Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ – Practitioner Training

LIVE TRAINING DATES – NOVEMBER 19TH & 20TH (online Zoom/10am – 4pm)

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ as a Therapy

Unique self-healing or accredited practitioner training.

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing, is the result of years of researching and working with energy. Quantum healing can be used in-conjunction with your current therapies or as a powerful stand alone treatment.

This unique therapy takes you on a guided journey through energy healing, clearing, releasing and energy balancing. As a treatment therapy you are taken through various stages of healing and self-discovery, this helps to release toxic mental energy and core beliefs that can limit our way of life. By using the spiritual dowsing technique & quantum energy scan workbook you will learn how to use a pendulum for answers lying deep in the subconscious mind and clear your clients’ energy field of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

We are now on the frontier of a new wave of Quantum Energy Healing. Your body has all the data it needs to heal, by accessing the subconscious mind and cellular memory and changing your perception the healing takes place in the mind & body at a cellular level. When a past trauma or event takes place we quite literally store this information in our cells and major organs, if it is not resolved dis-ease can take place and we can become fragmented and feel soul loss. Consciously we are not always aware of how our past or beliefs have an impact on our everyday lives, it will constantly playback to you in your reality, just as a computer stores information so does the body, you could say that the body is a biological computer. Each event will be stored and play out in the background, constantly bringing you life events that reflect what your subconscious is storing.

What you will learn:

How Quantum Energy Healing works

How to use the pendulum

The Aura

Subtle Energy Systems

Subtle Energy Bodies

How to perform a Quantum Healing session

How to use a pendulum to find the root cause

How to perform a spiritual clearing treatment

How to use the QHEH workbook/manual

How to use Tarot

How to give a Tarot reading

How to perform energy healing

Understand how Chakras work


Benefits of this course

Rapidly restore the chakras resulting in healing and a greater sense of well being.

Detect and heal disturbances in the aura, chakras and energy filed promoting energetic health and wellness.

More efficiently do your healing work, saving you time, and potentially getting you deeper and longer-lasting results.

Clearing sabotaging, subconscious blocks allowing you to reach your full potential.

On completion of the course, you will receive a certification from Soul Awakening Academy stating you have successfully completed an IPHM Accredited Training Course and in addition to this you may apply for your professional insurance through our partnered insurers Westminster Global and receive a complementary discount.

We recommend Westminster Global, who are specialists in providing insurance for distance and online courses. You’ll also receive a discount for being one of our students if you follow this link!
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