circled by a shining ring of gold. Allow it to penetrate the third eye, the spiritual eye and enter the inner realms.

When you feel this star has penetrated your third eye ask your True-Self to come forward and ask for the wisdom you seek. You may see images, symbols, signs or you may just feel a sensation of some sort. You may experience nothing at all until later. You may dream. Remember nothing is a coincidence.

“During meditation, you just have to concentrate at a point midway between the eyebrows and focusing them on a point right in front of your thumb while holding your arm extended above you. You needn’t be too exact; what matters most is keeping your attention between the eyebrows.”

Now, to discover your True-Self, just keep calling on your inner wisdom for guidance. You will be able to tune into the different frequency of harmony and recognise the messages that show up once you are free enough of static. To catch anything that is coming to you, get on the same frequency – there you will catch it.

Just as an aside, it doesn’t matter how you define ‘it’ – “it” doesn’t care! Accessing your True-Self is not always about having beliefs but it’s more about having faith in some innate intelligence, force, or presence that can help you see with crystal clarity how to live your life in alignment with your highest good. Most of us will have called upon incarnations of the Goddess, Spirit, Jesus, and other expressions of the Creative Principle of the Universe at some point in our lives. But what really matters most is understanding and engaging with the Light behind the form.

This light shines when we allow it to shine from every one of us – we all have it. So, the greatest challenge and teaching for us every day is to listen to your True-Self and let your Light shine.  That is the deepest, most profound part of your transformation. Find out more about starting your transformation here 


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