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Ready to Claim Your Stake in the $20 Billion Coaching Industry?

Access the Keys to My Multi-Six-Figure Global Empire and Launch Your Own Training Academy Using My Exact Blueprint.

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Introducing the Six-Figure Transformational Life Coach Training Program

Everything You Need to Launch and Sell Your Very Own Life Coach Training & Certification Program for Ultimate Recurring Revenue.

  • Access my entire course used to train and certify hundreds of global life coaches.

  • Build a multi-six-figure training academy with research-backed techniques.
  • Propel emerging life coaches to success with comprehensive, done-for-you content.

Run Your Own Transformational Life Coach Academy, Create a Lasting Legacy, Gain Credibility and Ensure Sustainability.



You’re great at what you do, but you know you’re barely scratching the surface of your potential…

Ready to Unleash Your Potential & Transform Your Business into a Multi Six-Figure Training Academy? 

Discover the Secret to Financial Success in Coaching.

Have you ever wondered what sets a self-made entrepreneur apart?

Here’s the thing…It’s not just about mastering your craft; the secret to true success lies in moving the needle and teaching others how to master it too.

For many aspiring coaches, the vision of running a successful Life Coach Academy—where they certify ambitious coaches and generate a passive six to seven-figure income—remains just out of reach, a tantalising dream.

But what if that dream could become your reality?

The coaching industry is a $20 Billion dollar a-year industry. And the best way to make money from this lucrative industry is to leverage your skills to train others to become coaches.

In the digital age, the smart move is shifting from ‘doing’ to ‘teaching’—mastering the art of sharing your skills online. But, creating your own certification program is a massive undertaking, often taking months, if not years, of hard work.

Here’s where the game changes for you.

I’m offering you the keys to my multi-figure business, and strategy that propelled me from one-on-one coaching sessions to leading a top-tier Transformational Life Coach Training & Certification School. This school hasn’t just achieved multiple six-figure success; it has garnered rave reviews and sustained client demand. Now, I’m ready to hand over this proven business-in-a-box so you can establish your own legacy-making academy.

This isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a turnkey solution to transforming your coaching career. With this comprehensive system, you can bypass years of trial and error and start building your empire today. Don’t just be a coach—be a creator of coaches and an architect of success.

Are you ready to step up, stand out in the $20 billion coaching industry, and turn your dream into an actionable, profitable reality? Let’s make it happen together.

This is the missing link that will help you generate a six-figure coaching business.

spiritual coaching courses



Discover the Ultimate Shortcut to Profiting from the Coaching Industry’s Explosive Growth!



A Complete Transformational Life Coach Training Program.

Transform your dream of running a successful Life Coach Academy into reality with our comprehensive, customisable white label course.


A Multi-Purpose and Multiple Recurring Revenue Stream!

Save time with our turnkey solution, avoiding the hassle of content creation and enjoying streamlined student management, complete with optional web and e-learning platforms.


All The Resources You Need.

This package includes everything from modules and presentations to workbooks and quizzes, all ready to be branded as your own.

The Blueprint to a Multi-Six Business.

Don’t worry about expertise; we provide all the resources and support you need. Start your journey to a lucrative coaching business with our Transformational Life Coach Academy Business-in-a-Box, and step into multi-six-figure success.

Your Coaching Business is About to Soar!

This Is More Than Just a Course…


Unlock immediate access to Anne-Marie’s expert insights and ready-made business-in-a-box 6-Module Transformational Life Coach Training Program that can uplevel you from Coach to esteemed Life Coach Training Academy.

This transformative program offers seamless brand integration for steady income and a white-label option for marketing under your own brand, drawing in aspiring life coaches to your academy.

This isn’t about working harder; it’s about building a thriving business and creating a life you love

Whether it’s wealth, happiness, or success, “Transformational Life Coach Academy” hands you the tools to bring them into your life, and then some. 

And with resell rights, this one-time purchase could be the start of your own thriving business. 

Whether selling it as a full training and certification curriculum, blending it with your unique material, or repurposing content into a cost-effective, low tickets courses for substantial revenue, you hold the key to success.

Gain everything you need: comprehensive modules, presentations, training notes, workbooks, manuals, assignments, activities, contracts, onboarding and welcome email templates, and more. Enjoy the freedom to sell and teach this accredited course with your branding.

