Holistic Coach? Transformational Coach? Relationship Coach? LOA Coach? Life Coach? Health Coach or Therapist? 

If there is such a thing as Transformation HEAVEN, this would be it!

Make a big impact with your clients & have an even bigger impact on the world.


‘The Ultimate Coaching Toolbox is the one thing you need to stand out as a highly successful and well regarded coach in an ever-growing industry of coaches.’ 

Hi I’m Anne-Marie, founder of Soul Awakening Academy™ and I have over 15 years’ experience in leadership coaching, emotional healing, energy work, bio-medicine, medical acupuncture and positive psychology.

Currently, her focus is developing courses in spiritual life coaching and energy healing, by using her background in N.L.P, Hypnotherapy, leadership coaching, Positive Psychology and spirituality. This helps other professionals apply transformational coaching confidently and expertly.

Our Ultimate Coaching Toolbox contains the highest-rated transformational coaching tools that our amazing practitioners use for their own professional development. The pack is used not just in coaching, but in HR, management, teaching and in therapeutic settings too.


40+ Ways to Help Your Clients…

43 to be exact! Practical tools covering a wide range of holistic coaching techniques, emotional intelligence skills, strength finding, resilience skills, life purpose discovery and more including:

emotional balance | gratitude exercises goal motivation | life purpose | 

All tools are rooted in real life experiences and have been tried and tested on clients. Each activity contains practical advice and a detailed description of how to use it to your maximum advantage.

Help others transform their life, career, emotions and relationships.

Transform your clients

Transformational proven methods to increase the well-being of the clients you work with.

Stand out from the crowd

Be known as the go-to person for life changing methods and long-lasting interventions.

Become an expert

Use these tools to add trust, credibility and expertise to your professional arsenal.

Tried & Tested

Our Coaching tools have been tried & tested on hundreds of clients. We know they work and they will work for your clients too!


Customise the Lead Magnets & Ebooks in your own logo & branding (you will need Canva for this).

Become equipped with:

  • Gratitude Exercises: Help clients move past old hurts or feelings of stagnation.
  • Goal Setting Exercises: Increase awareness of action orientation to achieve goals.
  • Understanding Your Goal Motivation:  Identify the personal needs that are satisfied by achieving goals.
  • ​Emotional Healing: Help clients find meaning and resolution in their trauma.
  • Inner-child Healing: Help clients develop greater awareness of their patterns of emotional avoidance and or emotional projection.
  • Positive Emotions: Generate possible ideas and strategies for your client to increase positive emotions in daily life.
  • Emotional Resiliency: Help clients develop the important life skill of bouncing back from adversity.
  • Understanding Your Innate Strengths: Increase awareness of strengths and how to use them effectively. 
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understand and manage emotions effectively for a positive outcome.
  • ​Emotional Resilience Strategies:  Learn how to adapt to whatever life throws at you. Help clients with coping strategies and the ability to bounce back.
  • Rewriting Your Past: Support your clients in understanding that they are not defined by their past and what has happened to them. Help them move forward with courage and conviction.
  • Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desires: Support clients to feel emotionally connected with the world so that they can achieve a fulfilled and positive life.
  • Letting Go of The Past: Teach clients to let go of emotions or thoughts that no longer serve them.
  • Life Satisfaction Scale: Facilitate clients in commutating their feelings and concerns in specific areas of their life.
  • Understanding the Inner Critic: Help people identify what their personal triggers (emotional hot buttons are) and their internal dialogue to effectively address and reframe negative self-talk – so that they can respond more positively and effectively the next time they feel emotionally triggered.
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries with Others:  Help clients work on introducing healthy boundaries within themselves, such as eating habits, addictions and relationships to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.
  • Understanding Your Soul Purpose: Help clients tune in and understand the deeper, transpersonal side to their existence.

Become Driven – Invest in Yourself and Your Business.

This toolbox will help you change your client’s attitude towards everything they do. With easy to follow exercises that can be used in session or given as practical ‘homework’ in-between sessions. The Ultimate Coaching Toolbox gives you the fundamental and transformational principles that help your clients reach success in all key areas of their life:

🌟 Mindset

🌟Goal setting

🌟Emotional resiliency

🌟Healing childhood patterns

🌟Changing habits

🌟Overcoming limiting beliefs

🌟Discovering strengths

🌟Better relationships

🌟Better health

🌟Body image

🌟Learning to love themselves and others

🌟Positive attitude


🌟Creating their best future


Wow your clients, build a loyal following, grow your business & build a strong brand with our stunning workbooks and lead magnets.

Deliver beautiful resources to your clients and use the best tools to promote your practice.

Become recognised as a quality coach, spiritual healer and lightworker with our customisable materials.


I’m in! What can I expect?

Stand-out e-books, healing guides and lead magnets to build your dream client list. It couldn’t be easier; we provide all of the info and you add your branding and logo. It’s all downloadable too, so you can access your stellar materials straight away!

Products that look amazing and are instantly accessible. The perfect way to sell your services, workshops or courses.

Created by a coach for a coach! You can guarantee that this is relevant and accessible for spiritual healers because I use the material myself.


What will this help me with?

Make a fabulous first impression and create the impact you need to help you stand-out as an expert in your field.

Become known for delivering high-quality materials – without the need for an expensive designer.

Attract customers by innovative and engaging content.

Create buy-in for your wonderful services.  People need to know you exist in the world, and this helps you with promotion.

Save yourself valuable time and energy by letting us do the hard-work and giving you a tried and tested (and absolutely beautiful!) template.


Sounds perfect for me, what’s next!

It’s so easy! Click the button below and enter your details. Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll be emailed a link to access our bespoke member area. Everything you need will be right there in a private and curated place along with your coaching toolbox.

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What You Get

💫 The Ultimate Chakra Healing Guide

💫 Raise Your Vibration Workbook

💫 Law of Attraction – The Ultimate Manifesting Workbook

💫 The Ultimate Affirmation Workbook & Healing Guide


Do I need any special software?

Not at all, that’s the beauty of our materials. Simply create or access your free Canva account to access the template and you’ll be adding your own unique branding to the content in no time!

Content can be downloaded or printed, whatever works best for you! You can also adapt the template to get custom materials…and you have unlimited access too, so the only limit is your imagination!

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