Time is not a concept that exists in the brain. You can recall a memory that happened 10 years ago and feel like you are reliving it in the here and now. And something that happened as recently as yesterday can feel like it happened a lifetime ago.

Our early memories imprint themselves into our brains. And our subconscious mind or our deeper mind is responsible for holding most of it. This part of our brain is like the data bank of our hardwiring. It is the super storage system which never gets full and continues to store our memories.

All of your experiences, memories, thoughts, feelings, in fact, anything that has ever happened to you in life is stored in your great data bank the subconscious mind.

The Beginning of Imprinting

Our imprinting and conditioning start as early as in the womb. And up until the age of 7, we are said to be in a theta brain wave state that’s much like a hypnotic trance.

At this stage, we are simply absorbing all of the information being thrown at us. We are like a sponge taking it all in without necessarily making sense of it all. We store this information, even though we don’t realise it.

Have you ever seen a toddler observing their mum and dad talking or arguing? Of course, they don’t understand all the facts of the discussion or argument, but they absorb and store it nonetheless.

As babies, we use our senses to determine our environment by picking up on the moods of others, their facial expressions, and their emotions. The phrase “happy mother, happy baby” does indeed hold some truth. As described by the work of Dr Bruce Lipton, our environment determines everything. How we interpret our environment and the world we live in determines how we feel. Do we feel safe, loved, valued, and respected? Or do we feel unsafe, fearful, alone, untrusting, and taken for granted? Much of how we view the world is determined by how we interpret our environment.

So what is an emotional trigger?

Between the ages of 0 and 7, our foundations are being set by those around us:

Is it safe to be here? Is it safe for me to be me?

Can I trust people?

Can my parents provide for me? Are my needs being met? Am I important?

Can I trust my family? Where do I belong?

The list goes on and on.

During our first seven years, when our first spiritual centre, the root chakra is opening we develop our sense of trust and begin developing our sense of identity. During our next seven years, we spend our days figuring out how we feel about ourselves in relation to others as our second spiritual centre, the sacral chakra is opening.

From ages 7-14 we begin to explore how we feel about ourselves in the world we’re coming to recognize. Do I fit in? Am I acceptable? Who accepts me and who doesn’t? What am I comfortable with?

Other questions we might explore are: what group accepts me? What behaviour gets me accepted? What do I have to do to get my new needs met now that I am no longer a young child? This stage is marked by the desire to belong to a group, tribe, family, or community to feel a sense of safety and belonging.

As our third spiritual centre, the solar plexus chakra is opening between the ages of 14-22, our actions really begin to take precedence. What do we believe is possible for us and our futures? And with all the imprinting we’ve done so far, they now start to show themselves in ways that can either make or break us. We may project our imprints to try and make a name for ourselves. It is how we get recognition form our peers, parents, colleagues, and friends.

Developing False Personas

How we value ourselves in terms of recognition and terms of validation ourselves, come from various unmet needs of the younger child. We may come to form a false persona that gets projected into the world, and that persona is known as our Ego. During this stage, we may hear the internal voice younger negative imprinting that we’ve absorbed from authority figures like our parents, grandparents, siblings or those closest to us. And that voice can either be supportive and nurturing, or negative and critical.

The messages you have received so far will determine your position in life at this age and what you believe is possible for yourself. And how you treat people will be evident on what you are telling yourself about how you need to win or lose in society, at your job, and in your critical relationships.

Eventually, we will find ourselves elevating to a place of both opportunity and transformation. This is a special type of transformation. And it is one that occurs in the heart centre.

As we move along our path in life we may reach a point in time when we start to look inwards for the answers we seek. We may realise that our past is blurring our vision of the future and we need to clear the past to make way for the future.

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