Normally, the presence of God (in whatever form we believe) is the inner light that lives within us all – Quakerism. The actual experience of God, absolute consciousness and Divinity is not a far-off reality; rather it’s an ever-present experience that is available in every moment – the journey to inner light actually starts here.

Many world religions and science seem to have created a division between the world of spiritual truth and this physical reality. It is entirely possible to bridge the gap created and the knowledge of how to make the journey is available to all.

Many of the sacred temples, spiritual traditions, spiritual paths, myths, gods and goddesses represent the journey to this inner light. They are made to serve as the external representations of what we always had within us and not as something different, separate and apart from us – they serve as reminders!

Enlightenment is not an event that happens outside our body – it is not metaphysical but rather the key lies in the brain and nervous system right within our bodies. We do not have to delegate spiritual awakening to those who withdraw from the world and devote all their effort and time to the spiritual life; instead, spiritual awakening is a mystical science that can be facilitated and understood by modern science and this is beginning to corroborate and be uncovered.

The perception of the inner light referred to in the last couple of sutras is stated many times in a variety of the greatest spiritual literature of the world. This is overdone in such a way that the deeper meaning of the inner light is overlooked or lost. Some of the deeper meaning that we have lost along the journey is the fact that the light within us is seen as just flowery and poetic symbolism. These descriptions see the light as purely symbolic. However, the true meaning of the inner light from this context is not symbolic. It is rather seen as the light perceived during moments of spiritual experience and surrendered meditation. It is not separate or different from the Divine Source but as a concrete ‘form’ of the Divine in human expression.

The inner light is the background consciousness that we always have in us. It is the essence of our being. The light is not always alone; it is usually followed by the primordial sound; which is a different aspect of the same thing. This primordial sound is the steady ‘Om’ of the vibration of manifest creation. It is usually perceived internally.

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