True Healing For Soul Happiness

True Healing is an honest channel to one’s happiness and it is more than mending a broken heart. True healing for soul happiness involves constant examination of the different elements of Self, although the closing of emotional wounds is obviously part of the healing process.

What is True Healing?

Permanent or long-lasting healing comes when we bring balance to our Multidimensional Self. This form of healing is done on all levels of the body including soul, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. True healing cannot occur if any one of these levels is not amended and brought into balance. Like four legs to a table, one cannot be happy if the soul that holds one’s life is not balanced, stable, and secure. If we do not know anything about healing and awareness, then something will manifest in our life in order to bring awareness to the aspect that needs shifting. These manifestations can come in different forms and can be in a negative form in most cases. Life’s lessons or circumstances will repeat itself again until wisdom is obtained, the message is fully integrated and healing has occurred.

Understanding True Healing

To understand the true healing for soul happiness on what needs to be brought into balance or healed is to take a look at your life starting from the physical level. Look at your physical self and ask if it is healthy. Is it healthy? Do you feel pain anywhere? Does it feel relaxed? Does it feel clean? Is it hungry, or thirsty, warm or cold? Are your muscles tight or relaxed? Your body is the vehicle and the communication tool for your spiritual self. So you can call your body the Kingdom since it is your vehicle and communication device. You should be able to ask who is running your Kingdom. Is it your emotions, body or mind? The goal here is to allow your soul to run your kingdom. When we tap into our bodies, thoughts, emotions, and Spirit we will be able to have power on who is in control of our Kingdom.


True Healing for Soul Happiness

We all want happier, more fulfilling lives and this means love, beauty, eternal peace, and bliss which are completely undisturbed by outside circumstances. Anyone can access this state of true healing which lies deep down inside of us with sincere intent. This state of reflecting our true essence, our eternal Self.


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