Have you noticed how many people have been spending the past few months decluttering their lives during the recent lockdowns?  For many, it’s been the perfect time to assess what they need in their lives, what brings them joy and what no longer serves them. We can apply exactly the same principle to our Chakras!  Just like our physical lives, our Chakras too become cluttered with the negatively charged remnants of no longer needed thoughts, emotions and feelings that prevent them from being perfectly balanced and open and instead cause them to become a source of spiritual chaos. These remnants can cause damage to our aura and produce energy ‘roadblocks’ that prevent us from connecting to our higher self and the Universe. The act of decluttering the energy blockages caused by holding onto pain, fears and the damage wrought by our own inner critic, allows our Chakras to heal, function freely and in total balance. It allows these energy powerhouses to release toxic elements that are preventing you from becoming the best possible version of you and living your life in harmony and balance. I invite you to use my Chakra Decluttering Exercise below as many times as you feel necessary, until your connection to your higher self is fully restored and you feel empowered and intuitive once again.  This may take some time, but it will be worth the effort. Chakra Decluttering Exercise You may lie down or sit to practice this exercise, whichever is the most comfortable for you. Begin by taking several conscious deep breaths to calm your mind. Imagine roots stemming out from the base of your spine or soles of your feet and going into the core of the earth. Reach as far down as you can imagine, fractal roots surrounded by, and connected to, Mother Earth. Take a few deep and calming breaths to embody this strong, supportive energy. Now turn your attention to your Root Chakra and imagine a valve there that you can open to allow any toxic energies, emotions and thoughts to flow away from you and into Mother Earth, asking her to transform this dark, unwanted energy into a source of light. Continue to allow this unwanted negative energy to drain away until your higher self shows you the process is complete for the Root Chakra and is it once again rebalanced, clear and open. Before moving onto the Sacral Chakra allow Mother Earth’s vibrant and healing light to travel through the roots you have set down and flow into your Root Chakra to enhance and reinforce the healing effect. Repeat this process with each of your Chakras.  Basking in the healing energy that the Universe is sending you as you feel the power of your Chakras being restored. When you reach your Crown Chakra, imagine a bright white light sent by the Universe entering the top of your head and connecting with the Universe.  Allow thoughts, energy and emotions that no longer serve you to flow upwards through this beam of light, to be accepted by the Universe where it will be transformed into positive energy. Notice how the light infiltrates your entire body and flows outwards to fill and heal your aura, leaving you feeling at peace, healed and reenergised. To complete the exercise, thank Mother Earth and the Universe for their healing. If you have the time, run a bath, adding 1 cup of Himalayan or Epsom Salts to help you relax and support this cleansing ritual.  You can add several drops of your favourite essential oils, herbs or even your crystals if they are waterproof.  All can enhance your experience and aid the healing process. This exercise can be repeated as many times as you wish, and you might like to make it a monthly ritual to ensure your Chakras remain clear, balanced and open. I hope you enjoy this exercise and I’d love to hear about any ‘A-Ha!’ moments you experience from your Chakra Declutter!

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