Confidence, Power, Self-belief

Fire, flames, heat, brilliant light – the fire aspect is so important when it comes to managing our ability to handle ourselves in difficult situations.  Phrases like ‘feeling frazzled’ and ‘hot tempered’ are part of our everyday vernacular for a reason. The fire aspect plays a pivotal role in helping us find a place of balance, calm and peace no matter what life throws at us.  It’s an area of great power and a resource of strength.

Healing through the Fire aspect:

how to use your life story to heal

spiritual healing chakra

  • If someone is struggling with an underactive fire aspect, it is key for them to work with how they can get more motivation in their lives.  This can be done through practical exercises such as setting and working towards goals with a clear structure in place.
  • Whereas if someone has an overactive Fire aspect they may need to explore some anti-stress techniques to help them achieve calm, patience and acceptance that all will be well.
  • Fire aspect represents who we are in life and how we interact with the physical world, it’s all about our unique individuality and the impression we leave upon the world with our attitude and our actions.  
  • Fire aspect governs the digestive tract, stomach, small intestine, liver and pancreas, and as such it is an area of transformation.
  • Fire represents power, energy and balance, we can work with it by asking ourselves questions such as how is fire manifesting in my life?  How do my thinking patterns represent the elements of fire? Do I think too much? Am I too indifferent?

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