Soul Mate, Compassion, Unconditional Love

Love is one of the most natural yet profound feelings we can experience in life, whether it’s familial love, romantic love, culinary love, the love of a pet, we all experience love in our lives continually and without question,

It is a force unto itself. The love aspect when it comes to the spirit is connected to expansion, a breaking down of boundaries and a recognition that there’s a force that is much bigger than the self and in fact the universe is full of this connected compassion. You cannot become a spiritual life coach without compassion and love. 

love and compassion

fourth chakra

Here we can see how the Love aspect can be worked with and enhanced:

  • People who are experiencing an underactive Love aspect may need to re-connect and work with the energies of their heart and the emotional wisdom that can be found in this area.  This may require some healing work to correct any trauma and hurt that may be blocking the way.
  • If a client is struggling with an overactive Love aspect may need to do some work on ascertaining their patterns of giving and receiving, do they tend to be too empathetic? Are they too giving of themselves?  These people may be neglectful of themselves and need to work through that.
  • The desires of our hearts and our passions in life are so important, if a person feels they are not driven by these passions they may feel unfulfilled and a deep feeling of discontent. When our hearts are in true alignment it is a nourishment for body and soul.
  • The love aspect governs our circulation, hearts, lungs, blood cells, veins, arteries, capillaries and lymph nodes.
  • The power of oxygen that also courses through us is connected to the Love aspect.
  • It’s worthwhile looking within and ask questions about this area – what lives in your heart? If your heart was a kingdom, what is the ruler like, kind or needy or imposing?  Do you love yourself – how do you show yourself love?

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