Quite simply, it’s a highly effective and powerful tool that helps you see all the important areas of your life at the same time, and visualise how you want them to be. It’s a great way to see it all laid out and you can examine which areas of your life are flourishing and which need work. It was created by Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation® Institute, Inc. It’s a useful goal-setting tool many coaches will use with their clients.


Despite Paul J. Meyer bringing it to fruition, the concept is nothing new and dates back thousands of years. It is said that the Buddha used an eight-spoked wheel to teach his students enlightenment, and the modern version is credited to Mr. Meyer, himself classed as a self-improvement pioneer.


It’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all tool and can be easily adapted to suit the purpose for each client. The eight categories (or spokes) for improvement are generally:


  1. Family & Friends
  2. Significant Other/Relationship/Romance
  3. Career/Business
  4. Finances
  5. Health
  6. Home Environment
  7. Fun & Leisure/Recreation
  8. Personal Growth/Development


It can really be used so flexibly, and can be drilled down to specific pin-pointed areas where the client feels there is work that needs to be done and improvement to be made. A scaling system will be used to identify current levels of satisfaction within each category, for example, 1 – 10 with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent. Once this has been done the dots of the scaling will be joined up to create a visual picture of how each client feels they’re faring in those areas. If spokes appear to be too broken or jagged, it will highlight problems and issues in their life. It can have a profound effect to see where clients need to re-evaluate priorities and re-align themselves to improve the balance in their life. There may be apparent disparity with certain areas, for example, a client might be working themselves too hard, be suffering from exhaustion and their relationship might be dwindling as a result.


Goals and action will be decided upon in order to redress the balance and help the client achieve a more holistic and whole lifestyle more beneficial to them in every way. It is good to monitor progress and reflect and highly motivational to see when the balance has been restored in those problematic areas.


This method can be incorporated into the Soul Awakening Academy and it’s an ideal starting point and a good way to start the coach-client relationship.

Have a go yourself by rating each life sector with a score of 1-10. Then join up the dots and see how balanced or imbalanced your current life wheel is.

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