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Are you one of the 99% of women who wake up in the morning only to live a life half full?

Do you want to grow your business effortlessly with more clients, creativity, income, and impact?

Are you ready to connect with your business, clear blocks, refine your offers, establish pricing, and align with your ideal clients?

The result? A beautifully aligned, levelled-up business ready to expand.


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For Women Ready To Step Into Their Greatness.

An Expansive V.I.P Exclusive to Carve & Create Your Ideal Life.

You’re here because you can’t ignore the voice that wonders…

When is it going to be my time to shine?… To feel whole? …..To feel unconditionally loved and valued for who I am? This was once me. I felt lost and damaged and although very successful I felt empty and unloved. I knew my past was defining my future yet I couldn’t find a way out.

If you are waiting for the world to tell you that you are good enough to do that big scary thing that pushes you towards your greatness, then you will be waiting a long time. Long enough that your entire life might pass you by.

Ready to ditch the self-sabotage and step into the light of your true power?

Then join me for an exclusive V.I.P coaching day and emerge transformed!

Alchemy of the chakras


Do you ever feel

If you feel any of the following the V.I.P Transformation Day  is for you:


You know you have a level of greatness that has yet to be uncovered?


You keep repeating the same mistakes and you are ready to finally face it?


You know you have a greater calling but you're not clear on what that is?


Feel like you are not good enough to step into your true power?


Struggle with self doubt, perfectionism or worrying what others think of you?


Fear being visible as who you really are?


That no matter how hard you work, you just can’t get ahead?


Want to discover your true authentic self but don't know how?

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Let me take you on a journey of inner-personal transformation.

Let’s change your story and live a life full of purpose.

Alchemy of the chakras

But deciding that you are worthy of your desires is not as simple as flicking a switch in your mind

You need to be 100% ready to let go of your current story…..

For many women, our “worthy” (or unworthy) stories are written early in life. These early childhood stories become hard-wired beliefs that we live by.

Maybe you had to be the perfect child and now you feel the intense pressure to always be perfect in everything you do…or maybe you were put on a pedestal only to be shamed, judged or criticised for making a mistake…or maybe you had to compete for love and now find it hard to trust or feel satisfied in a relationship. 

And although none of this is your fault you keep repeating the same cycle of thoughts and experiences like a hamster frantically running on the wheel, exhausted and burnt out – only to find at the end you’re standing in the place you started, forever a prisoner.

This V.I.P Transformation day will take you on a journey of self-healing & personal transformation so  you ditch the self-sabotage and become the most evolved version of yourself.

Are you ready to give yourself the best life gift ever?

Everything you need to know about chakras

Align to your highest potential


How it works……

Held in a  City Centre venue, we will spend the day together for profound and lasting results. This V.I.P Transformation Intensive is designed to activate an empowering energetic awakening, access the soul’s divine wisdom, release untapped potential & create extraordinary growth in your life & business.

You will have access to pre-work before we meet and a gudied program to complete during our time together. You will then contiune with the process at home once our time together is over and we will conclude with a follow up call a week later.

Working on your inner personal transformation you will go forward with a clear sense of direction, inner confidence and purpose. You will see and feel the impact in every aspect of your life or business.

On this V.I.P Transformation Day, you will learn everything you need to know about the exact elements of your personality that awaken you to your true self.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve got big dreams and a bold vision for what you’re ready to create next. But putting yourself out there feels too scary. 
  • You’re craving real love and deep connections, but you don’t feel fully seen, heard or understood by those around you. 
  • You’ve reached a level of success… but it doesn’t feel the way you thought it would and you’re still searching for more.
  • You’ve tried coaching, read all the self-help books, and taken the classes and retreats yet nothing really worked…and now you’re ready to do the shadow work and end the story inside your head so you can finally become the person you are meant to be.

In the words of Martin Luther King, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

You must believe that change is possible and practice becoming the change you wish to be by embodying the values of the person you are becoming.

Imagine being in complete energetic flow in your life, business and relationships. 

She is gentle and very supportive, and the course is great for someone who is looking to change their life. Life is all about giving and receiving, and that when we impact life of others our life is feeling more fulfilled. – JELENA


Take The Next Step

Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you ready to uplevel your life to create extraordinary growth​ that is more aligned with your soul’s purpose?

“The most life changing experience I have ever experienced!”

So grateful that I had this opportunity to join Anne Marie’s training. She is the most loving human being and very experienced in her field. Only love for her and her team. – Christiane from Conscious Women.

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Transforming your mindset for 


Life has a habit of wearing us down. We work long hours, have demanding family lives and feel the pressure of society around us at all times. How we look, how we should react, how we should feel and what we should eat. 

All these pressures lead us to exhaustion and anxiety but there is a way to change how we feel and react to life’s many challenges.

Revolutionise your emotions & mindset, rewrite your life and conquer your wellbeing once and for all with my powerful and intensive Sacred Wellness program.

Equip yourself with the self-care tools, wellness techniques and personalised coaching support to help you make lasting, positive progress. With a focus on clarity, balance, fulfillment and defining and achieving success, you can unlock your inner power and get behind the driving seat in every area of your life.



Change how you see yourself

Change how you think 

Change how you feel

Change how you react & respond

Experience better relationships

Feel calm and at one with the world




Are you ready to create the life you deserve?

Start now with my FREE Wellness Planner. Packed full of helpful advice, check lists and affirmations, it is the perfect companion to start your new journey to a better you. 

Track your goals, your mood, your feelings and set time aside just for you. Set your intentions, monitor how you feel and remind yourself what you are grateful for so that you can build healthy habits to increase your energy and boost your self-esteem.   

Get instant access to my digital Wellness Planner NOW and step into a new you.

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