According to the Oxford Dictionary, transformation is: “A marked change in form, nature or appearance.” That can mean a whole raft of different things and you can bet that everybody will have their own translation, their own meaning of what it is. Perhaps one of the most significant transformations that we know of is that of the caterpillar to the butterfly. Retreating into its own silky cocoon, the caterpillar later emerges as the beautiful butterfly, radically transforming its body.


For spiritual life coaches, the transformational style of coaching encompasses the following key themes:




Digging deep into the psyche of the client, digging around to discover their attitudes, beliefs, values, assumptions and expectations, how they tick, what and how they think.




This is building upon the assumption that as humans we are whole and unbroken, and we are armed with the resources, tools and knowledge to fix aspects within us that are broken, that is not complete.




There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The competent coach realises they need to apply various methods to ensure the client benefits to maximum effect.




Realising that humans are holistic and physical and psycho-social factors need to be taken into account to form the bigger picture.



The Soul Awakening Method applies the transformational coaching style and seeks to awaken the butterfly and set it free from the cocoon.

Ready to make your own inner transformation?