Equip yourself with all the tools, strategies, and resources required to turn your vision into reality and drive your coaching business to extraordinary, multi-six-figure success with our Transformational Life Coach Academy Business-in-a-Box.

This Is For You If:

Mindset for Success
We recommend Westminster Global, who are specialists in providing insurance for distance and online courses. You’ll also receive a discount for being one of our students if you follow this link!


Living life on your terms, you’ve overcome past challenges to build a prosperous future and are now poised for your most significant uplevel yet, ready to help others excel.



You have been dreaming of shifting from working one to one, to one-to-many but haven’t had the time or energy to scale your business (and perhaps are not sure where to start!).



You have felt called to scale your business, but want the blueprint from and expert who has proven results with creating and selling courses.



Extend your influence and deepen your practice with sustainable success.

“Simply fantastic!

Well structured, easily accessible, thorough content and really enjoyable” 

I’m so pleased that I made the choice to study with the Soul Awakening Academy and I’m already looking at further courses to expand my teaching capabilities. thank you!

Emma Riddick

what’s INCLUDED?


meditation teacher diploma course

Module 1: Mastery of the Mind


Learn and Teach:

Gain expertise in understanding the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious layers of the mind.

Explore mindset techniques for reprogramming thought patterns and reshaping reality.

Grounded in the evidence-based principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

meditation teacher diploma course

Module 2 - Changing Behaviours and Changing Lives

Learn and Teach:

  • Develop and teach the skills to foster positive psychology and a resilient mindset in your clients.
  • Grasp the critical role of values and beliefs in shaping attitudes and behaviors.
  • Learn and impart techniques like visualization, a powerful tool to help clients break free from limiting beliefs and embrace strong, empowering values.
  • This knowledge is essential for guiding clients towards more positive, fulfilling life experiences.”
meditation teacher diploma course

Module 3: Coaching Skills & Managing the Coach/Client Relationship

Learn and Teach:

  • Explore and impart the essentials of a successful coaching practice, encompassing the 12 key skills fundamental to effective coaching.
  • Gain insights into the art of fostering a strong client-coach relationship.
  • Delve into the person-centered approach pioneered by Carl Rogers, prioritizing empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard within the coaching dynamic.
  • Enhance your understanding and application of these crucial coaching principles.”


meditation teacher diploma course

Module 4 – Setting Goals, Enhancing Behaviour & Challenging Limitations

Learn and Teach:

  • Master the art of goal-setting, a critical driver of client success.
  • Develop a deep understanding of pivotal coaching frameworks: GROW, SMART, and the Wheel of Life.
  • These models provide structured approaches to help clients define clear, achievable objectives and navigate their journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

meditation teacher diploma course

Module 5 – Advanced Coaching Skills - Feedback, Belief & Motivation

Learn and Teach:

  • Improve your ability to give effective feedback to clients and assess your coaching style.
  • Teach students to critically evaluate their thoughts and overcome limiting beliefs, enhancing personal and professional growth for both you and your clients. 
  • Master techniques to identify and challenge limiting beliefs.
  • Instruct students on helping clients break free from self-imposed limitations.
  • Empower clients to achieve personal empowerment and success.

meditation teacher diploma course

Module 6 – Becoming a Practitioner

Learn and Teach:

Educate students on the ethical guidelines and professional standards of life coaching.

    • Emphasise the importance of maintaining client confidentiality and trust.
    • Prepare them to uphold the highest standards in their coaching practice.
    • Equip them to navigate complex ethical dilemmas that may arise in coaching relationships.
    • Help students master the art of empowering clients to identify goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve meaningful change.
    • Provide practical tools and techniques for effective coaching sessions.
meditation teacher diploma course

Module 7 - Business Building Templates

  • New Student Email Templates
  • Student Intake Form
  • Graduating Students Email Templates
  • Certificate Templates
  • Feedback Form After Course Completion
  • Templates for Students
meditation teacher diploma course

Module 8 - (Bonus) Marketing Your Course


  • Student Intake Form
  • Graduating Students Email Templates
  • Certificate Templates
  • Feedback Form After Course Completion
  • Templates for Student
  • Exploring Effective Strategies to Launch and Market Your Online Course
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lucrative Lead Magnets
  • Harnessing the Power of Social Media
  • Launching Your Course
  • Event Marketing
  • Putting It All Together: Your Marketing Strategy Checklist
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Social Media Toolkit

Become an Expert in Your Field

This course provides you with the tools and techniques to become an expert in your field. Get certified today and start your career development journey.

wellness coach

Transformation Life Coach – Course in a Box

Start your journey today!


