How do you become a spiritual life coach?

Written by Anne M
January 7, 2024

When you think of the word ‘coach’ it’s quite a powerful term which can be used so broadly and can encompass many different styles. The beauty of coaching is that it’s so unique, so diverse, and can be tailored to every individual, depending on their circumstances, what they want to achieve and get out of it and can be the very conduit to bring about many positive facets of health and wellbeing that they might be craving. It’s a tool that can be utilised to do so much and have a long-lasting impact. As a coach, there’s no better feeling and sense of accomplishment to see the fire reignite in someone’s belly, the smile behind their eyes and their soul lighting up, and knowing you’ve played some part in that process, of being part of their transformation, guiding them on a holistic journey. To help a person attain their true potential is a special gift and extremely rewarding.


Performance coaching has definitely grown as a discipline. You would maybe usually associate it with top athletes; being spurred on to deliver that gold medal-winning performance or to hold aloft a sparkling trophy. Nowadays, it can be applied anywhere in the workplace and a method used to encourage mental mastery; assisting someone to be the best they can be and to hit their goals and targets.


Executive leadership coaching unleashes the potential in managers and leaders and, in turn, gives them the tools to bring it out of others. This can empower them to accelerate achievement, maximise potential, challenge their existing goals and aspirations, and make decisions.


To quote Rumi, ‘The inspiration you seek is already within you.’ Rumi was regarded as one of the greatest spiritual masters and poetical intellects. His ethos can certainly be applied when you dig deeper and look at the concepts of what life coaching is, and you can see his quote is accurate. Life coaching centres on encouraging and counselling people on aspects of their personal and professional life. It has the power to allow the client to experience moments of huge profoundness and clarity, to find the answers they were seeking, and the life coach is there to simply tease them out. Going back to Rumi and what he believed, the answers are already there even though they may well be hidden or buried deep inside. Along the way, people will not only find practical answers, they’ll alter the way they see themselves, how others see them, and how they view the world. They’re empowered to focus on the most important relationship a person can ever have – with themselves – and learn to love and accept who they are.


So what exactly is this style of transformational life coaching? The Soul Awakening Academy offers accredited UK life coach courses which will enable you to help people transform their lives for the better. Being a spiritual life coach is one of the professions that truly does serve job satisfaction. At the very heart of transformation is the ability to see a person change for the better, for them to recognise and acknowledge that their actions and behaviours may have hindered them and others, stripped them of their self-esteem, their get-up-and-go and their confidence. They may feel they’re a shadow of their former self and have an aching desire to reawaken their soul, their purpose and their spirit. To unease a heavy burden weighing them down to such an extent, they can barely function or are running on auto-pilot. As a life coach, you get to play a part in their rediscovery, setting them on the right path towards a positive, fruitful, beneficial future. Arming them with coping mechanisms and tools they will carry forward. You will see them shine, rise up and become who they want to be. What do life coaches make? They can make anything between £50 to £500 + per session, depending on the duration and aspects involved. Not only can it provide financial rewards, it can transform your own life and give you clarity, sense of self, allow you to live abundantly and thrive, and ignite much-needed passion.


Spirituality doesn’t need to have a religious connotation; it just means there’s an urge to explore or discover your higher purpose. So, what is a Soul Awakening spiritual life coach? You’re helping others change their life by working on that deeper level, delving into their innate beliefs, what makes them tick, and empowering them to reconnect with themselves, their soul, who they are and want to be. You’re aiding them to look at the laws of the universe and use them effectively to achieve want they want and crave out of life. You’re empowering them to put it out there in the universe to manifest into reality. If they’re open, the possibilities are limitless, beautiful, life-changing and mind-blowing.

The Soul Awakening Method applies various intertwining spiritual and researched based techniques such as positive psychology and spiritual theories which have been blended together to create a new paradigm in spiritual coaching, a three-step coaching model  S.E.T.,where you’ll thrive and become a highly effective coach for your clients, resulting in the best possible experience for them. You’ll look at the seven chakras, opening them up to holistic energy healing, giving much sought-after balance and grounding. You’ll study archetypes – recognisable patterns of power within a person – and create understanding and empowerment. You’ll work with them to identify patterns of negative and unhealthy reinforced behavioural conditioning and how to alter them.


The Soul Awakening’s Method of spiritual life coaching could be the career you’ve been looking for and will help you to reach your own potential, shape a life you love living and create a positive future filled with passion, drive and purpose. Not only will you become highly trained by a credible and trusted top practitioner and spiritual coach, Anne-Marie Mayers, you’ll get a coaching toolkit, transformational techniques and client assessments so you’re basically ready to go; you can start to help others enrich their lives immediately, what a blessed incentive. You’ll receive a market-leading package of support and our exclusive Business Ascension package offers higher levels of support and aftercare, equipping you to accelerate your business so you can empower others to improve and enhance their quality of life, including social media profile and free listing on our life coach directory.


The fully accredited Soul Awakening Academy’s Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychology Diploma covers components of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Chakra Work, Emotional Freedom Technique and Spiritual Coaching – everything you will need to support your clients acknowledge and clarify their needs, burning desires, and aspirations. It really is an enriching way to earn a living and the benefits are huge and can have such a positive impact on all areas of your own life.


Ready to become a spiritual life coach?


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