Hi Anne Marie I keep seeing other people’s testimonials and have put a lot of thought into mine but it still doesn’t seem to do you justice. Anyway, here it is:

When I first came to see you a few months ago, I came with a long list (literally) of different problems which were effecting me.  I have never had any counselling or life coaching before so I had no idea what to expect.  Straight away you identified that all these problems were linked, when to me they seemed so far apart.  These ranged from a severe and overwhelming health anxiety (due to the loss of all my family members) to problems in my very demanding career.  Through long chats and various techniques you taught me, I then gained the confidence to make big decisions about my future.

During the course of our sessions, I gained the confidence to seek alternative employment outside the role I have been doing for the last 10 years and consequently I was offered a Director position with a large corporate company.  In direct response to my resignation with my current employer, I then secured a substantial promotion where, with your help and guidance, I was able to then negotiate better working conditions and a better work/life balance.  Throughout this big rollercoaster I went on, I always looked forward to our sessions which made me feel like I had an anchor and that I wasn’t going through this alone.  Having gone from someone who is scared to go to sleep at night, to the most senior person in a large multi-million pound company, in such a short space of time is such an achievement and one which I know my parents would have been proud of me for – if only they were here to see it.

I have gone from working 80 hour weeks with numerous nights a week away from home, to being in my own bed every night and working 9-5 with the same productivity!   I now feel very happy and content in my career and I have the time outside of work to do the things I enjoy.  I feel like a better person and I am finally living and enjoying my life, having let go of the past.

I know you say it is all down to me but I know I could never have achieved any of this without your help and guidance.  I just wish I had found you sooner.

Mrs Sarah W