Energy management and the four pillars of well-being


Understanding energy and how it affects our overall physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition is a key part of the Soul Awakening Coaching method.


In our last blog, we talked about what it takes to become a spiritual life coach with the Soul Awakening Academy and how the story we tell ourselves can shape the way we live our lives, and form the self-limiting beliefs that can stop us from reaching our full potential.


In this blog, we will take a closer look at the ‘Energy’ phase of our SET coaching model, and how it affects our well-being and happiness.


The four pillars of well-being


Energy management lies at the heart of the second part of the SET method.


It’s all about looking at the four pillars of well-being to help the client see their overall energy and how it has been affected by the archetypes they embody in their story.


The four pillars are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and relate to the health and condition of each one within your client.


They are all interlinked, meaning a deficiency in one can have a knock-on effect on the others. The goal here is to achieve and maintain a healthy balance, where each pillar is in optimum condition.



The first pillar is physical. By helping our clients to better manage this pillar, we need to support them in ways that help them identify the physiological behaviours and negative vibrations that keep them stuck.


The SET model will show you how to inspire your clients to take the actions needed to help them reach their next level of personal success.


For this pillar, you will learn about the importance of the physical health and how it can empower your clients, how to help them create a self-care plan they can commit to, and other techniques that bring about long-term, and lasting change.


When used together, these skills and techniques will enable you to help your clients identify the behaviours that are keeping them stuck.



The emotional pillar is all about helping your client to develop emotional intelligence, so that rather than supress their emotions, good or bad, they are better equipped to process and work through them.

The SET model will show you how you can help clients become aware of their emotions and feelings and understand how the emotion of their story affects their goals.


It will help you to guide them in identifying and transforming the emotional patterns they’ve become addicted to, and build greater emotional resilience.


It will also show you how to help them effectively process the untapped emotions that hinder them.


Learning about this pillar will equip you with powerful techniques to help release, not recycle, your client’s emotions, to create an environment that enables a release of emotional baggage.



The mental pillar of well-being is all about uncovering the thoughts and beliefs that clients hold and the mental processes that keep them locked into negative, self-limiting patterns of behaviour.


It will help you to understand the science behind change, so you can help your clients to overcome limiting beliefs for lasting change.


It will equip you with the tools that instil new beliefs in your clients, to strengthen and empower them.


It will also help you to understand the workings of the human mind’s neural systems, so you can help your clients to rewire their thought patterns and shift their mindset.


In the story phase [backlink to blog], we looked at how damaging stories can be if clients use them in ways that present themselves as a victim.


By practising the art of positive mental reinforcement, we help clients rewrite these stories to help them unlock and free themselves from the past and become the best version of themselves.



The spiritual pillar of well-being is spiritual is all about helping your clients to shift into a spiritual space where they can find inner strength and peace.


The SET model will teach you how to help your clients connect to a higher power that’s an unrelenting source of unconditional love.


It will help you to help your clients overcome the anxiety of ‘not being enough’.


It will equip you with the tools you need to help your clients gain clarity about their purpose.

And it will show you how to inspire your clients and help them make massive strides forward by reframing their limiting belief systems and avoiding judgemental beliefs, all without challenging their current religious or spiritual beliefs.


The ‘Energy’ section of the SET model is all about getting a clear understanding of how the experiences of your client have come to shape their world view.

It will help you to learn to look through their eyes, so you can their current perception of reality.

By bringing awareness of their previous experiences that we uncovered in the Story phase, you’ll learn to help the client highlight their limiting beliefs and identify their inner critic to help change the story and yield better results.


If you would like to find out more about  intuitive listening, the Soul Awakening Coaching Method and how we can help you become a spiritual life coach and help others to unlock their inner peace and happiness, get in touch today.

And keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, which will focus on the ‘Transformation’ part of the SET model and its importance to the spiritual healing process.


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