The Definitive Guide to Spiritual Life Coaching: All You’ll Ever Need to Know

Written by Anne M
January 6, 2024

If you have a deep desire to change any aspect of your life then a spiritual life coach is just the person to help you reach your dreams and live the life you have always craved. In essence, they can help you to find yourself, discover your true and meaningful purpose, and show you a wonderful way to get there. They yearn to make people feel happy, content, fulfilled and love nothing more than getting the opportunity to see you shine and thrive. The key to your happy place, your hopes and dreams, spurs them on. They show you how to use the world’s best-ever kept secret – the universal laws. Applying these will skyrocket your aspirations, give you multiple reasons to leap out of bed in the morning, and show you the path of a divine life crammed with abundance everywhere you seek.


Spiritual life coaches know how to make things happen and live by spiritual principles. It doesn’t have anything to do with religion. You just need an open mind and a desire to connect with your soul. If you can set your soul on fire and awaken deep burning desires, you will definitely be on the way to happiness.


A spiritual life coach is able to help you own your mistakes, your flaws, your imperfections, and take full responsibility for them. They are able to steer any negativity away and instead replace with something more meaningful and positive. What we give our attention and time to grows; it can start out as a tiny seed of despair or negativity and end up being a huge tree spiralling out of control. A coach can help shift stubborn patterns of behaviour and attitudes into something productive and beneficial.


We find that we can’t always open up; we might be scared of being judged, frightened of being ridiculed, not sure how to verbalise what’s going on inside our head, we could be struggling with something very personal. We might not be able to chat with our family, friends and loved ones about it. When we are able to open up, possibly to a counsellor, we don’t get the chance to question our life in a meaningful way. We feel lost like we are floating along with no real supporting anchor or purpose keeping our head above the choppy waters. A spiritual life coach will challenge our core beliefs, open the door to spiritual growth, compassion, love, empathy, gratitude. Our lives will become fuller and richer in ways we possibly couldn’t have imagined. We needn’t be ashamed of wrong choices or bad decisions, a coach will simply acknowledge this is part and parcel of life, and where you go from that point to move forward.


If you’ve ever wondered why certain things keep happening to you, why you just can’t catch a break, it’s vital to understand there may be spiritual and energetic blockages you need to deal with, allowing yourself to become free. We can often have a distorted view of the world and we may label ourselves as the victim. A spiritual life coach is there to help us heal and to become whole, and we will learn to see that life can be beautiful, gratifying, precious and bountiful.

The experience of spiritual life coaching could undoubtedly be one of the most enriching things you ever do so it must be done right with the right coach. The two of you will be working closely together on extremely personal issues – issues you may never have disclosed to anyone – and you have to do your research and find the most effective fit. Coaches respect the beliefs, spiritual or otherwise, of everyone and will be encompassing, but you must be on the right page. If you belong to a particular religious group, you may not get the most out of the experience if you hold differing beliefs. Take your time to find the right and most suitable one. On the flip side, you may not be religious or have never really thought about your beliefs. Coaching can bring this to the surface and can aid you to discover more about what completes you, adding another jigsaw piece to the puzzle.


One of the key components of engaging with a spiritual life coach is TRUST, it is essential. You are about to invest an awful lot of energy, time and money into this process. Feeling comfortable and able to easily open up is vital. Even if the search takes longer, it is wise to do so as the last thing you want is to end up dejected and hopeless because it’s not an effective and beneficial coach-client partnership. Monumental change can only happen when you are prepared to strip yourself back to become your truest self, even if it leaves you vulnerable and exposed. To be true to yourself is part of the healing journey. You can only do this with someone you implicitly trust. They will teach you to learn to trust yourself and your intuition. Once you find that fit and get that click, it will feel magical. It is the beginning of a journey of discovery where you will reap so many rewards.


It can quite literally change your life and possibly blow your mind as all the fragments appear to fit together, slowly but surely, to bring about a new-found appreciation and perspective of spiritual wholeness. When you build bricks and they slot together to show you the way forward and the path to a holistic life bursting with wealth, health and happiness, it will be remarkable. Some goals won’t be quantifiable or defined, and the beauty of working with a spiritual life coach is that it is their job to help you find the wholeness and the fulfilment you seek, the joy you have been screaming out for, the connection to your higher self and to the infinite universe.


Coaches will use many healing techniques that will be tailored and bespoke to you and this is hugely significant. They are your trusted mentor and will know what to do and how to do it for you to spiritually grow and heal and to best suit your needs. Some techniques include:


  • Reiki – a hands-on healing approach boosting energy levels in various parts of your body, using the seven Chakra points. It works by restoring the balance in energy to those body parts and ailments.
  • Chakra Healing – chakras are energy points in our body that relate to health areas and emotions. If they are blocked it can lead to physical ailments, stress, tension, anxiety, etc.
  • Crystal Healing – can be used to complement Chakra Healing and focuses on specific areas of the body that relate to where the Chakras are. The crystals are charged with healing energy and can be used to treat different illnesses.
  • Bach Flower Remedies – they can be used to get rid of physical and emotional struggles and are made up of a mix of various flowers.


To sum up, spiritual life coaching can work wonders for you and alter your life in so many areas. You will shed the shackles of past emotional trauma, rid yourself of debilitating behaviours and actions, and you will be the creator of your own life. You are the author and it is only correct that you write each chapter of the story and make your existence as fulfilling as you can, and what coaching will prove to you is that opportunities are limitless. The universal laws are there to create a life you are proud to live and love living. You will be connected to your spiritual self and comprehend what it is that makes you whole.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a couple of testimonials from former clients who have truly transformed:


If you’d like to know more you can book in via the link below and have a ‘virtual coffee’ with me and we can have a chat and discuss your needs:



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