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Become an Accredited Health & Wellness Coach in the next 6 months.

  • Be fully certified as a coach with an internationally accredited qualification and start earning whilst you train.
  • Have a schedule of paying coaching clients who you are supporting.
  • Be feeling incredibly confident in your skills as a coach and abilities to get your clients results.
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  • Learn online and study at your own pace.

If you are ready to allow your dreams to be bigger than your fears and say yes to the path you are meant for then we'd love to support you.

This online course will teach you all about holistic health & wellness. You will gain a detailed knowledge of wellness itself and how imbalances are caused in a person. You will learn how to set wellness goals and use various practices to achieve these. You will also learn how to apply these skills as a Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner and market your own business.

Original price was: £1,500.00.Current price is: £795.00.


No prior knowledge of Life Coaching, Health or Mind/Body therapy is required to enrol in this course – making it ideal for those who are new to exploring this exciting helping discipline!



On completion of the course, you may apply for your Health & Wellness Coach Accreditation with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, (IPHM) and gain a discount on insurance for your practice.


Time Scale

This course takes on average 3 – 6 months to complete. You have 2 years in which to complete the course from the time you start.


What you will learn:

  • Understand how feelings and emotions create your reality—this will give you the power to change how you experience life!
  • Adopt a new way of seeing the world.
  • Learn some simple energy-shifting techniques that can leave you calm and at peace instead of frustrated next time you encounter a challenging person or situation.

Course Syllabus

A brief history of Psychology

How do we become the very best version of ourselves?

What can we learn if life is so difficult?

You are becoming the Very Best You

Why we become stuck

Cultivating the right mindset

Create your ideal life

Emotions, goals and motivation

Understanding our emotions

How your body responds to your emotions

What affects our emotions

Coping with our emotions, good and bad

Emotional Management Exercise

What Drives Our Behaviour

What drives our behaviour?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Our Human Needs

Human Needs Activity

Mind reprogramming and stress responses

Reprogramming your mind with neuroscience

The Different Levels of the Mind

The Three-Layered Brain

What can prevent our growth?

How can we change the status quo?

What can causes an automatic emotional response?

Discover your limiting beliefs & letting go

Your Amazing Body

Sacred Breath & the Vagus Nerve

What does the Vagus nerve affect?

Understanding Hormones

Endocrine & Hormones

Understanding our Chakras and Organs

What is E.F.T

Using E.F.T in your sessions

EFT The Procedure

The Science of EFT

Chakra’s EFT

Weight Loss EFT

Find your Purpose EFT

Positivity EFT

EFT for Pain

Money Block EFT

What is Meditation?

The purpose of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

How Meditation effects the brain

Loving Kindness Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

Rocking Chair Meditation

Meditation Scripts

The Being Meditation

Inner Light Meditation

What is Holistic Health?

What is Wellness?

What Can You Help With as a Mind-Body Coach?

What is coaching

How coaching works

Whys coaching is the fastest growing industry

The differences in coaching, counselling & mentoring

Why coaching is the fastest growing industry

The coaching leaders

The person-centred approach

Nutrition & Wellness

A Holistic Approach to Eating

Organic Living

Raw Food

Juices, Superfood & Shakes

Mood & Food Tracker

Empowering the client

Finding your niche

Getting known

Soul Awakening Academy Code of Ethics

The Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner Diploma Course will expand your knowledge of the wellness concept that is Holistic Health – giving you a concrete understanding of the philosophies and principles that govern holistic approaches to mental, physical & spiritual health & healing. This foundational knowledge sets you on a solid grounding to begin your journey in becoming a skilled and successful independent practitioner.

We are witnessing a significant growth in the demand for professional Health Coaches worldwide. This is not surprising considering the worsening global health statistics.

The global Health Coach market size was estimated at USD 14.48 billion in 2021 and is predicted to rise to over USD 25.95 billion by 2030.

As a Health Coach you will work with clients to find the right nutrition plan and dietary approach for them.  You’ll create a new set of healthy lifestyle habits underpinned by a powerful vision for health and a newfound level of motivation and commitment.

You can typically coach clients to:  make vital improvements to their diet, cut back on sugar and stimulants, improve sleep, create a new exercise and fitness routine they can enjoy, reduce stress, organise time with a default diary to create all important ‘me’ time, create strategies to improve feelings of wellbeing and happiness, lose weight, reduce pain and symptoms, increase confidence, find a new life purpose and much more.

Essentially a Health Coach is able to coach clients on any change that will improve their overall physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Health Coaches can also set fun challenges, turning what has traditionally been seen as a restrictive and boring ‘should-be-healthier’ process, into a life changing, fun and exciting experience, tracking and celebrating successes along the way.

Health Coaches use an array of Coaching & Energy Psychology techniques. Energy Psychology is a mind-body approach to understanding and improving human functioning.

Energy psychology focuses on the relationship between the mind & body and our mental functions involving thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviour.

Energy psychology focuses on the interrelationship of energy systems, emotion, behaviour, psychopathology and health. These systems include the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras and biofields.

Energy is the blueprint, the infrastructure, the invisible foundation for the health of your body.

Your body is composed of energy pathways and energy centres that are in a dynamic interplay with your cells, organs, moods, and thoughts. If you can shift these energies you can shift your health, emotions, and state of mind…

Original price was: £1,500.00.Current price is: £795.00.