Become a Teacher of Transformational Life Coaching & Start A Rewarding Career in Less Than 6 Months.

Hi, I’m Anne-Marie. I have been training Life Coaches for several years and after training hundreds of coaches Worldwide I am now offering this incredible course as a White Label, Business-in-A-Box to coaches who are dedicated in offering high quality training to others.

Transform your dream of running a successful Life Coach Academy into reality with our comprehensive, customisable white label course and start your journey to a lucrative coaching business with our Transformational Life Coach Academy Business-in-a-Box, and step into multi-six-figure success.


It was broken down into lovely bite size pieces which really gave me time to reflect and absorb in-between each module.

What is also brilliant is that even after passing you can still access your course and use it like a hand book . I thoroughly recommend The Soul Academy.

I am now doing my second course with them Chakra Healing.

Alix McGill

By The End Of The Course You Will Have…


A ready-made Transformation Life Coach Certification Program fully equipped to enable you to start your own training academy! Imagine having a training course that you can immediately start using to earn a recurring revenue stream.


Live online ‘Train the Trainer’ teaching you the 12 key-skills of Life Coaching.

Lifetime access to all recordings and materials.

Workbooks and Check Lists to keep you on track.

✓Access 6 modules packed with resources including instructor manuals, lesson plans, student assignments and more.

✓Access step-by-step guides on running your business, structuring classes, and mentoring students. 

Learn the techniques, theoretical models, and background behind the art of life coaching backed by scientific research.

✓Access the right to sell and teach this accredited course using your own branding.




Learn how to meditate



An impactful yet easy revenue stream


A comprehensive course for training aspiring life coaches


Training that can transform you into a confident and credible life coach trainer


Access to a community of professional life coach trainers around the world


A ready made business model for setting up your own life coach training academy


Use the content to design your own training programs if you wish.



I found Soul Awakening Academy during a dark period of my life. What started as a journey to self discovery has now blossomed into a booming career as a Spiritual Life Coach. I can’t thank Anne-Marie enough for all that she’s done, and is still doing!! She’s the 1st online tutor who I’ve found to have the best interest at heart when it comes to her students.


What our Students are


meditation course

Marilyn M

meditation training course

Gail B

meditation teacher diploma course

Alix M

meditation teacher diploma course

Amy J

meditation teacher diploma course

Fiona M



To attend this training you must be a coach and certified by a credible school. If you are not yet a Coach you can take our training here at a reduced rate.

What accreditation does the course carry?

The course, as provided, has been accredited as a level 4 Diploma the IAPC&M and is also accredited with the IPHM. Once you purchase the white label course pack and set up your business, you will need to apply in your own name to the IAPC&M and the IPHM to get your course officially accredited under your own academy’s name if you so choose. We provide you with guidance and specimen letters to help you do that.

Can I edit and offer the materials as my own course?

Yes, all materials aimed at the practitioner are provided blank so it can be edited and sold as your own, allowing you to deliver the training as you prefer. This includes the slides, participant workbook, any additional email templates and forms for the practitioner.

Can I put my name as the author?

Yes! But, if you’re using any pre-recorded videos you should add that you partnered with The Soul Awakening Academy® to create this course.

Can this course be sold as part of my own product?

Yes, once you purchase the course you may sell it as your own for the purpose of training aspiring life coaches. You do not have the right to sell this as White Label.

Can I resell this White Label course as it is along with all its materials to other aspiring life-coach trainers?

No, reselling falls outside of the rights for this White Label. You may sell the course under your name to teach life coach practitioners, but you cannot sell the White Label course itself.

Can I share or give away this White Label course for free?

No, this too falls outside of the White Label rights.

Do I have translation rights?

No, you cannot translate this course into another language at this time.

Can I transfer the Copyright?


Can I publish or provide the trainer materials as part of my product or resell it in any way?

No, these materials are supporting materials for the trainer only and can only be used by the person or company who purchased the White Label.

All materials will remain the copyright of the Soul Awakening Academy®. When in doubt, please contact us at [email protected].

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